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Discussion in 'Office of Strategic Influence' started by vonFiedler, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. jumpluff

    jumpluff じゃまた!
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    Aug 22, 2008
    It's true; I know I at least try to hold off on PMing to avoid flooding the host with potential revisions. Plus some decisions and plans need last-minute finalisation. I don't doubt people are inactive but if you don't have all the PMs by 24 hours until I still wouldn't panic or anything. *points to TCG mafia*

    It's a fact of mafia.
  2. Veedrock


    Oct 18, 2008
    I don't want this issue passed off, the amount of substitutions and prodding is ridiculous. The difference between this and other forum concerns is that something can be done about this. I think warnings and a blacklist are the best solution.

    Technically inactivity can be given a warning under Forum Specific Rule, and I'd like it if this started happening. A 1-point warning won't kill anyone, but it'll be enough to make people seriously consider their actions on the forum. The issue with warnings is that it would be troublesome for the moderators :(

    A blacklist for Circus Maximus is the most practical way of preventing inactivity, especially repeat offenses. It should be collective of all game offenses, not just inactivity (deadtalking, game hopping, etc). Obviously you wouldn't be listed for your first offense unless it was major (game-ruining major), but without some kind of negative incentive there are just some people that don't care if they mess things up for everyone else, and they'll continue to do it.

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