<Moo> you're a bad title


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Hey guys, elDino kept bugging me to make an art thread so....
nah fuck him :3
I'm stronger on the graphics side of art, but I'm always trying to improve. Espcially my bad drawing since I have the badge now. So I'm gonna be using this to work on my drawing (I'm probably the worst artist at drawing lol) But Just so you don't get bored, I've added some various other things that I've done!

I'm gonna try and draw every day, so I'll probably be taking requests, doubt.....why would people even..... oh well.

Working on

  • Sonic - Shaymin - Done
  • Mario - Breloom - Done
  • Captain Falcon - Machamp
  • Link - Scyther
  • Snake - Zoroark
  • Kratos - Conkledurr
  • Fox - Vulpix
  • Marth - Lucario
  • Samus - Golurk
  • Kirby - Clefairy
  • Master Chief - Scizor
  • Ryu Hyabusa - Acceglor
  • Marcus Phoenix - Excadrill
  • Big Daddy - Regsiteel
  • Engineer - Ferrothorn
  • Scorpion - Infernape
  • Pac-Man - Voltorb
  • Banjo Kazooie - Ursaring & Combusken
  • Crash Bandicoot - Darmanitan
  • Spyro - Salamence

Drawing's important :3

Itsa me!

Irl Salamence :O

Sonic Shaymin :D

So Cute!

Gentlemens club banner


For my vector tutorial, it's a vector :p

BFFA, shaky lines lol


Go diglet. Theres a little gray spot that i didnt erase, but I'm too lazy to.

Smog Shit

World Cup Flags
Well I saw the topic in #Smeargle that said contact Jackal if you wanna make wcop flags, so I did, and ended up working on them for a week straight lol. I had a ton of fun, made lots of teams happy, and even got badged for it :3


US Central
(Try figure out what the five lakes are!)

US East

(Collab with Fate)



(Collab with Fate)

US West

Random stuff
Random Sigs

Border's way too big lol

lol hentai


Banners for some Websites


I made a tut, check it out


Deal With It.
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Nice one Moo!!!
Remember, my request isn't a mexican ttar, it's a mexican dinosaur Pokemon. It doesn't have to be ttar; choose at your own discretion :)
we spoke on IRC already. I guess you can do any style you want if they all match

Slowpoke, Scraggy, Misdreavus, Meditite, Ferroseed, Gligar

I already love you eternally but I will more
woah this is awesome stuff, especially the flags. I like the US central the best... mostly because im from michigan. :D but still, that is INSANELY creative... Im gonna guess...
Lake Michigan is Weedle (awesome lake by the way, breathtaking views)
Lake Ontario is Dunsparce
OK these ones are hard...
Lake Huron is... Huntail?
I have no idea what lake Superior is.
And Lake Erie is... A Swellow with a Chimeco taped to its butt? I am terrible at WHOS THAT POKEMON
But yeah, these flags are really good, you deserved that badge :D
I'd like you to make me a banner for my mafia game. The banner should have the words "Mafia Rising" in white on a dark brown background, with a gun on the right side and a Ouija board on the left side.


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Well, my computer is fucked up, so I won't be able to do any requests for the forseeable future. Sorry guys :(

Or any art for that matter.

I ned a new screen resolution driver, if anyone can help me that'd be super
I really like the banners! Also those unshaded vectormons are really crisp and clean and have a kind of fulfilling rotundtity (WTF descriptive language). I think you deserve a Luvdisc, and I especially like the Ludicolo!


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hehe, yeah vector style is nice, even without shading or borders. I thought it fit the bill for world cup flags, but now I'm trying to expand on them (See: Aerodactyl) Can't wait to fix my comp!

And thanks for the Luvdisc :3

Please don't give me any requests for a bit though, I've got a few things I need to do :p