I Dont Care's Colorize Gallery

- Can I use your works?
- If you like them why not. Just let me know for what.

- What's that weird language that I see in some works?
- Probably it's Italian.

- Do you accept requests?
- No, sorry. I do all this just for fun.

- Do you do something that is not a colorize?
- Yes, something like funny gif and work of low interesting rate. I won't show here.

- Why your works have not shadow colors?
- Depends of the work. Anyway, I use a program that is something similiar to Paint, I think this is more that I can normally offer. Plus, I think works made in this way have something like vintage style, ahaha.

- Your works suck.
- Sure I know I'm not a great "artist".

Dragon Ball:


Black SSj

Black Restored

Black smashes Trunks

Goku SSj God

Bills point at Zeno

Bills vs Gohan & Bu

Trunks Attacks Goku

Bulma slaps Bills

Bills vs Gotenks

Black goes SSj Rosé

Vegeta's Rage

When you call Zamasu once too often

SSj Rosé Rage

Vegeta SSj God

Fusion Zamasu
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Nice work you got here.I really like how you colorize the character's especially the one where Bege is waiting for Luffy i think you really nailed it. And of course my favourite one is Nami and Carrot. Keep up the good work.
Me being a fellow Anime and Manga fan i would really like to see more of you're work in the future.