No Rocks: Gen 4 OU With a Twist [Round 2]

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would you suck the poison out

No Rocks: Gen 4 OU With a Twist
Approved by Alaka

The days of Generation 4 are coming to a close in the world of competitive Pokemon. I thought it would be fun to see what the metagame would be like without the most overused move in all of Gen 4.

Round 1


Matches will be 6v6 lvl 100 single battles

Single Elimination

Team changes are allowed between rounds

No gen 5 pokemon, moves, items, or abilities

No Hacks - Not even legit hacks.

No Ubers

*No Stealth Rocks* - That's right! Get creative and re-run your calcs because the move Stealth Rock is banned! All other entry hazards are allowed.

Sleep Clause - You may only put one of your opponent's pokemon to sleep at a time. If your opponent uses Rest or if Effect Spore causes sleep, that does not count.

Species Clause - No 2+ of the same Pokemon per team. Example: 2 Charizards are on your team.

Hax Items Clause - The items Bright Powder, Focus Band, Quick Claw, King's Rock, Razor Fang, Scope Lens, and Razor Claw are banned.

Evasion Clause - The moves Double Team and Minimize are banned.

OHKO Clause - The moves Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, Guillotine, and Fissure are banned.

Self KO Clause - You cannot use Selfdestruct, Explosion, or Destiny Bond if you are down to your last Pokemon.

Please follow all other rules in the Tournament Sticky

Each round is scheduled to end on Sunday. If all matches get done before Sunday, the new round will start early.


Click Here for an excellent thread explaining how to go about scheduling your battles.

dragonboy52 (2923 7393 1084) vs pokemonrocks777
Zari (0131 6142 7277) vs LizardMan (0260 6092 9508)
UPPERDECKER (1377 1339 4950) vs ~Golden Emp
muffinhead (2665 5877 8257) vs drcossack (3137 9508 8735)

*The deadline for Round 2 is Sunday, February 20.*

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Confirming, gg. One of your pokemon really caught me off guard, and I misplayed turn two as well.

You played really well though, and I liked your team! Good luck in the rest of the tournament. ^_^


would you suck the poison out
I'm letting this round go one more day. If the remaining battles are not done by tomorrow evening, I'll assign wins by coin flip.


would you suck the poison out
I sent you guys a PM. Since you're both on, just battle right now.

EDIT: Since you guys were unable to battle, I flipped a coin. Also, I never saw any posts or messages from UPPERDECKER this round, so ~Golden Emp advances. Round 3 is up. Mods please close this thread.
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