Just some of my Art I guess...


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I just thought I'd post some of my art here too, because... I can?

Tyranitar, looking a bit beasty. Drew it pretty fast...

Steelix, because it's long.

Photoshopped Porygon2. Recently started using PS, this was my first try at shading using it...

Inked Metagross and coloured Metagross. Drawn by me, coloured by a friend.

Inked Snorlax and Coloured Snorlax, drawn by me, coloured by the same person who did Metagross.

I've not done too many more Pokémon drawings, I've got other things too but not sure if I should post None Pokémon art here ._.

So yeh, hate/rate whatever :)
The "head" of metagross is too low. It touches floor. Ouch, he licks the floor with his tongue... :( Also, i don't like TTar's legs, but the rest is omfgreat