Just some doodles and stuff.

Never posted on the forums, figured I might as well start somewhere at some point. I almost didn't post this because of how much amazing art there is here, but figured practice'll make perfect at some point. Some are pretty old and have terrible parts to them. Any type of digital art was done with a mouse lol, so it is crap. Well, here goes~

More sleeping (pretty bad quality :<)
Broken Chains

Zealitii the Umbreon
Pimpreon on my final math exam
Gellium the Gelert (Neopets)
Crash the Umbreon
Some days this is how I look at people
Top fucking percentage
Let's do this shit
Heracross chilling with a Naga named Darkly

Chin up, look pretty, Kaitii
Emogon the Deino (simple reference sheet)
Latios- For Furai
Milotic- For Vee
Dewott is not amused
Qwilfish wants a hug
Brother and Sister Time
Saltii doodle
Oh Gods they're everywhere!
Kaitii and Saltii
Don't tempt him
Luna Won't You Cry For Me?
Sad Kaitii
If he comes back...
Giaraffes In The Air~
RIP Adam

Newest Additions
Stylin Gatita
I'll take requests if anyone wants.
Flygon can suck it right now ;_; I'm doing a Latios for you instead and I like how it is coming out much better D:

gothic rattata is definitely in the top percentage

I really like the Omastar and Sharpedo too :>
Gotta love them top percentage Rattata.

Thank you :3

Kitty =D I love it. Especially the Omastar. You should totally do a Milotic. D:
Everyone likes Omastar for some reason D: I'll try my best to do a pretty Milotic for you <3

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You are alot better at drawing than I am. I have these long trigger happy fingers which don't draw or write for crap.

I like your drawings Kitty! :)
LOL, that Deino is pretty funny. :P If I haven't Luvdisc'd you yet I'm doing it now.
Thanks :3 Emogon is quite the silly Deino, and he actually did end up smacking the shit out of a few people.

quite some of the pictures make you look like a roleplayer.

not that that is a bad thing.
Yeah, I'm a roleplayer. I scribble new characters like crazy, but most don't really last long enough on the paper for me to finish them.

Some roleplayers are pretty scary though.