Gen 3 New NB Team RMT (Also breeding for Link Up Team)

When I Endeavored the Blisseys, at low HP left, I couldn't even get to 70 HP to sub for the next Poke to KO. What's the use of getting an Endeavor in when I can't even Sub again to End the next Poke? Blissey was the main threat to my team since I have 3 Special Attackers, and with the Bliss having 1 HP left instead of 70 ensured a KO, even after it used it's Leftovers Recovery.

Even if I used Sub-Seed Sceptile, having less HP ensures I have more HP recovered from the Seed / Leftovers. Try using it before you talk trash about it.

Steelix can already take Earthquakes from Tyranitars and Aerodactyls, as well as Dragon Danced Quakes from Salamence. I don't need a boost in Defense as it is. Base 200 Def makes him take quite a few hits. Adamant ensures he gets the last laugh during Earthquake fights against Metagross and those I already mentioned.

I have already used Steelix @ Careful Nature and it was STILL taking Quakes and Brick Breaks left and right and surviving. I'm sure even without Impish, he could survive since I have tested it a lot. Adamant Nature + HP Steel ensures a better chance at KOing those Aerodactyls and gives more power to it's Earthquakes. If all you are going to do is be a complete jack ass, I suggest you do it elsewhere.

Like I said in my previous thread, I am here to learn. I am testing while I am learning, and putting the best of what I learned into good use. Exactly like that Steelix and that Sceptile. As soon as you give me real numbers and not just "lol @" trash, I will start listening to you.

Touched: I am still kind of new to this forum and don't want to flood the place with threads of generally the same team.

I think I am just going to post it here and in the first post, to make it show them both whichever the thread readers see first.

[Sleep Clause] [Freeze Clause] [No Ubers] [Self-KO Clause]

Here's my current team:


Steelix @ Leftovers
Adamant Nature ( Att / Sp.A )
EVs: 252 HP / 140 Def / 116 Sp.Def
~Hidden Power [Steel]
~Rock Slide

HP Steel makes Aerodactyl think twice before coming in on Steelix. I choose HP over Iron Tail due to Accuracy. I have had a few Aerodactyls switch in and I had to shoot 3 times to hit twice to KO it.
Quake is for STAB and general good use. Helps with those Metagross and such.
Rock Slide for Gyarados and the flyers.

Alakazam @ Leftovers
Timid ( Speed / Att )
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Sp.A / 252 Speed
~Fire Punch
~Calm Mind

This guy is mainly for Mid-Game sweeping. Psychic for STAB, Sub to get a buffer to pain, Fire Punch for the Steel / Bug / Grass family. CM for better Sp.Def and Sp.Att.

Sceptile @ Shell Bell
Timid Nature ( Speed / Attack )
EVs: 4 Def / 252 Sp.Att / 252 Speed
3 HP IV.
~Leaf Blade

3HP IV makes me need only 64 HP to make a sub, instead of 70. Shell Bell is /12? Overgrow makes Sceptile able to KO things very easily. Endeavor sets my whole team up. Also End/Leaf Blade KOed a Blissey 3 out of 4 times. I want the lowest HP I could have with Sceptile to be able to Shell Bell enough to Sub once more. I am putting back Thunderpunch since that has been one of the most important moves to take care of Skarmory, Gyarados, and a few other flying types that stuck with Sceptile and didn't Whirlwind it away.
It's also just fun to watch those Blissey get beat by a Special Attacker.

Gengar @ Salac Berry
Timid Nature ( Speed / Att)
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Sp.Att / 252 Speed
~Destiny Bond
~Ice Punch

Thunderbolt has been pretty effective against Cloysters/Dodrios and the like. Sometimes, it's just fun to mess with the opponents when they are going to Earthquake or use a Normal/Fighting type attack. With 130 Sp.Att, I am not going to Sub/Punch. Even for those Blisseys. I have a Sceptile for that.
Ice Punch for the Dragon switch in.
Salac is to Sweep and to ensure Destiny Bond will go into effect.

Dodrio @ Choice Band
Early Bird
Jolly Nature ( Speed / Sp.Att)
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed
~Drill Peck
~Hidden Power [Fighting]
~Quick Attack

My main End/Rev killer. lols @ Heracross / Medicham. HP Fighting for Tyranitars and a few others.
If anything gets hit with my Sceptile's End, and survives, and I know they are going to Earthquake, then BAM, they miss. QA and they're gone. STAB Return also hurts a lot of things for neutral that the rest of my Pokemon doesn't. Very helpful to the team for when the need arises.

Swampert @ Leftovers
Relaxed Nature ( Def / Speed )
EVs: 252 HP / 140 Def / 116 Sp.Def
~Focus Punch
~Hidden Power [Rock] / [Bug]
~Ice Beam

I don't want Curse on Swampert, since I just want to get in, kick ass, move on.
Quake for obvious reasons, and HP Rock for the Charizards and Gyarados.
Focus Punch gets things switching or using Status moves. Also a great addition since Fighting Type moves will hurt a TON of things. Umbreon being one of them, as they just generally piss me off.
Ice Beam for the Dragons and low Sp.Def Ground Types. Dugtrio, I'm looking at you.
That's a rough draft and I have to look at it again in a minute. I am in a hurry right now.