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Member List function

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by Chieliee, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. Chieliee


    Sep 26, 2010

    Why did this get deleted? It's useful for finding tournament opponents and definitely needed for tournament hosts. and lots of other people too.

    is it because it creates lag?

    also idk if it's in the right place since it's not really a suggestion but i figured this is the best place for it
  2. jumpluff

    jumpluff (illness hiatus)
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    Aug 22, 2008
    Yes, it was causing quite an unreasonable amount of lag due to the amount of users we have and won't likely be restored in the near future.

    If you're looking for users' profiles, a few workaround solutions exist:

    a) The user bbcode tag, which works like this: hi Chieliee
    b) The username parameter in profile URLs, e.g. http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?username=Chieliee instead of http://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=62016
    c) Googling 'site:smogon.com View Profile: Chieliee' or something like it works most of the time
    d) Opening a thread you know they posted in, like the tournament signups, and either going to one of their posts or finding it in the forum thread index and clicking on the number of posts (the 212 here, for example) and looking for their profile in the 'Who Posted?' popup with CTRL+F or whatever (which should be useful for tournament hosts who need to access the profiles of all the users who posted in the signups or round 1 thread of their tournament or whatever)
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