List of Released Dream World Pokemon Mark II

FUCK! I have SoulSilver but it's Japanese. Although, it's possible that the game recognizes it because Dongle pokés appeared in Diamond and Pearl even if the GBA game was Japanese.
I'm not sure about this because B/W2 is region locked I believe, or something similar. But we need confirmation before we can really say anything.


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I'm not sure about this because B/W2 is region locked I believe, or something similar. But we need confirmation before we can really say anything.
The Pal Park was region locked as well, and that didn't stop Diamond from detecting my Japanese LeafGreen for making Magmar appear in the game, but so much has changed in regards to regions that it's possible that it won't happen, but I can always hope.
Either that, or the updated added it in. Either or. 1500 is a weird number compared to usual.

Now we just need someone to find that litwick. Unless it's set as a 10000-point target or something.
I was at 1300 points when I went in, it sent me to Ocean and Ice Cave repeated for about 4 times, until they let me go into the manor. That's why I think 1500 is the breaking point, it makes the most sense. However, I ran out of time, so I did not play the mini-games with Pidove and Ducklett. (Missed a snapshot of Pidove, oh well, don't have a move anyways)
I'll try to go to Manor again tomorrow.

- Pawnard with Psycho Cut (Egg)


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Tucked in Mincinno (pure normal type) today and got the following results:

Sea: 13 (26%)
Cave: 10 (20%)
Mountain: 8 (16%)
Manor: 7 (14%)
Sky: 4 (8%)
Forest: 8 (16%)

So it looks like normal types have no preference, like dragon types.

EDIT: I was bored so I decided to use my Black Card to go on DW (I normally use White). This was my first time using Black. I tucked in Timburr (pure fighting) and got:

Mountain: 13
Forest: 2
Manor: 2
Cave: 3

Obviously I got no Sea or Sky due to lack of points.

So Fighting takes you to Mountain.

Dark Ray

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Since it isn't in the OP yet, uberblob confirmed.

Not going to bother with a summary shot as, *spoiler alert* it only knows Transform.
Tested fighting, though I had no idea atsync had a second test opportunity. Nontheless I'd rather put this somewhere rather than erase its existence.

Forest x 1
Mountain x 11
Cave x 3
Sky x 5
Sea x 1
Manor x 1

By the way, I think it's safe to say that we should probably alter or remove this question:
"Q: Why are there no Generation V pokemon on this list?"


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Thanks Clear for those other two screenshots, I'll take your word fr it on the vulpix in abundant shrine considering you've given a lot to this list. If you could just get me the level so I can figure out its move set that'd be enough.

MB I removed that question and added fighting to the list per yours and atsync's findings.

Normal-type I would like tested some more before adding.

Gamemaster thanks for those I'll add Ho-Oh to the Dream Radar list.
Sent in an Eevee, here are my results (out of 46 trips):

11 x Rugged Mountain (24%)
9 x Windswept Sky (20%)
8 x Pleasant Forest (17%)
7 x Sparkling Sea (15%)
6 x Icy Cave (13%)
5 x Spooky Manor (11%)

So yeah, no distinguishable preference that's noticeable.

DW choked at only 5 places, and very little Pokemon today. Elgyem looks like a default Pokemon here along with Pawniard. Here is a Elgyem with Barrier. Litwick is probably a 5500 Pts Pokemon by the looks of this. I'll take a Sigilyph tomorrow to sleep and try to catch some sky as well.


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Sorry for the double post but I wanted to keep this separate from the list.

Today I tucked in a Klinklang (didn't do Normal since someone else did it and it was added to the OP anyway) and the results were just confusing.

Cave: 35 (43%)
Mountain: 29 (36%)
Sea: 6 (7%)
Forest: 5 (6%)
Manor: 3 (4%)
Sky: 3 (4%)

Cave was the most common, but Mountain was almost as common, so I can't exactly say that Steels favour Cave only. But then Sea, Forest, Manor and Sky were not seen very often compared to Mountain or Cave, so I can't say that this is like Dragon and Normal (no effect) either. Could it be possible that Steel favours BOTH Cave and Mountain?

Either way, someone else will need to do Steel too. I might have time to do another run today on my Black cart unless someone else does it first.
Huh, that's pretty peculiar. Anyhow I can't do it myself since I just tucked in a ground type. Speaking of, I'll get those results up when I get to testing.

EDIT: Ground-type test results.

Mountain x 10
Sea x 2
Cave x 17
Forest x 3
Manor x 3
Sky x 1

........peculiar. Honestly my only question is are they equally common or is there more tilt towards the cave? NEXT TIME ON DREAM WORLD Z
2012-06-27 18:32:07.853000
Put Registeel to sleep
Area                Times Went	Percent   
Pleasant Forest             45	0.0898203592814
Sparkling Sea               36	0.0718562874251
Windswept Sky               40	0.0798403193613
Rugged Mountain            163	0.325349301397
Spooky Manor                25	0.0499001996008
Icy Cave                   192	0.383233532934
Unknown                      0	       0.0
                           501	       1.0 - Totals
There are my numbers for a pure steel
Seemed obvious but i sent in an Arceus holding a sky plate for a pure flyer. (I made sure DW recognized it as flying before testing).


Windswept Sky x 22 (63%)
Pleasant Forest x 4 (11%)
Spooky Manor x 3 (9%)
Sparkling Sea x 3 (9%)
Rugged Mountain x 2 (6%)
Icy Cave x 1 (3%)

Total Trips: 35

No surprise that it favors sky and dislikes icy cave. Though i would feel better about this result if someone tested it with a Normal/Flying or a Dragon/Flying to confirm the results