Introduction - 3D/2D Mixed Media Artist


I'm looking to become an approved artist so I can contribute art to the site. I have been playing Pokemon religiously since the UK release of the first games, and have used this site on a daily basis for many years. Aside from being a Pokemon fan, I am a fledgling game designer with art skills that I enjoy practising.

I was advised on the Facebook page to make a thread here with some of my art work to introduce myself, and then apply to be an approved artist to contribute art to the site and facebook page, so here I go.

First is a 3D study I did of my interpretation of the Charicific Valley, using Unreal, 3DS Max and Zbrush.

I have some images featuring different styles and media from different projects that i'll post below.

I'd love to make some 2D and 3D art of environments and Pokemon in different styles for the site.

Thanks (apologies if i've done anything wrong here)

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13072917_10206089161684798_1917483966478185245_o.jpg f4c360_6a72f1879cf9407da1da7747f41b0305-mv2.png f4c360_7f3bc346bf9f444dabc4282def8ff146-mv2.png
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Welcome to the Studio! I'm a big fan of how you draw/paint your creatures ^_^ Looking forward to see more from you!
Thank you for the welcome! I'm always a bit anxious about creating an awareness of my presence on forums!

I appreciate the encouragement! I look forward to creating art for my favourite site.