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I'm gonna do a Soul Silver Nuzlocke, wondering which starter i'll choose. I'm thinking about Cyndaquil because it's fast and powerful, but Chikorita is more defensive, which may come in handy during a Nuzlocke. I won't choose Totodile, because I already chose him before.

It's my first Nuzlocke, so it will take a while to get used to it. Especially releasing the fainted pokemon.

So I chose Vulcan, the Cyndaquil. My team at the moment:

Vulcan the Serious Cyndaquil
Lvl 5
Doing my first Nuzlocke.

Basic rules, let it die if it faints.
Catch 1st pokemon I see. No exceptions, no skipping if I make a mistake, and repeats count as well.
If I accept a gift pokemon, I cannot capture another pokemon in the area.
I am allowed to use items under any circumstance.
I am allowed to use the Pokemon Centers.
I am allowed to break any of the following rules above, minus USING a pokemon, given I find a shiny pokemon in the wild. Rules may be rules, but the rarest exception can go to my copy of Pokemon White.
Game can officially be considered "Won" after I defeat Ghetsis, but will not necessarily be over.

Past 1st gym, survivors:

Yuki the Modest Snivy Lv. 16.
Ruddy the Modest Patrat Lv. 14.
Tylian the Naughty Panpour Lv. 14.

Gruff the Patrat Lv. 4. (Poor thing didn't last a fight)
Alright, I continued with my Soul SilverNuzlocke adventure. The rules btw are:
- Release / Box fainted pokemon.
- Can only catch the first pokemon from a new route.
- Shinies are exceptions to the above rule.
- Unlimited items + pokecenters

My team at the moment:

Vulcan Civetta Nepenthes Rocko
Lvl 12 Lvl 11 Lvl 11 Lvl 12​


Dead at level 6 iirc. Don't even know it's nickname.



Lvl 4 :naughty:
My First Nuzlocke

Ill be attempting to take the challenge. Since I have both black and white, ill just reset black and attempt it. I don't exactly know how/where to update my progress, how often to update, or where I should be posting this ... (This is my first post guys) but I do want to do the challenge and make up a cool story to go along with it. I'm no artist however, so I'll need to use sprites ... if someone could give me a link or site or something where I can borrow BW sprites to add to the story it could be greatly appreciated. .. um, if anyone has tips for this, I woulc gladly appreciate it, and thanks for reading :D

Gonna follow these rules:
1) If a Pokemon faints, it’s dead and can no longer be used in any capacity. Deposit it into a box marked “Dead” and never take it out. It can’t be used in battle, nor can it be used for HMs. Redos are NOT allowed; if a Pokemon faints, you can't simply retry the battle.

2) You can only catch the first Pokemon you run into in any route/area, and you only get one chance. If you accidentally faint it or run out of Pokeballs, then that’s too bad for you. What makes up an area is debatable at times; a good rule of thumb is that if a new location indicator pops up that is different from where you just were, it’s a new area.

3) You must nickname all of your Pokemon. These Pokemon are your lifelong friends, they will fight for you until they die! You must bond with them, and the first step to creating a bond is to nickname.

4) Item use: not at all during battle, Hold items allowed, can heal status ailments only once the battle is over, only buy poke balls (I hope this doesnt kill the spirit, i have an idea as to how to build a story around this)

5) Pokemon Center use: Unlimited use

6) Legendaries: Not allowed

7) Level limit. If necessary (Like for Emolga Gym Leader) I might need to batter my team till i'm sure I won't lose any friends ..

8) Gift Pokemon. Usually they simply count as the Pokemon you get for that area (Question: Does it mean for that city, or for like the next route?)

9) Switch and set: Set.

* All rules were of course copied from first post seen
Sorry for this being so long, and being that tomorrow is the last of my regents exams, I hope I will be able to have nice and fun to read stories for you all
Welcome to Smogon!
You can update in this thread. That's what it's for, really. It doesn't matter how often you update, I haven't updated in what, a month? A good site to get sprites from is (Sorry, no link). It has loads of sprites (Including animated ones) for every Pokemon (Though you could probably find some here on the site).
Also, regarding gift Pokemon, it means what it says. It means it counts as the Pokemon you got at that location, and you can't get another one there. For example, if you get Pansage/Pansear/Panpour in the Dreamyard, you couldn't get another Pokemon there as if the gift 'mon was the first Pokemon you encountered in the wild. You couldn't catch, say, a Munna there if it was the first Pokemon you found in the tall grass and you'd already gotten a Pansage. Simple as that.
I hope I answered your questions, and good luck on your Nuzlocke!
As a side note, I'm going to try to get that next update in today. I've been really busy lately...
My Nuzelocke failed at the E4 of HG!!

My final team:

Clair the Feraligatr
Bo Peep the Ampharos
Haxy the Togetic
Inky the Tentacruel
TreeNinja the Sudowoodo
Fang the Raticate

Haxed to death against Koga and 4 crits in a row against the next one :(
I have a Wobbafett, Farfetch'd, and a Hoppip in a box, but I think that that is a bad idea. I'll try again >_>
Update: Starting a new (rather quickly)

Welcome to Smogon!
You can update in this thread. That's what it's for, really. It doesn't matter how often you update, I haven't updated in what, a month? A good site to get sprites from is (Sorry, no link). It has loads of sprites (Including animated ones) for every Pokemon (Though you could probably find some here on the site).
Also, regarding gift Pokemon, it means what it says. It means it counts as the Pokemon you got at that location, and you can't get another one there. For example, if you get Pansage/Pansear/Panpour in the Dreamyard, you couldn't get another Pokemon there as if the gift 'mon was the first Pokemon you encountered in the wild. You couldn't catch, say, a Munna there if it was the first Pokemon you found in the tall grass and you'd already gotten a Pansage. Simple as that.
^^ thank you very much :) With all that cleared, going to post my first, dissapointing update ...

My story ended rather abruptly, after my challenge with Gym Leader of Nacrene City… My friends fought very hard, down to their last breaths.. I went in with 4 friends, and came out with only Beady, the Dewott. Our partnership came to an end in Pinwheel forest, with the double battle of Seawaddles. Flipping Seawaddles. RIP :
Beady (Naughty Dewott) lvl 19
Fear (Lonely Patrat) Died in the double battle with Beady, lvl 8
Cutie (Impish Audino) level 12. Poor thing died as soon as I received her, against a Timburr. Chance later got revenge for all of team Airstrike.
Jumpy (Impish, Herdier) lvl 18. He fought in the battle against Nacrene’s Gym leader bravely, but sadly was killed by a lucky critical… He will always be loved.
Torch (Impish, Pansear) lvl 17
Chance (Relaxed, Woobat) lvl 17. There for Cutie when she died, a true hero. I still remember the first words he telecommunicated into my mind: This wasn’t by choice, it was by chance.

I've asked Celebii, the time traveller, to give me another chance. I will avenge my friends.. im sorry you guys, you will all be loved

( I've written some story about the adventure with them up till Pinwheel forest, waiting till I've fully completed a Nuzlocke to officially post anything though, so for now will do daily [or whenever I work on the game] updates )

Also, I've modified the Item use rule (sorry ... ) I can use the icky witchcraft healing juices on my pokemon only in dire emergency. When I say emergency, I mean if every single one of my pokemon are below 1/3 health in battle ( happened at Nacrene)
Well, I finally got back to playing SoulSilver yesterday, so I have an update there.
I got to Cianwood, only to find Suicune (!) and watch it run away. To no one's surprise, Eusine shows up, but this time he wants to battle me for Suicune's respect. I smash him quickly.
Soon, I, along with my newly evolved Crobat (Edward), do some more smashing at the Cianwood City Gym. I grind Edward up a level so he's as strong as Chuck's strongest 'mon. I then proceed to beat the crap out of Chuck's Primeape and emerge unscathed. Poliwrath was a bit more annoying with Hypnosis, but it missed half the time (And I still had Awakenings left over from my battle with Morty) and I eventually 3HKOed him with Wing Attack.
I flew back to Olivine, only to remember that I never got the SecretPotion. So I make a return trip, get the darn thing, and go back. Stupid Amphy.
Anyway, Jasmine returns to her Gym, blah blah blah, but I decide to do some grinding first. I always had troubles with her Steelix in the past because of its high level and Quilava's relatively weak moves. So I decided to level Blaster up to Lv. 35 so it could match Steelix's strength and learn Lava Plume.
After many battles against Raticates and Meowths, I remember that I never went to the Union Cave extension. So I go there and finish my grinding in the cave.
With my now-Lv. 35 Quilava, I decided to challenge Jasmine. Both her Magnemites were wiped away without a second thought. Steelix was KOed just as easily. And the whole match, Jasmine never landed a single blow. It was good for me, too, as the battle earned me enough EXP to get Blaster to Lv. 36 and evolve him into Typhlosion.
So that's that. Here's the team summary.
Blaster (Typhlosion) Lv. 36
-Quick Attack
-Flame Wheel
-Lava Plume
Recieved at: New Bark Town

Landslide (Golem) Lv. 29
-Rock Blast
-Rock Polish
Caught at: Route 46

Edward (Crobat) Lv. 32
Inner Focus
-Confuse Ray
-Wing Attack
Caught at: Slowpoke Well

Verminator (Heracross) Lv. 27
-Brick Break
-Aerial Ace
-Horn Attack
Caught at: Azalea Town

Egg 'em! (Exeggutor) Lv. 32
-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder
-Bullet Seed
Caught at: Cherrygrove City

So, yeah. All I have to say about this team is...Exeggutor is a BOSS! Any foe I can't (For some crazy reason) take down, Egg 'em! is there. With a combo of Leech Seed/Sleep Powder, it can wear them down while hitting them hard with the highest attacking stat of my team. If your HGSS team needs a good Grass-type, go headbutt some trees. You might just get lucky and eggs will fall on your head. Who knows.
Focusing my training particularly on Blaster recently has left quite a level difference in my team. However, since Team Rocket is gonna go psycho pretty soon, I figure I can make up the level difference fairly easily. Also, I'm hoping to find a Seel on the way to the Safari Zone. I'm trying to decide whether Seel or the Red Gyarados would make a better partner for my team (You know, STAB Ice Beam could be incredibly useful against Lance and Clair, but Gyarados also learns Ice Fang, so...).
Sorry 'bout the long post, but oh, well. That's what happens when you don't update in a month.
Sounds pretty cool :) Hey, how do you do the mini boxes? like, the ones that you used to describe in more detail your pokemon? ( If not sure for who, this message directed to DarkMaelstrom)
Sounds pretty cool :) Hey, how do you do the mini boxes? like, the ones that you used to describe in more detail your pokemon? ( If not sure for who, this message directed to DarkMaelstrom)
It's an option in the toolbar for an advanced post located furthest to the right--a box with a minus sign in it. Highlight the text you want hidden and click the box. The text should then be hidden when you post. If you want to check it to make sure you did it correctly, click 'preview post'. The text you highlighted should be in a 'mini box' like mine was in the preview. Hope I helped :)
Nuzlocke Challenge So Far

So far Team Airstrike (My team of pokemon and I) Have managed to defeat 4 gym leaders. Fluffy and Peace got my revenge against Lenora in a cute battle of growls, attracts, pounds and take downs ;) Beady (My dead Dewott of last trial), you can now rest in peace.. Since then, the team has only grown bigger and stronger. Rocky helped Fluffy take down Elesa's 2 Emolga's with Her Stealth Rocks attack, making that a clean win. I've lost 2 dear friends along the way though, but their memories won't be forgotten...

We Currently are in Driftveil City, preparing to take on the big bad Miner King

My Current Party
Fluffy (Impish Audino) Male, level 30

- Secret Power
- Take Down
- Work Up
- Light Screen

Rocky (Gentle Dwebble) Female, level 29

- Dig
- Bug Bite
- Rock Slide
- Stealth Rock

Bull (Lonely Pignite) Male, level 30

- Rock Smash
- Flame Charge
- Rollout
- Defense Curl

Woody (Bold Conkeldurr) Male, level 30

- Dig
- Wake-Up Slap
- Bulk Up
- Rock Throw

Plush Ball (Serious Whimsicott) Female, level 29

- Tailwind
- Leech Seed
- Poison Powder
- Giga Drain

Kamika (Rash Ducklett) Male, level 29

- Scald
- Bubble Beam
- Feather Dance
- Air Slash
Nuzlocke Second Update

Team Airstrike has progressed quite far. We've made it all the way to Opelucid City's Gym Leader, Drayden. Hotty and Vengence have taken down all the trainers in the gym. All that's left now is the leader.

Other good news: No more members have died :) This also means that the amount of pokemon I have in the Computer is quite large. So for the mean while I'll only be giving my current party pokemon:
Team Airstrike
- Vengence the Lax Druddigon, level 44 Female

Caught in Dragonspiral Tower, level 30
Ability: Sheer Force
Holding: Dragon Fang
- Sludge Bomb
- Night Slash
- Crunch
- Dragon Claw

- Bull the Lonely Emboar, level 42 Male

Given to me in Nuvema Town, level 5
Ability: Blaze
Holding: Charcoal
- Brick Break
- Flame Charge
- Heat Crash
- Defense Curl

- Hotty the Relaxed Chandelure, level 43 Female

Caught in Celestial Tower, level 26
Ability: Flame Body
Holding: Spell Tag
- Shadow Ball
- Will-O-Wisp
- Flame Burst
- Hex
Side Note: It took me FOREVER to find the darn dusk stone, just to realize the Veteran had it.

- Woody the Bold Conkeldurr, level 41 Male

Caught outside of Pinwheel Forest, level 14
Ability: Sheer Force
Holding: Nothing
- Dynamic Punch
- Brick Break
- Bulk Up
- Rock Slide

- Terror the Bold Gigalith, level 41 Female

Caught in Twist Mountain at level 31
Ability: Sturdy
Holding: Soft Sand
- Stealth Rock
- Flash Cannon
- Bulldoze
- Rock Slide

- Kamika the Rash Swanna, level 43 Male

Caught on Driftveil Drawbridge at level 25
Ability: Big Pecks
Holding: Shell Bell
- Surf
- Roost
- Feather Dance
- Air Slash
Nuzlocke Half-way Mark in Pokemon Black

Sorry for the immediate update, but this is of importance. Team Airstrike has succecfully conquered the pokemon league part 1. We lost a beloved member however, Woody, to a lame critical .. but happily added another, Sheer the Reshiram. Terror killed it once with a nice Stone Edge, to test whether it was evil or not. It came back to life in a more pure and good form, and demanded we catch it. SO that's how it came aboard.

Now for the rest of the challenge, Team Airhawk Will set off to kill the roaming Genie of misfortune, train to conquer the true Elite 4 along with Alder, and the mysterious Sinnoh Champion Cynthia. Again ill just post a Team update, the rest of the pokemon I've captured will be shown either at the total end of this challenge or in the comic / story I write.

Sorry for so many updates so close to each other, but I've been playing and completing this challenge rather quickly with my pokemon-friends.

Team Airhawk
Sheer the Relaxed Reshiram, level 51

Caught in N's Castle at level 50
Ability: Turboblaze
Holding: Nothing
- Dragon Breath
- Slash
- Extrasensory
- Fusion Flare
Notes: must be a pheonix. I killed it once but it came back to life, pure

Terror the Bold Gigalith, level 50 Female

Caught in Twist Mountain at level 31
Ability: Sturdy
Holding: Cheri Berry
- Stone Edge
- Rock Slide
- Bulldoze
- Flash Cannon

Bull the Lonely Emboar, level 51 Male

Given to me in Nuvema Town, level 5
Ability: Blaze
Holding: Charcoal
- Brick Break
- Flame Charge
- Heat Crash
- Head Smash

Kamika the Rash Swanna, level 51 Male

Caught on Driftveil Drawbridge level 25
Ability: Big Pecks
Holding: Shell Bell
- Scald
- Roost
- Feather Dance
- Air Slash

Hotty the Relaxed Chandelure, level 52 Female

Caught in Celestial Tower level 26
Ability: Flame Body
Holding: Spell Tag
- Shadow Ball
- Will - O - Wisp
- Flame Burst
- Hex
Got some slightly disappointing news from SoulSilver.
So I got to the Safari Zone a point. Along the way I lost Verminator to an insane series of hax. It sucked, but oh, well. I did manage to get a Seel, however. Clappy the Seel. It certainly isn't anything to write home about, but it has Surf, so...yeah. It took a load of grinding too...
So I did that, and ventured to Mahogany Town. At the Lake of Rage, I sought for the Red Gyarados...
...but nothing happened!
Oh, really? MAGIKARP HAPPENED. What a beast.
Except not. I'm too lazy to train a Magikarp two levels, so I killed it along with its Shiny counterpart. CURSE YOU MAGIKARP!!!
So I joined Lance on a fantastic journey through a ninja hideout and laid it to waste. And good news: Clappy isn't complete crap now that it's evolved...but it still won't replace Verminator. (Now that I think about it, I should've named it Crappy)
In the end, I defeated evil for all time and brutally destroyed three Electrode.
Then I attacked an old man. This old man was no ordinary old man. This old man wielded an incredibly annoying Pokemon that almost killed my MVP. This Pokemon was known as Dewgong. But in the end, realizing it knew no Water moves, I wore it down with a Burn (Thank Arceus for Lava Plume and its high burn rate!).
And that's about it. I'm currently storming the Radio Tower, ruthlessly murdering Team Rocket's stolen Pokemon. Here's my team that I most certainly didn't steal (That would be against the rules):
Blaster (Typhlosion) Lv. 36
-Quick Attack
-Flame Wheel
-Lava Plume

Landslide (Golem) Lv. 35
-Rock Blast
-Earthquake (Oh, yes...)

Edward (Crobat) Lv. 33
Inner Focus
-Confuse Ray
-Wing Attack

Egg 'em! (Exeggutor) Lv. 36
-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder
-Bullet Seed

Clappy (Dewgong) Lv. 35
Hydration (Disappointing, but oh, well)
Calm (Nice)
-Aqua Jet
-Aqua Ring
-Aurora Beam

I'm really hoping I can find a Horsea in the Dragon's Den so I can replace Clappy quick. I'm thinking if I can get it Ice Beam it will serve me better against Lance than Clappy will. But I seriously need something to replace Verminator. If I don't, Karen's Umbreon will be a huge pain.
Started a nuzlocke on my White a little while ago, my team is:
Kenshi the lvl 46 Hasty Samurott(M)
Blade the lvl 43 Lonely Fraxure(M)
Juno the lvl 41 Gentle Unfezant(F)
Helios the lvl 41 Gentle Darmanitan(M)
Steve(Minecraft reference) the lvl 42 JOLLY Excadrill(M)
Shock the level 43 Docile Eelektrik(M)

Currently about to enter the Moor of Iccirus. I plan on grinding my team to level 48 before challenging Drayden, while evolving Shock in the process. Movesets to come once I get used to Smogon(soon).


MS State Pokemon!!!
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Started a nuzlocke a few days ago on White 2. I'm trying to avoid spoilers, and I'm not using English patches. If I didn't look up level up moves, I'd probably do dumb things like replace Psybeam for Synchonoise because of the higher BP.

My rules are:

-Name everything
-Can only catch only the first Pokemon in the area
--Dupe Clause; I have 3 chances to find a different Pokemon. On the fourth attempt, I can catch the Pokemon even if I've caught one of its kind before.
--Shiny Pokemon ignore all rules
--If I catch a second Pokemon within a same area on accident (eg, it looks like a new area) I can keep it, but I'll feel bad about training it.
--Stationary and Gift Pokemon are exempt from catching rules, but I can get only one Gift or Stationary Pokemon per area.

I streamed it for a while here: but I got complaints about straining the bandwidth or something, so I'm recording them privately so I can edit them nicely and upload them to YouTube (slowly).

TOMMY: Rocky start before my 4th badge, relying on Vine Whip as his main attack for a while, but now he wreaks shit with Coil+Leaf Blade. Adamant Nature. lv 49
Eradd: Has a bad nature, but has successfully solo'd at least 2 gyms so far (hey, you lose track over time) and is my premier capture monkey. He recently powered through a double battle VS two ace trainers; one used Power Gem to break Sturdy and the other used Earth Power. He lived with 10 HP. He still relies on Thundershock for main Electric STAB, but it's still powerful enough for me. Impish Nature. lv 45
TOTOM: The first to contribute to my weirdmon chain. I'd still prefer a Darumaka, but I don't think Darumaka are in Resort Desert anymore. Regardless, he's fast and powerful, and takes care of Fighting types for Eradd. Lax Nature. lv 44
KORRA: The second newest member. I hit the jackpot with a Modest nature and Natural Cure. She's still pretty weak, though. Hopefully I can find a Water Stone... lv 43
tolan: Kinda underwhelming, but hopefully I'll get a Dusk Stone-- wait where have i heard this before (Gentle Nature) lv 44
MACHI: Newest member. I haven't used him at all yet and I think Cobalion is ugly, but Nuzlocke is all about trying new mons, right? Besides, he came at level 45 so I don't have to grind up yet ANOTHER mon; I wanna finish the game sometime soon! I think his nature is Impish. Also, he has the same typing as Lucario, so I'll just close my eyes and pretend I have a Lucario in a nuzlocke. He's named after Niccolo Machiaveli.

In the box:

Deerling (BAMBI)
Boldore(forgot to nn)
Swadloon(forgot to nn again)

bucky: died trying to catch KILLA. We were going to the e4 :( lv. 3-5
KILLA: died trying to kill a sewaddle double his level. Don't care much because he was kind of a jerk. lv. 7-12
SNAFU: I was genuinely devastated at this loss. At the time, I couldn't do much to Fire-types without him, and ironically he died at the hands of an Ace Trainer's Magmar. I almost wiped at that Magmar, but luckily TOTOM was able to 3HKO it through confuse ray. RIP bro, you deserve it. lv. 14-33

Current location: Lacunosa Town. Do you guys think I'm ready to take on the Dragon gym?
Hey guys :) Small introduction.. I've been lurking around Smogon forums for years, occasionally playing some online but mostly just so I have something interesting to read when I've got time to kill. Recently found myself with lots of spare time so been having the urge to pick up one of the games, which I haven't touched in a couple of years. Quickly played through the end of my only incomplete cartridge (Heart gold), realised I couldn't be bothered grinding levels to defeat Red and so decided to start up a Nuzlocke..

And I'm loving it so far! Won't be doing anything fancy here but I felt the need to record what’s happening :) Mostly just my rather extensive thoughts.. this turned out a lot longer than I expected, but oh well!

I chose Fire Red for the nostalgia and thinking the familiarity would make things easier for my first Nuzlocke. Played through the original versions so many times as a kid, at least I'll know what to look out for!

  • If it faints it's dead (boxed), no saves and re trying etc
  • Can only catch first unique Pokemon on a route, no second chances.
  • (Attempt) to nickname everything. I'm so used to cancelling this automatically that it's not going well.
  • Unlimited PC use and any time item use but only those that I find. Only buying Pokeballs and repels
  • No starter pokemon – I've used them all so many times it's just dull now, so thought I'd just box it.

The beginning..
My game started up well enough catching a Pidgey, Mankey, and Rattata from the first three routes and boxing my poor Squirtle. Was really happy to get Mankey as without a starter it's one of the few things available that could deal with Brock. Pidgey is Pidgey and Rattata was annoying, considered useless and definitely not the Caterpie that I had hoped for. Never the less I trained them all up a bit , dealt with Gary rather easily and headed off to Viridian Forest.

This is where I had my first bit of bad luck, and one shot my chance at a Weedle. Crit number one. No matter because Weedle sucks anyways and still isn't my Caterpie! I actually went through here on Heart Gold a couple of days before and found it really lame, but what a completely different experience at the start of the game. The old childhood feeling of unnerve, the creepy music , the all to real threat of getting poisoned - I really enjoyed it. Passed through without incident though, the Weedle's being content with spamming string shot at me. I did have to wonder why they couldn't put a trainer or two with fully evolved versions in, or at the very least let the second stages have their initial attacks.

I headed into Brock's gym full of confidence, but that was quickly knocked down when I had difficulty with the camper. I actually had to switch to avoid dying to the Sandshrew. Somewhat more apprehensive, I challenged Brock and Mankey made short work of the Geodude with two Low Kicks.

Now this is when I decided I would be clever. If mankey only two shot Geodude, how would it fare against Onix with its additional levels and large defense stat? Normally I would just go for it but being as this was my first Nuzlocke, I decided I better 'play it safe'. I'm an intelligent person, relatively experienced at playing Pokemon, so how about using some actual strategy instead of just clicking super effective attacks. I switched to Pidgey. After all, Brock’s Pokemon use Bide and have no rock attacks right? So here I am leisurely spamming Sand Attack just to be sure Mankey would be safe, thinking how weird it is that he hasn't used Bide yet. Foe's Onix used Rock Tomb. WHAT?! Four sand attacks, it's got no chance of hitting right?? You're kidding me!! It's ok, it's ok... I remembered trying to use Onix loads as a kid, after all it looks pretty damn fearsome to a 6 year old , but gave up every time cause it did pathetic damage. Pidgey could surely survive one attack... but apparently not! Mankey then went on to two shot the Onix despite a couple of Harden boosts, somewhat confusing me.

Reading the description of Low Kick made me laugh even harder at my own folly. Perhaps my familiarity with the original games was not the blessing I had thought. I didn't really care for Pidgey's death, instead getting excited at the prospect of adding Rock Tomb to my Mankey's moveset and intrigued at now only having two pokemon left, neither of which I'd really used before.

Through Mt.Moon
I was pretty ecstatic to realise there were two separate routes before Mount Moon! I really wanted a Nidoran and luckily for me Nidoran M was the first thing I ran into. I successfully caught it, and far more impressively actually remembered I had to give it a nickname! This resulted in 15 minutes of annoyance staring at the screen and was a harsh reminder that my imagination stinks. I tried to make acronyms out of it's name, after all if the designers can reverse 'snake' and call that a pokemon then surely I could get away with something similar. Nothing really worked however so I settled on the absolutely amazing and completely original name of Bob. Cool right?

I was disappointed to find no grass in route 4, so made do with the Magikarp instead. Now I was feeling far too lazy to spend the next few hours bait switching him into a Gyarados so decided to keep it around as potential death fodder or for use later if I’m out of options. I also thought up Last Resort as a name, and feeling rather proud of myself got extremely annoyed when it doesn't actually fit except as one word. Well screw that, Last the Magikarp would just have to do.

I begin heading through Mount Moon and training Bob up, gaining some nice easy exp with a couple of the Bug Catchers near the start. I also clearly remembered a Lass there having the first Oddish and Bellsprout of the game and eagerly challenged her with my half health Bob. Except it wasn't her, and instead a Clefairy stares me in the face. No matter as Clefairy is weak-sauce anyway, but yet I stare in horror as a Double Slap takes nearly half my remaining hp. I hope for only two hits but of course she goes and gets the third. R.I.P. Bob - before you even did anything constructive. Except leech a good number of trainers worth of experience points off of my other mons.

The rest of mount moon went without incident. Ironic that the two biggest areas so far had proved so little trouble. Incidentally my attempted catch here was a Zubat, but alas, crit number two!

It was during this section that I began to realise the two Pokemon I had stumbled upon were actually pretty damn good. They were just sweeping through everything with Hyper Fang and Karate Chop, the odd Rock Tomb helping to squish bugs and Zubat, and I was beginning to see lots of one shots. This would only improve upon teaching Mankey Mega Kick. I decided this would be far more amusing than the more accurate Mega Punch, as lack of accuracy in a Nuzlocke just seemed like the more interesting option. And damn, I'm so not dissapointed!! No more poison types annoying my Mankey, it's one shot everything I've used it on so far. And the animation is totally amazing. I can actually feel my opponents pain! POW! :)

Rival Battle
I caught a Spearow (and forgot to nickname..) from the grass before Cerulean . I didn't realise this was the same route as the Magikarp, but I also thought above Cerulean was only one route so I'm just gonna leave that and call it even.

I trained Spearow up a good lot and gained another couple of levels on Mankey and Rattata, evolving the latter. I was quite worried about facing Gary with my small team as I knew he had four pokes, one being evolved. Rattata's evolution was my attempt to make sure my Nuzlocke didn't end here prematurely. He cleanly two shot the only real threat of Pidgeotto. Mankey one shot the Rattata and that left some easy experience from the Abra for my Spearow. I was hoping to get the same off Bulbasaur but got slept and whittled down with leech seed and vine whip without waking, so had to switch. This would turn out not to matter when I got over confident with Spearow on nugget bridge, kicking myself thinking that it resisted fighting when it died to a Double Kick off a Nidoran.

My biggest peeve at this point was quickly becoming Poison point Nidoran's. With just two pokemon each only having contact moves, it really felt like this was my due for the exceptional luck I had in Viridian forest. Had to use a couple Antidotes and potions to live, but got through ok.

I was hoping for an Oddish for Misty, but to my surprise the first poke I ran into here was an abra and I eagerly waited in anticipation as the pokeball wobbled. It wasn't to be however and my dreams of destroying the game with Kadabra were dust in mere seconds.

I tried for Oddish number two on the route below Cerulean and got a chance. But I blew it! Only one pokeball, and Raticate's weakest attack took it to ~35%. As expected it escaped and I was so angry at myself I decided I would just go and catch another anyway. The realisation that Mankey would have done sod all damage with Low Kick changed my mind however, and it would completely break the spirit of the nuzlocke anyway. This was doubly my mistake so I would have to deal with it...

Ah Misty.... a gym I remember being tough on numerous attempts, sometimes even with grass types or Pikachu in tow. How was I going to fight her? The old image of bubbles coming down on me, that sound of death and the flashing screen. Oh god. Whoever thought to put a pokemon as strong as Starmie in the second gym?!?

I went in fully expecting to fail my Nuzlocke right here. My plan was simple. Staryu was rather non-threatening so I would take the chance to get a focus energy in with Raticate, hopefully allowing for a crit on the Starmie. If not, there was always mega kick Mankey! :D To my shock the plan went perfectly, crit and everything, and I defeated Misty without taking any damage at all. For the first time ever I had one shot her Starmie. How anti climatic.

To Vermillion
I decided to drop Last the Magikarp into the daycare, figuring if I ever need it I can come back and rare candy it into a monster. Here's hoping however, that I don't. By this point I had become quite attached to Mankey and Raticate, having seen them pull me through everything even after poke after poke I caught died. I've even decided on nick names for when I get to Lavender town. POW the Mankey, in honour of the awesomeness that is Mega Kick, and Disdain the Raticate in ironic remembrance of my initial thoughts on him. I guess I just jinxed my chances of that ever happening, though.

My pokemon chance on route six was a Meowth. Being as I already had a Raticate I wasn't overly thrilled, but I suppose I had to take what I was given at this point. Not that it mattered, as this here was crit number three.

Little did I know that my earlier wishes to fight an evolved bug were about to come true, and there I was facing a level 20 Butterfree with two already weakened mons. I was confident here that this had come too late to be a challenge, Mankey would surely out speed and OHKO the bug with a 4x effective Rock Tomb. Unfortunately for me this missed, and instead I got hit with supersonic, followed by a Poison powder. Well crap. I was forced to switch into Raticate, who got hit with supersonic, and then with a Poison Powder. Oh crap for real! I genuinely could of lost here, but luckily Raticate beat off confusion to get off a Hyper fang. Infuriatingly Butterfree lived with a health bar so low it must have been a mere 1 hp , just to tease me. Never the less a quick attack finished the job.

I was still in trouble though, with both my pokes poisoned, could I make it to the Vermillion pc? This got worse when I ran right into the eyes of another trainer. I took a real risk here, leaving Mankey in on a Ratatta and just hoping it didn't use quick attack, which would have been my death. Not that switching was much of an option, as that would probably just have resulted in Raticate's demise instead. Luckily it used something else, Mankey killed it, levelled up, and was left with just 2 hp! He was dead if I didn't have an antidote. Could my plan to nickname him be at an end so soon? I was genuinely in suspense and could feel the adrenaline– but yes! I did have an antidote. I cured Mankey and threw a potion onto Raticate for good measure, safely making it to the pokemon centre in time.


Mankey [Level 23]
Nature: Naive
Ability: Vital Spirit
-Karate Chop
-Rock Tomb
-Mega Kick
-Low Kick
Caught on route 3.

Raticate [Level 23]
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Run Away
-Hyper Fang
-Quick Attack
-Focus Energy
Caught on route 2.

Last the Magikarp [ In daycare ]
Nature: ?
Ability: Swift Swim

Pidgey ,level 10, died to Brock's Onix due to my stupidity.
Bob the NidoranM, level 10, died to Lass' Clefair due to my stupidity.
Spearow, Level 16, died to Camper's NidoranF due to my stupidity.
Oh, I forgot to mention, I've only experienced 1 death so far, and it was Gohan, my Pansear. He died while trying to catch Helios(Who knew NVE Fire Fang would do so much?). Luckily, I managed to catch Helios and use him to replace Gohan. To keep my Pokemon from dying, I just Audino grind. A lot.
Pokemon Engrish Emerald and Vietnamese Crystal

Well hey there guys, I figured I'd use up my first post by advertising not one but TWO video Nuzlocke runs I'm doing! So exciting amirite?! I hope videos are allowed here!

Anyway, here's episode 1 of both of them! Hope you guys enjoy, or at least don't despise completely and all that cool stuff. If you gots any criticisms, well, that's cool too I GUESS

Pokemon Engrish Emerald:

Yeah, that's right, didn't expect there to be an Engrish Emerald now did ya?! Well we randomly stumbled upon it and figured "hey les nuzlocke it cuz no onez ever done an emerald nuzlocke hehehehe". But hey, at least it's original in the sense that it's terribly translated?!

Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal:

Yeah, this game's been done before, but my friend, Doubletroubeify, wanted to do a terribly translated Pokemon game, and Zyrtec (the other guy Engrish Emerald) already took that one, so I was like "HEY WHY NOT". So ya, not much to say, so I'll stop saying things!

Both runs follow these rules:

Mandatory Rules:
1. If a Pokemon faints, you must release it as soon as possible.
2. If all your Pokemon faint, you must start over. But we're not gonna start over, we'll probably just give up and never do anything ever again.
3. You must nickname every Pokemon you catch.
4. You may only attempt to capture the first Pokemon you encounter in each area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough shit.

Optional Rules:
1. You may not use any healing items (Revive, Antidotes, etc.)

Oh yeah and if you guys end up being interested in our runs (LOL YEAH OKAY), we also have finished nuzlocke runs of Engrish Green (lol too many terribly translated games ftw?) and this one really really really unfair hack, Pokemon Snakewood.

Thanks for your time and all that really appreciative stuff!
Nuzlocke Update: Team Airstrike is still in there

Hey guys, it's been a while but i felt after a couple weeks of intense training, it was time for another update. During the time I was able to meet some interesting new friends, and through rigourous dedication, blood sweat and tears my time is almost ready to continue its journey to conquer the evil of Pokemon Black.

I've lost a couple valuable, priceless members that have been with me through a lot .. ill post there bio's this time because i actually spent time playing with them lol.

I've also decided to catch the roaming genie. I can't kill the trio, because without Tornadus i can't reach Landorus. I'll capture him just so my team can reach and kill Landorus, then Tornadus and his counterpart will be " released " (traded over to my pokemon white).

With my team members, ill add notes as to explain a little bit what we went through, but other than that no story. I'll create a full story/comic once the challenge is fully won. So here's my team, and deceased-important members

Note: All team members were trained through the genocide of Audinos. After growing bored of killing them, we went to the Grand Chasm. Most of the members were trained by killing off the pokemon living there.
Team Airstrike​
Darkness [Female Gothitelle]

[Level 64]

Sassy, Caught on route 9 at level 33 as a Gothorita
Holding: Lucky Egg
Ability: Frisk
- Reflect
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Thunderbolt

Notes: Darkness and I have been training ruthlessly ever since the loss of Troll pig. We started off by killing the annoying Palpitoads and even MORE annoying Stunfisks with energy ball, then remembered that Audinos existed. After getting here to level 60, we've been battling trainer's in the sports arenas located in Nimbasa City, with the help of the rest of the team of course.

Rager [Male Gyarados]

[Level 70]

Calm, Given to me by a shady business dealer at level 5 on the Marvelous Bridge as a Magikarp
Holding: Mystic Water
Ability: Intimidate
- Ice Fang
- Waterfall
- Surf
- Dragon Dance

Notes: Ever since the death of Kamika, Rager and I have begun to get along much better. Tearing through opposition and scaring off physical threats, Rager is the best thing a person could ask for. However, in terms of the elite 4, Rager may not be of much assistance .. I do not wish to lose any more members, so for the time period where we do face them, Rager will be relaxing in the box with the rest of my pokemon friends.

Sheer [Reshiram]

[Level 70]

Relaxed, Caught in N's Castle after being defeated ( ' cleansed of its evils ' ) and forcing itself onto my team. ( Just couldn't say no :3 )
Holding: Sky Plate
Ability: Turboblaze
- Dragon Pulse
- Fly
- Flamethrower
- Fusion Flare

Notes: Burdened with the responsibility of easy transport for my team, Sheer's movepool has been limited. However, it still enjoys its usable moves. agreeing in N's castle to help me take on all the rest of the upcoming challenges, Sheer is more like Team Airstrike's "Secret Weapon"

Candy [Male Escavalier]

[Level 70]

Gentle, Caught on Route 11 at level 49 as a Karrablast
Holding: Iron Plate
Ability: Shell Armor (No being Criticaled to death.)
- Aerial Ace
- Iron Head
- X-Scissor
- Swords Dance

Notes: There was no way Candy was being left Shell-less and vulnerable. As soon as it was captured it was traded and traded back. Candy's Defenses and helpful ability have allowed it to stay alive and well, and become stronger by the minuted. Sometimes being terribly slow isn't so bad.

Bull [Male Emboar]

[Level 70]

Lonely, Given to me in Nuvema town at level 5 as a Tepig as a... present.
Holding: Charcoal
Ability: Blaze
- Brick Break
- Flame Charge
- Flare Blitz
- Stone Edge

Notes: Bull's my buddy since forever. Although not helpful in many fights, he was my first friend. I would feel terrible just leaving him behind while the rest of the team continued on. Through intense training Bull has become more and more helpful than though of. A major asset, and my best pokemon friend :)

Hotty [Female Chandelure]

[Level 70]

Relaxed, Caught in Celestial Tower at level 26 as an Litwick
Holding: Spell Tag
Ability: Flame Body
- Shadow Ball
- Will - O - Wisp
- Flamethrower
- Energy Ball

Notes: Hotty is still as "hot" as ever ;D She's majorly handy when it comes to fighting physical types that the rest of the team cannot handle. Though its era of burn+hex is over, she's still useful in fighting many pokemon, and will have fun during our next challenge of the elite 4.

Deceased Members
Ticker [Female Lillipup lvl's 4-12]
- She brought with it the nostalgia of a member from my previous attempt ... However, just like that member she died early. Dying in the first gym at the hands of the opponent's Simpour ... She will be and still is missed.

Trickster [Male Yamask lvl's 22-23]
- I found a Yamask playing tricks on the trainers in Relic Castle, found the tricks hilarious and decided to catch him before he tricked me.. We were getting along really well, until the time was cut short by a Sandile who would not let us escape. Trickster had to die 2 deaths ...

Woody [Male Conkeldurr lvl's 14-52]
- One of the 3 pokemon who's loss makes me really sad. Taken down while fighting against the duo of N and Ghesis, Woody's loss took a toll on everyone, Plush Ball especially... Never seen the poor thing cry so much ..

Plush Ball [Female Whimsicott lvl's 14-38]
- Following the tragic loss of Woody to the E4 + N family challenges came the sad loss of Whimsicott to a deranged and crazy Manetric. The killer from Emerald Route 118 found its way to the Unova region just to troll me. Killed by a charged Discharge in the challengers cave while I was healing a party member, her death angered not only me, but Bull as well. He got his revenge with a critical Brick Break ... but not even that awesome hit will be able to fill the gaping whole she left behind .. at least she can now be with her beloved Woody

Kamika [Male Swanna lvl's 25-51]
- Swanna death came suddenly, also in the challengers cave. We came across a Graveller, thought we could take it and used surf. We were wrong. Blasted Troll had sturdy, and killed Kamika with a critical rockslide. Needless to say we destroyed the thing right after, but lost a precious member...

Troll bat [Female Swoobat lvl's 11-37]
- True to its name, even its death was trollage. While training Troll bat to become the next runner-up for Kamika's place, we encountered a Audino, probably pissed off that My team had murdered the rest of its family ... It took down Troll bat with a critical secret power. In death, trollage.
Beginning an emerald nuzlocke, that I will hopefully find the time to complete... :3


Nature: Brave.

So, went through and took care of all the Prof/May rubbish, (just between you and me, May totally wants it)
After receiving some balls, we ventured out onto Route 101, where a wild Poochyena appeared, Dwayne got a little excited with its scratch, damn crits. :@
So after that little misshap (and some stern words to Dwayne) we advanced to Route 103 annnnnnd.... another Poochyena appeared, and was quickly caught before Dwayne could screw things up again. :P

Nature: Careful.

So, with our new friend, we head out to Route 102, after collecting a potion from some bitch in Oldale, (who like May, was pleading for the shaft)
and a wild Wurmple appeared, and Dwayne kept it together, weakening it for the capture. :D

Nature: Bold.

So, currently... No Badges. duhhh.


Dwayne - lv8
Nature: Brave
- Scratch
- Growl
- Focus Energy

Eva - lv7
Nature: Careful
- Tackle
- Howl

Anita - lv3
Nature: Bold
- Tackle
- String Shot
Trying a BW2 nuzlocke and it is fucking difficult.

I've almost failed twice now, and I'm currently in a re-building stage.

I have lost at least 4 pokemon to wild encounters, sandile to a wild sigilyph, solosis to a wild Liepard, that same Liepard to a wild Roserade.

I lost most of my team (level 29 swadloon, level 34 ducklett and level 41 boldore) to Achroma's Magneton in Driftveil.

At one point I was down to a 3 hp Boldore at level ~28, but managed to survive, train up, and then beat Elesa.

My current team is level 25 Zorua and a level 29 Joltik. I'll probably have to train up to evolution on both before I try the PWT again.
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