Completed Kaxtar vs Frosty! 4v4 Doubles! (SS Refs)

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okay. The status platform worked. But I still don't like the looks of this.

Oh goes nothing:

Rotom: Unown H (Helping Hand) - Hydro Pump (Gliscor) - Thunderbolt (Regirock)
IF Gliscor uses evasive/protective moves AND it didn't use such moves on the previous turn, THEN replace current action with Hydro Pump (Regirock) and push actions back

Tangrowth: Unown G (Glaciate) - chill - Leech Seed (Regirock)
IF Gliscor uses Taunt against you, replace all actions after taunt with the following moveset: Power Whip (Gliscor) - Rock Slide - Power Whip (Gliscor).
nope. I thought the double bump was enough to call the attention.

But since you did, let's wait a bit more then. 36h from your VM. Sounds good for you?
So... I'll take that as a no. Counters to follow.

Kaxtar is DQ'd! Frosty Wins!
3 CC
Poltergiest the ROTOM: 3 MC
Dethl the FIDGIT: 3 MC
Nudeln the TANGROWTH: 3 MC, 1 KOC
Jalhalla the CANDELURE: 3 MC

Kaxtar and Team: Nothing

SimonSays: 2-3 KO's; 2 UC.
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