Move Stat Restriction Tournament Finals [Won by Plusle]

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Approved by Earthworm
When building a team, a player must have to decide the 6 pokemon out of the 470+ choices there are. While the choices will often impact how a match turns out, there is also another aspect to battling that also helps define a match: the moves themselves.

There are five stats to a move: its pokemon type, base power, PP, attacking type (Physical/Special/Other), and accuracy. However, what happens when there's a restriction on at least one of these types? The point of this tournament is to see what happens.

  • Sleep Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Self-KO Clause -- Applies to Destiny Bond and Explosion/SelfDestruct, Damage Recoil and LO recoil when you're on your last poke and your opponent is on their last, and both pokemon die on the same turn. However, if a pokemon dies to sandstorm/hail/burn/toxic after performing a recoil move or suffering LO recoil and successfully defeats the other pokemon, it will count as a win for the trainer whose pokemon died to the residual damage.
  • Timed Battle Clause
  • All Ubers are banned
  • All rules listed here must be followed.
  • Battles may be done on any Shoddy Server or PO Server.
Each round, there will be a restriction on at least one of the following:
  • Total Attacking Types (Physical/Special/Other)
  • Total Base Power *See Notes for Given Base Powers to Moves who have varying Base Powers
  • Total PP (The PP will be counted based on the original PP prior to PP Maxing. PP Max will be allowed during rounds with PP restriction. Example: Surf will count as 15 PP, but in the battle, you may use Surf with 24 PP (result of 3 PP Maxes))
  • The total team's moves' base stat total may not be higher than 1000.
  • No more than two Other moves per Pokemon
  • The total team's moves' PP total may not be higher than 350.
Finals Restriction: Each Pokemon used must have a PP total of at least 45. In addition, the total team's Base Power Total must be at least 1300.

Brackets made using this bracketmaker

Prior to battling, all teams must be sent by forum PM or via IRC to me so that they are approved. If sending via IRC, you must give it in a pastebin link. All battle results MUST be posted in the thread. It is highly recommended that players save logs in case of a dispute.

When sending teams, it must have these things.
Pokemon @ Item
-- Move 1 (Base Power/PP)
-- Move 2 (Base Power/PP)
-- Move 3 (Base Power/PP)
-- Move 4 (Base Power/PP)

If you sent in your team and your opponent did not, you got the win. If both opponents have given me teams and have not played or if you have contacted me earlier, you are given an extension. I will look at activity wins, or if worst comes to worst, coin flip.

Plusle vs wilson46

I'm not giving you guys an official deadline, but it would be nice if the battles were done by February 13th. Also please post when/where you are planning to battle so a recorder can record it.
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