Jirachi (Update)


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Taking over this for G80, credit to him


<p>Jirachi is a major threat in Advance thanks to its excellent all-around stats, good defensive typing, and ability to reliably set up Calm Minds and sweep. Depending on the tempo of your team and what you need to cover, Jirachi can act as both a defensive wall and a fast, hard-to-cover offensive Pokemon.</p>


name: Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Psychic
move 3: Thunder / Thunderbolt / Reflect
move 4: Wish / Substitute
item: Leftovers
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 148 Def / 78 SpA / 32 Spe


<p>The standard Jirachi is bulky and can come in on Choice Banded threats like Salamence, Metagross, and Aerodactyl if you are careful to avoid eating an Earthquake. Thanks to Serene Grace, Thunder is very dangerous with its 42% chance to paralyze. This can potentially cripple the common Tyranitar or Metagross that tries to switch in. Use Wish to stay alive and keep your teammates healthy. Both the Wish and Substitute variants destroy Blissey with ease.</p>

<p>This set's only difference from the standard is the replacement of Thunder / Thunderbolt with Reflect. This makes Jirachi a better team player, and even harder to take down with physical attacks. Unfortunately, without Thunder, you are completely useless against Tyranitar and Metagross. Use this set on a defensive team that benefits from Reflect pseudo-passing.</p>


name: Calm Mind + Three Attacks
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Ice Punch
move 3: Fire Punch / Psychic
move 4: Hidden Power Grass
item: Leftovers
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe


<p>A new-school approach to Jirachi that requires a heavily offensive team to back it up. Without a good way to eliminate Blissey, you will have a very hard time sweeping anything. Otherwise, these three moves have fantastic coverage. After a Calm Mind, Swampert dies to Hidden Power Grass and Tyranitar loses a sizable chunk of health (about 50% for bulky versions). Ice Punch handles Dragons and Fire Punch seriously wounds Metagross. Psychic is an option to hit Blissey and Earthquake-less Snorlax harder, but will fail without a Dugtrio to clean up Metagross and other Jirachi.</p>

[Team Options]

<p>Bulky Jirachi sets usually can't do much damage early on but have the tendency to force switches. Jirachi can complement bulky Pokemon like Zapdos, Suicune, Articuno, and Celebi to create a solid defensive core. Add a Pokemon like Skarmory or Cloyster for Spikes, and you can easily take advantage of the many switches your team will cause.</p>

<p>The all-out offense set should always be backed by physical attackers like Tyranitar, Heracross, and Dugtrio.</p>

[Optional Changes]

<p>Thunder Wave is useful for paralysis support. On a similar note, a Jirachi with some Attack EVs can use Body Slam somewhat effectively because it has a 60% chance to paralyze. Doom Desire is strong and has STAB, but is unreliable, and Steel is a generally poor attacking type.</p>

<p>Light Screen can be used in a similar manner to Reflect to provide support.</p>


<p>Tyranitar and Metagross can switch into Psychics and hit hard as you switch out. Snorlax with Earthquake and Curse can handle Reflect-less Jirachi. Swampert, Steelix, and Claydol can switch in on the bulky sets safely but can receive a nasty surprise with Hidden Power Grass / Fire Punch / Ice Punch. Celebi and other Jirachi can you if you don't have Fire Punch.</p>

<p>Dugtrio gets a special mention for trapping Jirachi and killing a weakened one with Earthquake. Jolly Dugtrio does about 70-82% to a Jirachi with 404 HP and 300 Defense.</p>
i personally use psychic over fire punch on the all out cmer for a few reasons. in sand with psychic you actually have a shot at beating blissey with a special down (in sand) and you beat eqless snorlax. the stab comes in handy against other mons too. all you really gain that you wouldn't beat anyway is metagross and other jirachi which is why dugtrio makes an awesome partner (also can take out ttar which you don't do enough to to beat).

also i'm not so sure i'd call it "new-school" people have been using it for a few years now
I haven't played RSE in a while but, CM, HP [Grass], FP/IP, Wish?
Bliss loses to a +6 CH in sand due to burn, and stuff like Mence or Flygon may get burned eventually if they keep switching into it. IP kills them and freezes Blissey, but leaves you nearly worthless against Jirachi and Metagross (spikes though).
And with Wish you can also set up into things like Zapdos.
Hey, as I noted when I uploaded Tyranitar, please beef up your set write-ups a bit. You need to include information about set-specific teammates and counters, the reasoning behind EV spreads, and why you picked the nature you did in the [ADDITIONAL COMMENTS] part of the sets (which you've currently omitted entirely). Once you do that, we can potentially move this forward in the process!

Also, specifically important here.. When you write a set, you need to write it as its own entity; you shouldn't make any mention of other sets the Pokemon has. Justify the sets on their own merits, not the merits of other sets over them.


oh my gosh you found me
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