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DarkMaelstrom here to offer some sagely advice (Or may just be complete crap. I dunno, just throwin' my opinion out there).
airhawk, you may want to consider replacing Toughness soon. Even as a Ledian, it only has 35/55 offenses and some pretty crappy defensive stats (55/50/110). While it might have a nice SpD stat, it won't help matters much taking Rock attacks. However, if you really wanna use it, you could, as I completed a run once with a Jumpluff, boasting similarly terrible 55/55 offenses. It's usable, but far from practical. Just sayin'.
Also, as for your Roost dilemma, I'd say save it for later. Neither Flight nor Toughness have the defenses to utilize it effectively, and using a Potion is more effective in most cases. As with before, whether you use it or not is completely up to you, just putting in my opinion. If you're lucky enough to catch a Skarmory later on, that might be useful, though.
Winky, your team's looking pretty good, though I might suggest replacing some team members. You currently have 3 Fighting-types on your team, each with a Psychic weakness (Duh). Too many weaknesses to one type can be fatal in a Nuzlocke, though I see you have Eva to deal with Psychic-types, which alleviates the issue somewhat (Which might bring this paragraph to a moot point). If you do choose to replace someone, I'd go with Harry, as Dwayne carries Fire moves as well, and Rhonda, as a Hariyama, has some really nice bulk and its Atk isn't much lower than a Machamp's. Also, if you can't trade, Harry'll be really mediocre anyway. Just my opinion. Do with it what you will. I'm sure you're aware of the weakness already, just giving some ideas as to how to reduce the issue a bit.
Phadunk, your team looks pretty nice; don't have much to say about it...though Loaf's ability may lead to his downfall (As you yourself have said). Just be cautious about it (Though I'm sure you know that already).
Like I said, what you choose to do is up to you, I'm just trying to be helpful.
As for my own SS Nuzlocke, I haven't played it for a while (Been working on a White solo run), but I'll try to get something up soon, maybe tomorrow afternoon.
Last time I was about to enter Rusturf Tunnel and beat Team Aqua. I was about to face the grunt when a wild Whismur popped and I decided to attack it with Ted. Surprisingly these are quite easy to kill and they are loaded with loads of experience points: killing 6 or 7 got Ted from Lv. 6 to 12! Ted was able to handle the grunt's Poochyena by itself and then take care of the trainers outside the tunnel.

As I arrived to Dewford, I knew Ted wouldn't help much against the Fighting gym. So I decided to train Greg and evolve it in Granite Cave. I expected to find a Geodude or Aron, but surprisingly I found a female Sableye I named Bijou. As soon as Bijou was added to the team, I realized how she was the perfect Pokémon to beat the gym. Being a ghost, she could easily handle Machops and Makuhitas and in no time I could show off the badge! I can't believe I never used a Sableye before, it's so useful!

Right now, I'm at Slateport, where Ted has just evolved into Loudred.

Greg Lv. 17
James Lv. 17
Ted Lv. 20
Bijou Lv. 16
Marla Lv. 4

Meg Lv. 8
My squad and I reached Rustboro with relative ease; after leveling up a bit and trying to avoid crit-hit death. We went through each building and took what we could and went straight to the gym. It was made for Muffin and Kippin.. who combined, were able to handle the building with flair. Kippin evolved quickly after the battle with Rox and my squad is looking decent.


Helped a few men along the way to the Whismur tunnel.. but unfortunately just ran into a Poochyena who we did not feel was best for the team.. so we ignored the route, battled trainers.. and went on our way. Was hoping for a Nincadia [lol? spell check], so I could use Shedinja and be awesome.. but it wasn't meant to be. They decided to tease me by popping up constantly afterwards so I could kill them though.. bleh.
Afterwards, went and headed to Dewford. But before that I decided to box a few Pokemon for now.. as I wanted to trim the fat and unneeded double type coverage.

So Swallow

And Lurna.. took a seat.

I decided that in any cave with multiple levels.. each level counts as a new route/area.. since it's such a big place, Pokemon availability, etc etc.
Right as I enter the cave.. that fat bastard Makuhita comes out. He's one of those Pokemon you just have to catch.. so we went after it.

Yoko the Makuhita [?], Careful nature, but whatever.. at least it doesn't hit his Atk stat. I decided at this time.. he should just be boxed for later just in case something goes wrong down the line.. he could be useful.
Next level of the cave.. an Abra.. what a damn waste.. as I of course don't catch it.. and it runs instantly.

Next level.. Aron..

decided to go for it as well.. ole 'blue eyes'. I don't remember the nature.. but doesn't matter. I also don't think it provides much type coverage for my other Pokemon.. but the armor of steel I do believe will be nice.. we'll see!

I ran into more Pokemon in the cave.. and was hoping for a Sableye or Zubat for the battle(s) ahead, but of course couldn't touch them.. and decided to do some leveling up with my special attackers vs water/grass weak. Loaf did some leveling up as well.. and I finally have him close to evolving.. which would bring some nice power to my pretty weak and mediocre team..

I received the Old Rod.. and went fishin'

A good ole Magikarp appeared... durrrp.

Magikarp aka Whiskers

Mild nature, boxed.. instantly. No need for that at the moment.. Loaf drained me enough by irritating grinding. But it looks neat..

After it's all said and done.. below is where I am at.. and I am directly in front of the gym.

I've once again had some close calls with death.. mainly Loaf as he is just such a pain in the ***.. and is weak to most everything atm... and can't fire back expect with Scratch.. but nothing major has happened battle-wise.

I truly fear for the gym battle ahead... Fighting types vs my team.. Ehhhhhh.. death feels imminent.

Kippin; Lv 17
Mud Shot
Water Gun
Mud Slap

Muffin; Lv 16
Stun Spore
Mega Drain

Loaf; Lv 17
Slack Off

Blue Eyes; Lv 10
Mud Slap
Fuck me...

Made it to Slateport, battled around working on leveling my Pokemon up, [after we beat the fighting gym with Kippin alone.. Mud-Shooting til they fell.. he took hits well and just kept dropping them. We couldn't risk anyone else going after the gym since we have no advantage on fighters] and doing the tasks inside the town. Went to the route above to test my wild Pokemon luck..

Wasn't really expecting anything.. but hey.. a tike will be fine, could be useful.

Caught the little critter, named her Sydney, and boxed the 'Gentle' pup for now.

"How'd Nora die?"

We went to the trick house.. I wanted to try it out since I've never been. Plus Nora needed to level up a bit, and the wild Pokemon around were an annoyance with the t-waves and Static abilities. Nora has always been able to handle Absorbs and super-effective hits in the past.. giving me at least a chance to get a few hits in before I was in danger.. unfortunately the strong-willed Poke couldn't handle the test at hand. A stun spore + absorb crit along with a Metal Claw miss fucked my world..

I honestly couldn't believe she fell.. I was hoping to have her around when she evolved and be a staple for my team.. to be that fucking 'brick wall' and take shit out like a boss. I had high expectations for her, but unfortunately, as a Nuzlocke rookie.. I was careless.

Past Slateport, up North.. after Route 110 which I retrieved an Electrike, battled a few weak trainers + May.. I reached Mauville. Not too much to do here, so I prepared to face the gym... but before that, I went to see what Pokemon would pop up for me West of Mauville.

Out came an Illumise. Never used one before.. so it looks neat. After googling it's moveset.. I cry a little inside realizing how pathetic it is.. but regardless.. I keep it in the group as it can learn Wish and Moonlight.. which might be needed for my team later. We'll see.. but again, what a trashy piece of Pokemon.
Illumise aka Blurp, lvl 15 atm. Quirky nature.

After I caught the little bug.. I did a few level training.. then went to the gym. Team was 27 Marshtomp, 26 Breloom, 24 Vigoroth, 15 Illumise. I took no risk.. as I heard tough stories about this gym.. so with Kippin and Muffin.. we were able to run through the gym with ease.

Now that the gym battles are over.. I don't really know which direction to go to be quite honest.. never played this story. But I do know I'm going to head East.. battle some trainers til I reach the water.. then head North of Mauville and go to the Battle House and fight that family, and see what's next for me. I'm worried about the Battle House.. I don't need to lose anyone right now.. especially since my team is very limited atm.. but with each of my Pokemon evolving once.. the power is starting to come.
To be continued..

Side comment: After looking on Serebiidex, it looks like most of my Pokemon EV gains are slow or medium-slow; which really is depressing.
Marshtomp is standard starter EXP Growth.. fine.
Breloom is a Fluctuating EXP Growth.. which is...something I don't understand.
Vigoroth is slow.. which sucks.. because I don't feel like I have the patience to ev train a slow leveing up Pokemon.
So I'm not sure what my next step will be.. but I do see Normal typing becoming less necessary.. for now though, I hope he continues to pull his own weight.
And so, I bring some SoulSilver news that differs from my normal fashion. Like my Platinum Nuzlocke, this Nuzlocke from now on will be written as a fanfic. Also, I’ve updated my style, as my Pokemon overview is now has Pokemon sprites! Without further adieu, I present my battle with Clair!
…not yet. Going into this battle, I was pretty apprehensive about Clair’s Kingdra. Was it an issue? Read on to find out!
Just be warned, it’s kinda long.

Legends Saga-Part One: VS Clair
“Whew,” I said. “That was…chilling.”
I’d just gotten out of Icefall Cave, relatively disappointed. I’d neglected to train Clappy, as I was almost certain I’d find an Ice-type to replace it with in said cave, but nope. I found the only non-Ice-type in the cave: Golbat.
I could almost feel the heat emanating from Blaster. He seemed to be insulted that I described the cave as ‘chilling’ when I had him out throughout the duration of the excursion to provide warmth. He prides himself on his blazing abilities.
I headed to the Blackthorn Pokemon Center and healed my Pokemon. Everyone was worn out. I’d pushed them hard through the cave in an effort to equalize all their levels at a solid Lv. 40. I hoped the results would be rewarding, though.
I checked out the town a bit, finding nothing of interest other than a few Dragon legends. I soon found myself in front of something that interested me greatly, however.
“The Blackthorn Gym,” I breathed. “Here, we’ll get our final Gym Badge and our ticket to the Pokemon League. You ready, Clappy?”
I can’t say Clappy was too happy that I’d planned to ditch him, but he barked an affirmative. Frankly, I was surprised he’d even help me out with the Gym at all. I guess it’s just my irresistible charm….[Kricketunes chirp]….maybe not. But hey, he wasn’t the only Pokemon I was gonna use. I wasn’t totally screwed without him….was I?
“Well, that wasn’t too hard,” I said in a falsely cheerful tone. In truth, I was really worried about the upcoming battle with Clair.
I’d just beaten all the Gym trainers, and I was trying to give my team a pep talk to boost their spirits. They sensed my unease, and it worried them, too. They’d never felt this feeling of apprehension from be before. I’d always gone into my Gym battles confidently. I just didn’t feel the same about this one.
“C’mon, team, we totally wiped the floor with those guys,” I said. “We can beat Clair! I mean, how hard can she be?”
Five pairs of eyes stared at me questioningly.
I sighed. “Alright,” I said, “I know you know I’m not feeling too hot about this match. I can’t pretend otherwise. It’s gonna be rough out there, I’m not gonna lie. But I know if we work together, we can do this. Landslide, you’re up first. I need your help.”
Nuthin’ I can’t smash, master. You want somethin’ rocked, I’m your ‘mon.
“Clappy, you’re my greatest ally in this match. I need you to give it your all.”
You tried to ditch me!
“Aww, the past is the past! Let it go, dude.”
Grrmph…I s’pose.
“Great. Egg ‘em, you’re my secret weapon. You know what to do.”
Three voices answered me:
Hehehe, boom time!
Chill, breh. We got this.
Ummm….she’s got a K-Kingdra?
“Great. You guys ready?”
Varying responses answered me.
“Awesome! Let’s do this!”
“Huh. So you’re my next challenger. Rogue, is it?”
“Um, yeah.”
“So you think you got what it takes to beat me? I’m Clair, Blackthorn City’s Gym Leader. I’m the most powerful Dragon trainer in the world!”
Something about her tone of voice made me doubt the validity of her bold claim. She wasn’t the most powerful Dragon trainer, I could tell you that. I just hoped I didn’t have to face the true Dragon Master.
“Hey, kid! Listen up! I can hold my own against the Pokemon League’s Elite Four without breaking a sweat! Don’t think you have a chance against me. No matter how many badges you have, I am power! Now, prepare for a beating. Gyarados, go!”
A monstrous Pokemon appeared before me. Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokemon. I’d dealt with them before, I could do it again. This time, though, I’m taking a more offensive approach.
“Landslide, you can take him! Go!”
My monster boulder appeared, the light of battle flashing in his eyes.
Now, some might question the practicality of sending out a Rock/Ground Pokemon against a Water Pokemon. However, if memory serves, Clair’s Gyarados doesn’t carry any Water moves, and Rock Blast would to a ton to it. It’s the best option.
“Gyarados, Dragon Rage!”
“Landslide, Rock Blast!”
I wasn’t too worried. Dragon Rage always deals 40 damage, and Landslide had the HP to take three. I betted Landslide could take Gyarados out before then.
I was right. Rock Blast left Gyarados in easy KO range, even with just one hit from Rock Blast. Clair’s overconfident air told me she wouldn’t heal, and even if she did, I might get lucky enough to land enough hits to OHKO it even at full health.
As I predicted, Clair neglected to heal her Pokemon, and went for a second Dragon Rage. I chose to repeat my move as well.
“Dragon Rage, Gyarados!”
“Landslide, finish him off with Rock Blast!”
Sure enough, the mighty sea serpent collapsed. Clair’s face contorted with shock. However, she soon regained confidence. “Huh. It’s truly impressive that you’ve managed to take down even one of my Pokemon. But I doubt you’ll fare as well against this one! Kingdra, I choose you!”
“Dammit!” I’d hoped she’d wait to send Kingdra out until later, but I guess it’s better to have my Pokemon in better condition to battle it.
“Landslide, return! Great job!”
I selected my next Poke Ball and tossed it into the air. “Egg ‘em, you got this! Don’t fail me now!”
My three-headed friend appeared before the deadly Water/Dragon Pokemon. With only one weakness, Kingdra would be a pain to take down. I could only hope luck was in my favor.
“Hahaha, you’re in for it now! Kingdra, Dragon Pulse!”
“Oh, crap.” Dragon Pulse did a ton of damage. Egg ‘em was screwed if I missed.
“Egg ‘em, hit it with Sleep Powder! With emphasis on ‘hit’!”
Thankfully, Sleep Powder’s shaky accuracy wasn’t my downfall. Kingdra collapsed into the realms of sleep, helpless.
I knew I had at least one turn to set this up. If I missed, then….let’s just say I’m dead.
“Egg ‘em, use Leech Seed!”
Seeds surrounded the sea dragon. Sprouts erupted from the seeds, latching onto Kingdra and sapping its health into Egg ‘em.
Now, it was Clappy’s time to shine. I made the switch, and it was good that I did.
Kingdra’s eyes snapped open as I swapped Pokemon. “Yes!” Clair said triumphantly. “Kingdra, hit Exeggutor with Hydro Pump!”
Fortunately, I’d already made my switch, and Clappy took the hit like Skarmory takes Tackles from a Magikarp. Leech Seed restored much of the health lost from the move anyway.
While Kingdra’s early awakening was none to helpful, I figured I could still make it. I really had no choice as to my next move, and so I made it.
“Kingdra, finish it off with Dragon Pulse!”
“Clappy, Aurora Beam!”
I had to resist the urge to laugh. Clair stared dumbfounded as Clappy took the hit Clair expected to OHKO like it was nothing. True, Aurora Beam did very little, but hey, Leech Seed helps. Maybe I’ve been giving Clappy too little credit?
[I’m not gonna put down the next three turns, as they’re a bunch of boring repetitions no one wants to hear about. Let’s skip to turn seven (?) of my struggle against Kingdra.]
I was in for a pretty easy win against Kingdra. It was at low health, easily in KO range, and I’d just healed Clappy. No way I was gonna lose now.
“Kingdra! Hyper Beam!”
And I freaking jinxed myself. Even with its high base power, Clappy lives by the skin of its teeth.
“Do it! Clappy, finish off strong with Aurora Beam!”
Sure enough, the move defeated the sea dragon, causing it to fall with a loud bang.
“No!” Clair screamed. “Grrr….you’ve done it now. Dragonair, go!”
Clappy, gone into an adrenaline rush from surviving Kingdra’s Hyper Beam, goes psycho and beats Clair’s two Dragonairs each with a crit (Though not without receiving some incredibly irritating hax of its own. Freaking Thunder Wave).
“Yes!” I yelled! “Yes! We did it! We did it! Awesome work, Clappy!”
I…., Clappy began, I did it! Sweet potatoes and gravy, I won!
“Arrgh!” Clair had practically gone hysterical with her loss. “No….it’s just not possible….”
Regaining some of her composure, Clair seethed, “Grrr….you may have beaten me, but you don’t deserve the Rising Badge! I know….take the Dragon Master’s test! If you somehow manage to pass, I’ll give you the badge.”
“What?!” I shrieked, “You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me!”

So that’s that. The battle actually went a lot more smoothly than I’d thought it would, though there was an insane amount of hax at the end. Oh, well. That’s Nuzlocke.
Anyway, here’s my team summary and stuff like that. It's all hidden to avoid spoilers for people who are actually interested.
Blaster (Typhlosion) Lv. 40

-Quick Attack
-Flame Wheel
-Lava Plume
Landslide (Golem) Lv. 40

-Rock Blast
Edward (Crobat) Lv. 40

Inner Focus
-Poison Fang
-Wing Attack
Egg 'em! (Exeggutor) Lv. 40

-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder
-Wood Hammer
Clappy (Dewgong) Lv. 40

-Aqua Jet
-Aurora Beam

Sting Ops (Beedrill) Lv. 12
BOO! (Gastly) Lv. 3
Drift (Hoppip) Lv. 6
Iggy (Togepi) Lv. 14
Blob (Ditto) Lv. 10
Funguy (Paras) Lv. 16
Will (Vulpix) Lv. 14
Elemental (Eevee) Lv. 5
Mano'peace (Tentacool) Lv. 18
Eugene (Krabby) Lv. 20
I gots gas (Weezing) Lv. 16

Dead (You will be missed. Except for you, Rattata):
BALLS! (Rattata) Lv. 6
Died as healfodder. Couldn't care less about this piece of crap.
Verminator (Heracross) Lv. 29
A few last words for this brave Heracross. He was killed in battle by a stupid insane series of hax that shouldn't have happened...BUT IT DID. Possibly my luckiest Nuzlocke catch ever. He died doing what he loved. You will be sorely missed, as I no longer have a way to deal with Karen's Umbreon >:(

Tomorrow I deal with Clair's stupid challenge that shouldn't have happened, but I also gain two potentially very useful team members (Or do I?).
Bad and worse news... quick update.. (no pics since doesnt seem like anyone cares)

Go north.. route 111 get a Numel.. cute and Hasty.. lvl 13. Go to Fiery Path.. get a Koffing.. coolio.. Gentle lvl 14.

Go to Route 112.. hope for the 5% skarmory.. run into a killed it.

Numel proves to be a solid addition..decide to keep on team and level it up. Get to level 24 and go into a double battle.

Numel lvl 24/ Vigoroth lvl 25 vs Aron lvl? / Koffing lvl 18

Remembers that my Koffing has Selfdestruct and it's lvl 18..

Ohhhh shiiiiiiit.

Numel aka NumNums.. Vigoroth aka Loaf.. Dead. Just fucking dead..

Fuck you Koffing.. but it shows me that I need 'death fodder' on my squad in case this shit happens.

God dammit.. all that slow and steady training on Loaf..and recent 10lvl training for Nums.. wasted.

New team.. down to 3.

Koffing lvl 19
Breloom lvl 28
Marshtomp lvl 28
Nuzlocke Update

DarkMaelstrom .....
airhawk, you may want to consider replacing Toughness soon. Even as a Ledian, it only has 35/55 offenses and some pretty crappy defensive stats (55/50/110). While it might have a nice SpD stat, it won't help matters much taking Rock attacks. However, if you really wanna use it, you could, as I completed a run once with a Jumpluff, boasting similarly terrible 55/55 offenses. It's usable, but far from practical. Just sayin'.
Also, as for your Roost dilemma, I'd say save it for later. Neither Flight nor Toughness have the defenses to utilize it effectively, and using a Potion is more effective in most cases. As with before, whether you use it or not is completely up to you, just putting in my opinion. If you're lucky enough to catch a Skarmory later on, that might be useful, though.
--> Thanks for the imput :) yea i was just using Toughness because i was hype i saw something other than rattata. XD and for the whole pokemon-bonding experience, but it's really a hassle to train, with everything, including wild slowpoke, setting up on it and hitting even through its reflect. So ill box it for now, and hope something more amazing appears in the future. And for the roost problem, thanks as well XD

*** Also, for the record to all those out there, Phadunk included, I do read your updates when I can, I don't just skip or skim over them, they are important to me too :3

After reading everyone's updates, and their experiences in needing death fodders i've decided to temporarily impliment that idea ... Now that Toughness is taking a vacation in the PC box, i'm going to be using Chippy, the rattata that just had to prove what terrible luck I have in caves. Out of all the chances to find cool, nice ground/rock type pokemon i find a rat.

Bugsy's Gym gave me a big surprise though. While going through with plan Alpha Bird ( Spammage of peck attacks) Flight learned aerial ace after defeating a beedrill. Yes I had to pause for a moment to do a little jig. Totally forgot that this bird learned that move so quickly. With new found confidence we went to face Bugsy, thinking this new move would clear-kill him. Of course we were mistaken. Focus Energy after living with more than half health scared me silly. I switched in Chippy to scout, and it died to quick attack ( Yea sorry Chippy... its better this way than being stuck in the box FOREVER )

Prank went in, Hypnosis'd it and went to spam night shade while it was sleeping. It was close to dying when he used super potion... but super potion didnt cure sleep ;) Prank got a phew more hits, and left it in the red when Syther woke up and u-turned in Kakuna. I safley switched back Flight, who took Kakuna's poison sting without getting poisoned, and let Flight finish its spammage :)

Although the winning wasn't without loss, and although this is cruel, the loss was not big.

So here are my current party members after Beating Bugsy and putting the dead to rest (5):

Yoller the Sassy Wooper
Ability: Water Absorb
  • Water Gun
  • Tail Whip
  • Slam
  • Mud Shot

Flight the Bashful Spearow
Ability: Keen Eye
  • Aerial Ace
  • Growl
  • Pursuit
  • Fury Attack

Sally the Timid Oddish
Ability: Early Bird
  • Absorb
  • Poison Powder
  • Stun Spore
  • Acid

Prank the Naughty Gastly
Ability: Levitate
  • Hypnosis
  • Lick
  • Night Shade
  • Curse

Chompy the Serious Totodile
Ability: Torrent
  • Scratch
  • Leer
  • Water Gun
  • Bite

Lola the Quiet Zubat

Stingah the Lonely Weedle

Billard the Docile Togepi

Swirl the Naughty Ekans

Toughness the Docile Ledyba

Lookout the Timid Sentret

Chippy the Lonely Rattata
- Died a good scout
Fuck you Koffing.. but it shows me that I need 'death fodder' on my squad in case this shit happens.

God dammit.. all that slow and steady training on Loaf..and recent 10lvl training for Nums.. wasted.
There's an easy way to remedy this without resorting to death fodder. Shortly after the 6th Gym, at Mt. Pyre, you have a 100% chance of finding a Ghost-type most of the way through. Should you ever find a Koffing, or anything else that learns Selfdestruct, just switch in the Ghost-type (Most likely Shuppet). In the event that it doesn't use Selfdestruct, the Ghost will resist all its level-up moves as well. Otherwise, reviving the fossil you'll get at the Mirage Tower works pretty well too.
Dude, thats what happened in my Emerald Run. My team got wasted by Selfdestructs. All I have is a level 30 Combusken. Granted its not terrible, but losing my other pokes hurt so much that I just gave up on it. (I might revive it later... who knows)
Seriously.. it sucks man. But I'm just going to push through and go for it.. that's what makes this Nuzlocke thing awesome.


So after my double loss of NumNums and Loaf.. I continued West towards my journey. I ended up at Fallarbor Town, a small place which is not full of too much.. but as I went more West to route 114, I noticed a lot of grassy areas, so I decided to test my luck.

Swablu appears. Completely forgot this Pokemon existed.. sweet.

Catch, name her Cotton.. and decide to keep her on the team.. as my team is thin.

As I battle around the grass.. I realize it's a perfect place for my Koffing, Weezy, so I poison the hell out of Lombres and Lotads, with some Swablus on the side.

holy fuck moment.

Swablu is taking a bit longer to level up, especially with Peck and Astonish as her moves.. but hey.. DRAGONS ARE WORTH IT!

I get Cotton to level 20, Weezy to level 26, and go to Meteor Falls.

Meteor Falls apparently has Pokemon in it? Ran into a Zubat.. killed it.. then ran into a Solrock.. fuuuuuu.. had to kill it.

We ran into Magma and Aqua grunts.. the battle of land/water has begun.. I now have to go chase them for the Meteorite.. wonderful.

a bit stuffy up here

As I reach the Mountain, seems like bluevsred is in full force.. Aqua needs my assistance. So let's do this.

I battle Magma's main dude for the Meteorite.. he has a high leveled Mighteyna.. didn't expect that. His Bite is lethal man.. didn't expect that much power. I had to switch out Weezy because apparently I'm not able to handle the power right now.. Kippin was though, so escaped that battle.

Once it was over.. we headed to Lavaridge. Nothing to do here but straight up battle the gym. I felt confident..

a nice rest before the battle

Lvl 28 Wheez, Lvl 21 Cotton, Lvl 30 Muffin, Lvl 30 Kippin.. I think we got this.

..... I was wrong. One word... Overheat.

We got through the gym trainers easy enough.. but once the gym leader battle started.. I really wasn't as prepared as I thought. My levels are also not that great.. not as high as I thought.

Weezy was able to handle the Slugma, Next was Camelrupt and Torkoal lvl 29. Kippin had to handle the Camel.. no way around it. Couldn't risk the issue. But with Torkoal.. I thought this would be a good chance to get some EXP for Weezy and Cotton. I switch in Wheez, feeling confident to handle Torkoal's shit movepool and poison then weardown. No.. what the fuck was I thinking.. no. Wheez was able to Sludge + poison, sweet.. but Torkoal Body Slammed the hell out of Wheez, crit+para.. I couldn't kill it.. so I had to switch. Cotton was up.. expecting.. who knows what... I switch into an Overheat. Yes.. a +8advantage +140BP fire move.

Cotton dropped instantly. I cried.. my Dragon pokemon.. gone.

Kippin finished Torkoal off.. I win the TM, the badge, but definitely lost some great potential in Cotton.. Sing, Dragon Dance, ugh..

Afterwards, I went to the PC to deposit the deceased. Picked up the Wynaut Egg, [who knows, maybe it will grow to be great?] Then saved game.

Next up.. the Sand Area.

Current Team

Kippin the Marshtomp lvl 31
Water Gun
Mud Shot
Mud Slap

Muffin the Breloom lvl 30
Mach Punch [what a move]
Stun Spore
Mega Drain

Wheez[lol i thought he was Weezy for the longest time] the Koffing lvl 29

Wynaut Egg

Important Deaths

Was a good potential E4 Pokemon.. really sucks she fell..

Was hoping to have Nora as a staple for a while, with her solid defense and steel typing.. it would be nice.. bleh

Was very reliable.. it's a fucking shame NumNums died. It had a great movepool to look forward to. And I never used one before.. so I was hoping to use that Camel beauty.. spent some major time leveling it up.

This guy.. had it since the beginning of the journey.. and it dies to a Selfdestruct.. slow fucking EXP Growth.. a pain in the ass + loafing around.. wasted my fucking time. I will avenge you.
*Dramatic inspirational music plays* I'm gonna take on Phadunks philosophy. It is time to push through my losses and bring back the Emerald Run. Since I never deleted it I am exactly where I left off *shudders at the motley crew I have*

Since its been so long since I last played I wont give a story update, I'll just give a general overview of what happened (namely important battles, captured pokes, and deaths)

Chapters 11-14: The Lost Files
-Arrived in Slateport with team of Ragnarok, Pinacolada, Tasty, and Lancelot. Whipped Team Aqua's but and proceeded north to Route 110. There I caught Oddish and named it Flora. Flora was immediately boxed (how stupid of me).
-Defeated Rival May with ease, and proceeded through to Mauville.
-Defeated Rival Wally with ease and the Gym Trainers. Began grinding Lancelot, Ragnarok, & Pinacolada. Tasty was boxed.
-Caught Chief the Poocheyena on Route 117, deposited him soon after.
-Finished (so I thought) grinding in all available surrounding routes and went for the gym. Withdrew Tasty at the last second thinking he might prove useful
-Defeated Wattson, but at the cost of Tasty, who I had expected to lose, and Lancelot, a heart breaking loss. I had expected so much out of him, and his career was ended far to early.
-After the pyrrhic victory I withdrew Troll, taught it Rock Smash, and went up to Route 111.
-On Route 112 I caught a Numel and named him Nitro. Caught a Slugma in the Fiery Path and named him Napoleon. Caught a Spinda on Route 113 and named him Pander.
-Lost Pinacolada on Route 113 to Self-Destructs, I cried and lost most of my heart for this challenge.
-Caught a Swablu on Route 114 and named it Nimbus. Gave up on Nuzlocke once I got into meteorite falls.
-Resumed Nuzlocke with a team of Nimbus the Swablu and Ragnarok the Combuske, withdrew Troll the Slakoth and added her to the team in a desperate attempt to create a new powerhouse on the team.

The Team:

Ragnarok the Combusken (M)
Nature - Lonely
Level - 30
Moves - Double Kick, Peck, Ember, Bulk Up
Ability - Blaze

Opinion: The undisputed king of the team. Ragnarok is the sole survivor of the powerhouse team I had before the indcidents of Route 114. He has survived multiple Self-destructs while watching his good friends fall around him. Now the burden of carrying the team through these dark and uncertain times rests squarely on his shoulders.

Nimbus the Swablu (M)
Nature - Quiet
Level - 20
Moves - Peck, Fury Attack, Astonish, Sing
Ability - Natural Cure

Opinion: Nimbus joined the team in a very dark time. It is long road ahead of us and the weak simply wont make it. Nimbus lacks power and bulk, so only time will tell if he can stand the tests of the Nuzlocke.

Troll the Slakoth (F)
Nature - Serious
Level - 7
Moves - Scratch, Yawn, Cut, Rock Smash
Ability - Traunt

Opinion: While Troll has been on my team many times on my journey, nothing was ever expected of her. So far she has been merely an HM Slave, seeing breif moments of companionship when she was needed and then put back away so that other more powerful members could join. But times have changed, and desperation & necessity breed opportunity. Troll is now a perminant member of the team. And after some grinding is done we will see what she is truly made of.

The Reserves:

Inseninja the Nincada (M)
Level- 7
Nature- Jolly
Moves- Sractch, Harden, Leech Life
Ability- Compound Eyes

Opinion: Not much, he was the first Pokemon I saw on the Route, and maybe if I need him I could evolve him into a Ninjask or a Shedinja. And with my current situation I might just do that.

Kerry the Whismer (F)
Level- 7
Nature- Brave
Moves- Pound, Uproar
Ability- Soundproof

Opinion: Kerry may have some potential, as Exploud is a decent Pokemon. With Sly's unfortunate death I thought the odds of her addition to the team would grow. But with the disasters that took so many of my team's lives, I needed someone else, and I looked towards troll to take a spot.

Flora the Oddish (F)
Nature - Mild
Lvl - 13
Moves - Absorb, Sweet Scent
Ability - Chlorophyll

Opinion: Flora may have been useful for facing Wattson, but on the whole training her would have been far too much of a challenge with not much reasonable use in sight. But with recent events that may change for Flora.

Chief the Poocheyena (M)
Nature - Hasty
Level - 13
Moves - Tackle, Howl, Sand Attack, Bite
Ability - Run Away

Opinion: Chief is just one of those Pokemon that just doesnt have any real use. Mightyena isn't that good, and training Poocheyena isn't worth it. Even in light of recent events, I probably wont use him, though the chance is still there.

Nitro the Numel
Nature - Modest
Level - 14
Moves - Growl, Tackle, Ember
Ability - Oblivious

Opinion: Nitro is in a similar boat as Chief. I just didnt see a reason to use him. Ragnarok already surves as an amazing Fire-type, and Numel just didn't have an immeditate use -- or a future use -- to invest in its training. Even now, Numel probably wont be used simply because of Ragnaroks presence. But is something tragic were to happen to Ragnarok, this guy would be first in line as his replacement.

Napoleon the Slugma (M)
Nature - Bold
Level - 15
Moves - Yawn, Smog, Ember, Rock Throw
Ability - Flame Body

Opinion: Basically Napoleon is just another Nitro-- both of whom are inferior to Ragnarok. In fact, this guy is probably behind Nitro in terms of who is more likely to be used.

Pander the Spinda
Nature - Lonely
Level - 14
Moves - Tackle, Uproar, Faint Attack
Ability - Own Tempo

Opinion: Y U NO SKARMORY???? That about sums it up don't cha think? Pander may have a vast movepool, but it is so weak offensively and defensively I wouldnt use it. The only chance it has is if all my other Pokemon were to faint. And even then, I'd use it just to catch another Pokemon. Sorry Pander.

The Memorial to the Dead.

Sly the Zigzagoon (M)
Lvl - 12
Nature - Calm
Moves - Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Headbutt
Ability - Pickup

Defeated By: A judgement error while facing May's Torkoal. He stood no chance against Torkoal's Ember.

Memorial Quote: In memory of Sly the Zigzagoon, whose cute antics could bring a smile to even the most caloused of souls. May his spirit live on to bring joy to all who need it.

Final Words: I had truly high hopes for sly. It was my own fault, and we lost a Pokemon with a lot of potentail here. Good bye, Sly.

Tasty the Dustox (M)
Lvl - 18
Nature - Rash
Moves - Tackle, Protect, Poison Sting, Confusion
Ability - Shed Skin

Defeated By: The electrifying power of Wattsons' Voltorb's Shock Wave.

Memorial Quote: In memory of Tasty the Dustox. May he forever fly higher than any bird Pokemon, and may the moon glisten upon him every night.

Final Words: I knew this was coming, but even still, it was painful, as Tasty was my first Pokemon. From the beginning I wanted a Beautifly, but I got a Dustox, and that immediately put a limit on Tasty's usefulness. He demolished Brawly, but after that he petered out, until the point he was no longer needed. In the end he paid the ultimate price trying to weaken Wattsons' team. Thank you Tasty, and Good bye.

Lancelot the Aron (M)
Lvl - 24
Nature - Rash
Moves - Headbutt, Roar, Mud-Slap, Headbutt
Ability - Sturdy

Defeated By: Wattsons' Magneton's Shock Wave

Memorial: In memory of Lancelot the Aron. May his iron will always prevail in the face of adversity.

Final Words: This loss really stung. I had really hoped this guy would become the tank of my team. He would take hits and dish them out even harder. But that dream was never realized. I am sorry Lancelot that you never saw your full potential, Good bye my friend.

Pinacolada the Lotad (F)
Lvl- 26
Nature- Jolly
Moves- Astonish, Fury Swipes, Absorb, Fake Out
Ability- Rain Dish

Defeated by: The suicidal rage of a Ninja Boy's Koffing's Self-Destruct

Memorial: In the memory of Pinacolada the Lombre. May she laugh, swim, and play all day.

Final Words: This loss stung the most out of any. Pinacolada was at one point the most accomplished member of my team. Her loss came as a shock and it still stings. She was going to become another powerhouse of the team if only the fates had not been so cruel. I am going to miss you Pinacolada, thank you, and Good bye.

Coming soon, the next update: The Reconstruction Era


The professor?
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So I'm doing an Emerald Nuzlocke as I have a tonne of free time at the moment.

Mainly standard rules except
No medicine items(might have to change that when I get to the E4, we'll see) and
No TMs(I wanted to make this slightly more challenging than some previous nuzlockes I've done.) Obviously HMs are allowed even in battle.

There's not much to say to start with. I choose Quail the Torchic as my starter. He has a naive nature which isn't that bad.

So I save Birch, defeat May easily and start my adventure!
To start with I go north and catch Peekoo the Wingull from route 103. She has naughty nature which isn't particularly useful.

From Route 102 I catch Quentin the relaxed Wurmple.

I grind my team a bit and Quentin evolves into a Cascoon.

I help Wally catch his Ralts and head off towards Rustboro.

I catch Tickle the Quiet Wurmple from route 104. I train him a bit but he also evolves into a Cascoon so I box him at level 7.

From Petalburg Woods I find Steve the Slakoth.

He's quirky yet incredibly annoying to raise. However I add him to my party and on I go to Rustboro town, defeating an Aqua grunt on the way.
Also Quentin evolves into a Dustox around this point.

I immediately head off to route 116 where I catch Nancy the Naughty Nincada and Whitney the Timid Whismur from Rusturf Tunnel.

I fight the bug trainer on route 116. I send out Steve, he sends out a Wurmple. He poisons me with poison sting. I switch to my other pokemon to win the battle, however Steve does not make it back to the pokemon centre and my first member is lost.

Anyway, once Quail evolves into a Combusken Roxanne is no trouble at all and I get my first gym badge.
I go on to defeat the annoying Aqua Grunt in Rusturf Tunnel and May in the town, then start to head to Dewford Town.
May's Mudkip did cause a bit of trouble but It eventually fell to poison damage after switching out my weakened Dustox to Wingull.

I get an old rod and catch Cruelio, the docile Tentacool. I also catch Zoey the naughty Zubat in Granite Cave.

I decide to raise Zoey as once it gets bite it can be pretty good. I return to Route 116 and train it with it's only move Leech Life. However a wild Whismur crits me with uproar and I lose my second team member already. I'm really being quite careless.

Anyway I return to Dewford where I train the rest of my team in preparation for Brawley. It shouldn't be difficult as Quentin and Peekoo have a massive advantage against the gym and Nancy and Cruelio resist Brawley's STAB moves.

I'll leave it there for tonight.

lvl. 14
Naughty Nature
-Leech Life
-Sand Attack
So far Nancy has been quite useful yet I don't expect her to stick around till the end. For now though she has been one of the better pokemon.

lvl. 14
Naughty Nature
-Water Gun
-Wing Attack
Wingulls are such bosses early game and Peekoo is no exception. Again, she might not stick around but for now she's solid.

lvl. 13
Docile Nature
-Poison Sting
Cruelio is really not pulling his weight at the moment. If things don't pick up for him, I will ditch him. As I'm not using TMs, I have to wait till lvl 19 to get acid and lvl 25 to get bubblebeam. I'm not sure if it's worth it.

lvl. 14
Relaxed Nature
-Poison Sting
As an early evolver, Quentin is great early game. Confusion and Gust should handle Brawley quite easily. I expect him to stick around at least for a while.

lvl. 17
Naive Nature
-Double Kick
Of course, as my starter, Quail is bound to be a boss. The MVP on my team undoubtedly. If I lose him I might be slightly screwed...

Tickle lvl. 7
Whitney lvl.6

Steve lvl. 9
Poison is a bitch pre-gen 4. He didn't make it to pokemon centre quick enough.
Zoey lvl. 8
Lack of caution meant that a crit killed her off. Shame, as I could see her becoming a good member of the team.
Dude, yes. Shedinja are amazing in-game. Moreso in a normal run, as with in a Nuzlocke all it takes is sandstorm damage and bye-bye Shedinja. But yeah, you should definitely get Shedinja.
Anyway, here’s my next SoulSilver update. In this update….not much happens until later, but hey….Pokemon games aren’t always interesting. So, did I pass the Dragon Master test? Read on to find out!

Legends Saga-Part Two: The Dragon Master’s Test
“Ah, yes, if Clair allows you entrance, her grandfather will as well. Come forth, worthy Trainer, and enter the Dragon’s Den.”
“Um, yeah….thanks,” I said. I was really pretty excited. Anything I found here would evolve into something awesome: Gyarados, Kingdra, or Dragonite. I was hoping for a Horsea. Despite the fact that Clappy had certainly proven his worth yesterday, I was still uneasy about his performance later on.
“Clappy, use Surf!”
My Dewgong dived into the murky water. Climb on, master, it said. Clappy bobbed in the water a little with the added weight on its back.
Not long afterward was our passage obstructed by a deadly whirlpool (A maelstrom, if you will. It was probably pretty dark, too. Hmm….why does that sound familiar?). “Dang it!” I groaned. I’d forgotten to teach someone Whirlpool. I thought for a moment, then reached into my back and brought out a Poke Ball. I rummaged around even further and revealed a blue-hued disc. I stuck the disc to the front of the Poke Ball. After a moment, I heard a ‘click!’ and I knew Eugene had learned the move.
“Eugene, Whirlpool!”
And somehow, by some freakish power, we were able to cross the dark maelstrom (Seriously. Can someone explain to me how a tiny crab can allow be to cross a whirlpool? It just doesn’t make sense. But then, neither does the fact that a tiny bird can carry you across a continent).
A short time later, I could see a dark shape rising out of the water, and I knew it was my next teammate. “C’mon, Horsea, please, Horsea….” I muttered.
Clappy cast a hurt stare at me.
“Well, sorry,” I said, “But there’s a reason Kingdra is two tiers higher than Dewgong.”
A column of water erupted from the underground lake, and a snakelike Pokemon emerged—Dratini. “Cool,” I said. While it wasn’t a Horsea, Dratinis were pretty rare. And there’s no way I’d pass on a Dragonite—if it didn’t evolve at Level 55.
“Clappy, come back!” I ordered. I didn’t want the thing dying on me. And with Clappy’s offensive moveset, that just wasn’t happening. “Go, Egg ‘em!”
Somehow, my three headed palm tree just floated above the water. I still don’t know how it does that. I shook my head and commanded, “Egg ‘em, use Sleep Powder!”
The Dratini fell into a deep sleep and splashed back into the water. “Oh, no you don’t!” I said. I cast my Good Rod into the water, and brought the stupid sea snake back to the surface. “You’re not getting away from me now!” I said, almost maniacally.
“Hehehe….Egg ‘em, use Leech Seed!”
Leechlike seeds attached to the Dratini and began sapping its health.
[We return to you after three turns of stalling]
“Hahaha, now you’re weak enough for a clean capture!” I said triumphantly. “Ultra Ball, go!”
The wild Dratini broke out!
“WHAT! Oh, no you didn’t!!”
[Four Ultra Balls later….]
“Dammit! Dratini, why do you have to be so hard to catch?” I was down to my last Ultra Ball, and the Dratini was almost dead from Leech Seed damage. If this didn’t do it, then I don’t get a Pokemon from the Dragon’s Den.
“Ultra Ball!”
I tossed the striped ball at the Mirage Pokemon, waiting eagerly….
The Dratini burst out of the ball.
“Oh, no you don’t! Get back in the freaking ball!”
I leapt off Clappy’s back and swam to the Pokemon. I pressed the Poke Ball shut until I heard the final click. “Booyah! I dub thee…Spyro!”
With that dealt with, I climbed onto the dock of the Dragon’s Den. Not the cave, the building. I threw open the doors and yelled, “I’m here to ace the Dragon Master’s test!”
An old guy in long robes answered, “Ah, so Clair sent you here? That girl is a pain in the arse. Well, this test is designed to test your pureness of heart, blah blah blah….so here’s the questions.”
[Spams the A button]
“Ah, I see! Very commendable….you are very pure, both in mind and spirit….if you care about that crap.”
The doors burst open again, and this time, it’s Clair. “So how’d it go? I assume you failed?” she said eagerly.
“Nope,” I said smugly. “I passed. Suck it.”
Poke Ball: $200
Revive: $1500
The look on Clair's face: Priceless.
“You’re lying! Gramps….” Clair said desperately.
“Shut up! Your whining is giving me a migraine!” the guy said. “Clair, he passed. He’s impeccable—in mind and spirit. Now, be a man (Or a lady, whichever) and confer the Rising Badge!”
“B-b-b-but….how? I haven’t even passed!” Clair complained.
“JUST GIVE HIM THE FREAKING BADGE!” four voices yelled.
“Oh, fine, take the stupid badge. But I’m still better than you in my book,” Clair said as she stormed out.
“For goodness sake’s, that girl can go die in a hole,” the guy said. “Now, as a gift for completing the test, here’s a Dratini with a special move—Extremespeed. Use it well.”
“Hey, Rogue. I got something pretty cool for you. Swing by my lab to pick it up!” Professor Elm said.
“Sure, whatever,” I said.
“Great.” Beeeeeep.
So I hopped on my trusty Crobat and flew to New Bark Town, which proportionally shouldn’t have been able to carry me all that way but somehow did.
“Hey, Rogue! You got all the badges already? That’s sooo cool! You wanna go on a date?....” [Tuning out now….]
“Rogue, long time no see!” Professor Elm said. “Like I said on the phone, I’ve got something for you. Use it well. Here it is: the Master Ball. It will catch any Pokemon without fail.”
“Awesome….gimme!” I said.
“Also, some Kimono Girls were looking for you. I think they wanted something. Anyway, they’ll be at the Ecruteak Dance Theater,” Elm finished.
“Huh,” I said. What could they want?
But before I met any Kimono Girls, I was on a mission: To scour everywhere I hadn’t yet found a Pokemon to look for another Heracross. After five different routes, I’d almost given up. But there was one route left I hadn’t checked yet….
“Edward!” I ordered. “Take me to Blackthorn City!”
Sure thing, boss. Fasten your seatbelt—it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
“Landslide, Headbutt!”
BAM! Leaves fell from the tree as it shook violently. I crossed my fingers, hoping this would be my lucky tree….
The leaves rustled and a Pokemon landed at my feet.
I approached the Ecruteak Dance Theater, feeling pretty confident I could beat the Kimono Girls. But as I reached to open the door, Silver rushed out. “Rogue,” he said, “I suppose you’re here to challenge the Kimono Girls.”
“Um, yeah….I don’t exactly dance.”
“Well, good luck with that. I got beaten to a pulp. Who knew fighting five Kimono Girls could be so difficult? I hope you win….I still want the chance to kill your Pokemon myself.”
Silver pushed me aside and stalked away.
Aside from the evil comment, my confrontation with my rival startled me. If Silver got thrashed so easily….did I stand much more of a chance?

So, yeah. Very little happened in that update, but not all of Pokemon is interesting. Next up is my challenge with the Kimono Girls. Did I defeat them? You’ll have to wait to find out (If you care).

New additions will be in bold.
Team (If you read this, there's spoilers, so beware):
Blaster (Typhlosion) Lv. 41

-Quick Attack
-Flame Wheel
-Lava Plume
Landslide (Golem) Lv. 41

-Rock Blast
Edward (Crobat) Lv. 41

Inner Focus
-Poison Fang
-Wing Attack
Egg 'em! (Exeggutor) Lv. 41

-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder
-Wood Hammer
Clappy (Dewgong) Lv. 41

-Aqua Jet
-Aurora Beam
Heraboss (Heracross) Lv. 40

-Close Combat
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break

Just some words about Heraboss. You probably don't remember that Verminator, my other Heracross, was Modest. Heracross with the worst nature, meet Heracross with the best nature. This thing hasn't participated in any battles yet, but it's AMAZING.

Sting Ops (Beedrill) Lv. 12
BOO! (Gastly) Lv. 3
Drift (Hoppip) Lv. 6
Iggy (Togepi) Lv. 14
Blob (Ditto) Lv. 10
Funguy (Paras) Lv. 16
Will (Vulpix) Lv. 14
Elemental (Eevee) Lv. 5
Mano'peace (Tentacool) Lv. 18
Eugene (Krabby) Lv. 20
I gots gas (Weezing) Lv. 16
Spyro (Dratini) Lv. 6

Dead (RIP. Also, more spoilers):
BALLS! (Rattata) Lv. 6
Died as healfodder. Still don't care about him.
Verminator (Heracross) Lv. 29
Died to an insane amount of hax. While you have been replaced by your superior brother, that doesn't mean you're forgotten.
The sandstorm area.. with my go-goggles or whatever.. it's my next step in the journey.

I go straight to the sand to see if I can get some luck for a Trapinch or Baltoy..

Sandshrew.. I decide a pure Ground wouldn't be the best for me right now.. so I continued to just slaughter anything around, trainers also.. to level up my Pokes. Afterwards, we went to the Mirage Tower to get a fossil. We enter, and shortly get into a Wild Pokemon battle.. Trapinch! Word up.

Google the Trapinch.

A Ground type with a few Dark moves.. with no one supereffective to hit.. it's going to be a long journey to level this thing up.. but I do believe it will be worth it. Just need to care for it better than I did Cotton and my other fallen potentials.

I retrieve a fossil.. the Claw Fossil.

in the middle of the storm..

Then the tower falls and I realize what's next for me.. to battle my father..

I reach the gym.. with my team lined up.. Muffin the Breloom should take this easily.

Muffin lvl 33, Kippin lvl 34, Wheez lvl 35, Google lvl 22, and my beautiful Egg.

First match, battled a Delakitty. Won easily. Mach Punch.

Second match, I think it was a Spinda.. either way.. easy match.

My next match, before facing my father.. was against a trainer with a Slakoth.

A fucking Slakoth.. lolllllll.. yes.. Muffin will beat this joke of a Pokemon.

Did you guys know that Slakoth can know Counter? .... and did you know Muffin can't OHKO a Slakoth with Mach Punch? Even though he was 6-7lvls higher?


I honestly don't know what to do now.. I feel as though I am fucked.. as grass/fight was a good cover for my team and I need answers to all the water coming up, etc.

But this is what happens.. this gym is a lot harder than I thought.. on to Norman.

So now what.. I have a Weezing, Marshtomp, and a Trapinch [that won't be able to do a damn thing right now].

Fortunately.. I was able to keep my composure, make sure not to get fucked by 'Counter'.. [which he used a few times btw].. and thanks to Wheez and his high defenses.. between his Sludge/Smokescreen and Kippin's MudShot's on the "loafing around".. we were able to take down the beast that is Slaking.. who has Facade btw.. who kicks major ass with it btw.. and the only way I won.. the ONLY way I was able to not lose Kippin or Wheez.. was because of "loafing around" and Smokescreen working wonders.

[close fucking call.. shiiiiiii-]

I continue to be severely under-prepared when real challenges arise.. I think it's time for me to realize my poor training skills right now.. be patient.. and take time into developing my team.. I should of had a Swampert by now.. a stronger Weezing.. a more complete Breloom.. and a stronger Trapinch. Hell.. half of the deceased were major plans for my squad..

I added my old catch.. Yoko.. to get some fighting back into my lineup. Definitely not the power-house Breloom/Muffin was.. but we'll see how it goes.
I have HM-Surf now.. so I'm assuming it's time to ride the waves [what a perfect time for Muffin to level up.. :( ] I'll take a look at the map and be on my way.

Nuzlocke Update: Soul Silver

The journey from Azalea Town to Goldenrod City had much less fails than from Violet to Azalea :D

Outside of Ilex Forest, I had hoped to run into the grass and run into a Drowzee. Why, I myself am not too sure.. mist likely because I never train Drowzees and thought it would be fun. But no. Out of the 50% chance of a Drowzee showing up, I get lucky in landing withing the 5% chance of THIS showing up -- >

I thought to myself: hey, it's not drowzee... but Abras evolve into Alakazams. And Alakazam has power.... alright, i'll catch it :D little bastard popped out of the fast ball and ported away. there went my catch outside of Ilex forest.

Although I failed to catch a POKEMON my hopes werent dashed. As I walked into Goldenrod city I remembered that they had a game corner ... and where there's a game corner, there should be good pokemon ;) and just as I suspected, my ultimate treasure was there: Dratini. I know, it seems like a waste to get dratini there since you can catch them in dragons den later, but knowing my luck i will wind up with a magikarp there. or even a golbat, if at all faintly possible. Plus: I get to walk around with a dragon type pokemon, like a pro :D

After some intense "game-play" (massive raging for 2 hours) I got enough coins and bought myself Dratnair :)

The fun didn't stop there though. As I went on to see what other pokemon I could catch (Catching Pinpoint the nidoran on the way to the national park) I found that thursday was the bug-catching contest day. I decided to go with it, since my chances of finding a good pokemon were boosted there than if I had just gone into the park blindly. To. My. Great. Surprise. I ran into, on first encounter, the beautiful Scyther <3 and also to my great surprise I caught it. :D The good news doesn't stop there! MY SCYTHER WON THE CONTEST, AND GOT ME A SUN STONE! In that entire experience I got myself a Scyther and a Bellosom :D

I then headed back and began team-training to face cry-baby Whitney the normal type user. It took so time, and help from my associate in heartgold, but we got our team ready to fight Whitney. Got my Lone Star to evolve into Scizzor with Wing attack ;) Tempted to put roost on him right now, but I am going to wait and see if i come across a better suit real bird that doesn't learn the move.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Lone star that won the battle (He was to busy being immobilized by love for 20 turns.) but was thanks to help of Sally's Poison Powder and Yoller's Headbutt. :D

Oh did i forget to mention, When i found out the headbutt teacher didn't only teach one pokemon, but as many as I wanted, that I spam used him? XD

Well anyways, here are my current party members after Beating Whitney and preparing to head back on the road (6):

Prank the Naughty Gastly
Lv. 20
Ability: Levitate
Holding: Nothing
- Hypnosis
- Lick
- Night Shade
- Confuse Ray

Yoller the Sassy Quagsire
Lv. 20
Ability: Water Absorb
Holding: Quick Claw
- Water Gun
- Headbutt
- Mud Bomb
- Mud Shot

Chompy the Serious Croconaw
Lv. 20
Ability: Torrent
Holding: Nothing
- Scratch
- Headbutt
- Water Gun
- Bite

Lone Star the Quiet Scizor
Lv. 21
Ability: Swarm (Meh. :( )
Holding: Nothing
- Agility
- Metal Claw
- Pursuit
- Wing Attack

Dratnair the Calm Dratini (Eh Calm ... I always look on the bright side, bright side being more defense)
Lv. 21
Ability: Shed Skin
Holding: Nothing
- Headbutt
- Thunder Wave
- Blizzard
- Dragon Rage

Sally the Timid Bellossom
Lv. 21
Ability: Chlorophyll
Holding: Miracle Seed
- Mega Drain
- Poison Powder
- Cut (Yea this was totally my stupid fault)
- Acid

Lola the Quiet Zubat

Stingah the Lonely Weedle

Billard the Docile Togepi

Swirl the Naughty Ekans

Pinpoint the Quirky Nidoran

Toughness the Docile Ledyba

Flight the Bashful Spearow

Lookout the Timid Sentret

Chippy the Lonely Rattata
How is it already a Scizor? Where did you get the Metal Coat from? Crazy how the first Pokemon you encountered in the Bug-Catching Contest was the most rare one. Lucky.

Btw.. does the Dratini have "Goldenrod" as location? Does that mean Eevee is no longer a choice?


After the battle with my father.. and with my mind still wandering and in disbelief at what just happened. I sit and contemplate on what is needed to be done next..

I know Surfing is in my future.. I also know I need to re-evaluate my team.

My Dead is building up.. and my Boxed Pokemon are limited, but as I mentioned.. we need bodies.


Sydney the Elektrike and Yoko the Mahukita are welcomed to the group, as they sit in the back of the party.. sharing the EXP Share while Kippin leads the way to the bottom-right corner of Hoenn. [2nd gym]. Battling swimmers and wild Pokes along the way..

Kippin finally evolved into such a beast. Great stats! Which is needed as my team is getting picked apart.

Once I reach Dewford[?], I realize.. wait.. no way am I prepared to go right and towards the Haunted Ship place.. this alone proves my mind is all over the place.

I travel back up, as far as the Whismur Tunnel, and go to Mauville. Wattson is outside and I talk to the guy. He mentions I need to go to 'New Mauville' and help him out.. I really don't know what I need to do next in the story.. so I decide, sure, let's do this.

I step into the 'cave' that I didn't even know existed.. and instantly am sent into battle..

[I didn't even know Pokemon were in here.. the hell?]

Sydney the Elektrike was in the front of my party.. working on the Surf pokemon outside.. so she was sent into battle against a..

Magnemite? You know.. this is what I need.. I lost Nora the Aron.. I didn't get a chance at Skarmory for a Steel type once Nora died. I've lost a lot of type coverage lately to make my team stronger.. maybe the Pokemon Gods are being kind.. I should take advantage of it.

Sydney had the perfect status move.. T-Wave.. let's go.

Well.. Magnemite had other plans.. Sonicboom ... RIP Sydney

Didn't expect it.. but as Magnemite was replacing her anyways.. I guess it isn't too bad. Although.. if Mag dies later.. I'll regret this death.

Welcome Steel the Magnemite to my squad. Lvl 25. Lax nature.

Btw, egg hatched.

Timid nature, lol. lvl 5, boxed.

/file saved
Clefairy is the devil.

Decided to do a Nuzlocke run on Soul Silver with Chikorita (Dahlia) as my starter. Caught a female Geodude (Bellum) in Dark Cave and demolished Falkner and Bugsy. I trained up Bellum until she evolved into Graveler and taught her Rock Smash JUST to deal with Whitney's cow.

I stand before Whitney, extremely confident in my team of Graveler, Bayleef, Noctowl, and (to a lesser extent) Slowpoke.

I send out Bellum (Graveler)...

Whitney sends out Clefairy...

Graveler uses Rock Smash, deals ~90% damage. Time for the kill.

Clefairy chooses Metronome and uses FREAKING HYDRO PUMP !!! deals 100% damage

Graveler (Bellum) = DEAD

Extremely bummed, but still confident that I can win, I send out Dahlia (Bayleef).

Whitney (whore) uses a Super Potion and Razor Leaf fails to KO Clefairy.

I go for another Razor Leaf, which misses and Clefairy follows up with another Metronome that rolls...brace yourself...SHEER F****** COLD. Bayleef is dead and my dreams are crushed.

I hate Clefairy.

^img source here
Reply To Phadunk and Mini Nuzlocke Update: Soul Silver

How is it already a Scizor? Where did you get the Metal Coat from? Crazy how the first Pokemon you encountered in the Bug-Catching Contest was the most rare one. Lucky.

Btw.. does the Dratini have "Goldenrod" as location? Does that mean Eevee is no longer a choice?
I know, I myself was in disbelief for a couple seconds. Not only that, but it won the contest and got me a sunstone :D Well I traded it over to my heargold, and had him trade it back while holding a metal coat.. if that was cheating i'm sorry D: I figured I would just toss the next metal coat I found to compensate .. but none of that matters anymore, Lone Star (Scizor) died in the fight against my rival. jerk cursed Lone Star, and when Lone Star killed the gastly, sent out magnemite with steel trap. I didn't teach Lone Star U-turn, so i could do nothing but watch it die ... it seriously hurt.

And yes, the Dratini's location says Goldenrod City. Yea this means i'm going eevee-less for the rest of this game, unless I get one in another location

Btw I was able to quickly replace Lone Star ..Bumped a tree at the beginning of route 42 and out popped AIPOM!!!


The professor?
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Get Nancy to evolve. Get that Shedinja.
I was actually meaning to ask about this. I don't think Shedinja would be great as all it takes is one mis-prediction of my opponents movepool and it's gone. Don't forget confusion damage, poison damage and burn damage which aren't that uncommon in game. I suppose I could just use it for important battles that I know I will win with it.
Also is it cheating as I will end up with 2 pokemon from one area with Ninjask and Shedinja?
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