Magikarp (Analysis)

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name: MagiScarf
move 1: Bounce
move 2: Tackle
move 3: Flail
move 4: Splash
nature: Jolly
ability: Rattled
item: Choice Scarf
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 SpA

Most people underestimate Magikarp, believing that its low defences ruin its ability for a potential sweep. However, what most people don’t realise is that its base 80 speed is actually on the high side, and with a Choice Scarf, Magikarp will outrun almost all Pokemon in the OU tier, Add a Rattled boost onto that, and it will outspeed virtually everything. With access to Bounce, very few pokemon are able to switch in safely, as the 30% paralysis rate can be very devastating for the opposing switch-ins. Bounce hits 3 of the most common types for super effective damage, meaning Conkledurr will have a hard time switching in and revenge killing with Mach Punch. Tackle compliments bounce well, gaining good neutral coverage against most Pokemon, and is only walled by two types, Steel and Rock. When combined with Flail an extra 0 pokemon will be hit with super effective damage. However, Fail also makes Magikarp an incredibly powerful sweeper. When at low health, Flail's base power increases to enormous levels, maxing at 200 base power, which when combined with Magikarp's terrific 426 speed, will wreck havoc upon the right foes. Finally, Splash is used to make sure that Magikarp will do no damage to your opponent's team. However, be warned that if your opponent carries Gravity, Splash will fail.

Most people will wonder why Magikarp should be used in place of Gyarados who holds better stats overall. The answer is Stealth Rock; Magikarp will take neutral damage from stealth rock and also won’t receive 4 times the damage from an Electric-type move, massively increasing its playing time.
I've seen a magikarp take a whole uber team. First magikarp went down to 1hp(focus sash)then kyogre made rain then a smeargle passed a belly drum back to magikarp and it flailed everything to death. It was so funny and the guy didn't even have Espeed on rayquaza. Nice anaylises it is the best I've seen and Srocks is a better excuse to use magikarp. Kudos <(^_^)>
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