I'm willing to upload PS! resources to the Smogon Site.


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Hello! I'm Birkal, one of the moderators of PS! and a Site Staff member of Smogon. The Simulator Page on site is currently a bit bare, so I'd like to fix that. While it doesn't need to be clogged with resources, I think having a few good pages up there to help new users get acquainted with Pokemon Showdown! would be nice.

Here is an example of what I'm capable of doing. Basically, I took this thread and translated it into a language that the SCMS can understand (at the request of Relados and with the permission of Aldaron). I also added fun pictures and gave credit and all that good stuff. So now, if you ever need to link users in the main chat to the FAQ page, use this new resource! Also note that there's a few more things that I'd like to work out on this page; I just started this today, so expect me to put in some more work tomorrow.

If people have suggestions on what else they'd like to see on site in terms of Pokemon Showdown! content, post about them here. I already am working on another one for Okuu, but I'd be willing to throw up some more content if it is a) helpful to the community b) written concisely and c) adds new content that is not currently available on site. Also, you can give me any feedback you'd like in this thread. Thanks!