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Chomper The Sharptooth
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Apr 9, 2012
Dec 20, 2009
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Chomper The Sharptooth

from The Great Beyond (GMT -4)

Chomper The Sharptooth was last seen:
Apr 9, 2012
    1. MK Ultra
      MK Ultra
      Sorry about this, but ginganinja is taking over the battle, if that's ok with you. Sorry about your laptop, good luck getting it fixed. Thanks for reffing this far.
    2. Chomper The Sharptooth
      Chomper The Sharptooth
      If anyone I'm reffing comes to VM me or see the last time I've been online, I'll get to you tomorrow. Going over my friend's and helping him over his breakup.
    3. Albinoloon
      It's fine, I just hope you don't think me as impatient and irrational.:)
    4. Albinoloon
      Ola chompy

      I'm really sorry if I sound rude or impatient, but could you devot your precious time (not offensively oriented, because it is a great honor for you to ref my match) to ref?
      (sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry)

      Thanks so much! :)


      I really am impatient, am I.... >_> sorry...
    5. MK Ultra
      MK Ultra
      Thanks, just checking.
    6. MK Ultra
      MK Ultra
      Remember that you're reffing Life's and my match in asb.
    7. LifeAdmiral
      Dude, start mine and MK's match. PLEASE?
    8. Deck Knight
      Deck Knight
      Night Shade doesn't affect normals and hasn't since Gen 2. The Anime has had Night Shade effect normals but I'm not giving it a special carve-out.
    9. Albinoloon
      Well, yeah. I guess they contradict each other. I'd check with deck. :P
      Sorry if I sounded offensive. :(
    10. Albinoloon

      "Night Shade: The Pokemon fires a shadowey beam that envelops the opponent causing them to have violent hallucinations. This attack always causes ten (10) HP Damage, regardless of stats, typing, STAB, or any other effects."

    11. Albinoloon
      Oh. Sorry. Dang, that must be awful. Well, good luck with the jerseys! It's just that I only have two matches, and one hasn't been updated in a while. (vs goldenknight) sorry to bother you, and thanks for reffing! :)
    12. Albinoloon
      Not to be impatient, but how's reffing going?
    13. SilvanRaptor
      ok, sorry ^_^
    14. SilvanRaptor
      oh and hey whats going on with reffing? I know I messed up, but i fixed it :)
    15. Albinoloon
      about our battle, am I still confused?
      BTW, thnks for reffing! :)
    16. Deck Knight
      Deck Knight
      You're all set and approved.
    17. KnightoftheWind
      Alright, see you then.
    18. KnightoftheWind
      I'm ready now. You can find me on the Smogon server.
    19. IZNOGUD
      Want to NU? We are both members of NU Smogoners...
    20. Magic Toaster
    21. FM
      lol dude you were already subbed and your sub lost
    22. FM
      anytime is fine, just pm me when you get online i should be on
    23. FM
      hi do you want to battle right now for spl?
    24. Umbreon Dan
      Umbreon Dan
      i don't want an inactive guy in my tournament so i've taken your suggestion and you're paired with class. sorry i didn't think to tell you sooner.

      i can give you guys an extension if necessary but class is pretty active so you should be fine. :)
    25. Fishy
      if your name is CHOMPER THE SHARPTOOTH i thought you'd be very knowledgeable about dinosaurs!!
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    Fun fact: ASB Ho-oh, Groudon, Kyogre, Dialga, Palkia, Reshiram and Zekrom have more stars than Arceus. Mewtwo is one of the more average legends, having less stars than the fairies.


    The Great Beyond (GMT -4)
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