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Hey guys! I'm starting a nuzlocke on my Soul Silver today, it'll be my first nuzlocke ever so wish me luck! :3

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it's "dead" and must be boxed until the nuzlocke is complete.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in an area may be caught, unless it is a duplicate.
  3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed!
  4. Only in-game trades and trades to evolve a Pokemon are allowed.
  5. The battle style must be turned to "set."
  6. The Nuzlocke is complete once you become Champion (my goal is to nuzlocke until I defeat Red, but I might decide to stop after I beat Lance).

As you can see, I'm trying to keep this nuzlocke pretty simple since it's my first one.

Roarke Lv. 5


Agh, you beat me to it. I just started a White Nuzlocke Roulette yesterday.
Will edit later with SoulSilver stuff when I have more time.
I'm not stopping you from doing one, and I hope you keep me updated about it because your experience will be far different from mine due to the randomness. But technically I beat you to it because I invented the current concept. I don't know if the Roulette name has been used in a Nuzlocke context before, but I'm pretty sure this will be the first of its kind.

Are you by any chance on the GameFaqs board?
VERY HARD if you start with Chikorita.

Good luck keeping it until the end. For Major Difficulty, create a rule that states that you need to have your starter in your party for the entire game and that if it faints, you lose.


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I'm not starting with Chikorita, I find it to be the gayest starter of all even though grass types are my favorite. Probably getting a Crocodile.

I'm just sticking with the basic rules in the OP :p this is going to be my first nuzlocke.

Just a simple question though, the 5 first Pokemon I find are gonna be my team basically, until one of them dies, then I can replace it with the first wild Pokemon encounter.. right ? I want a Pidgy and a Mareep on my team.
I'm not stopping you from doing one, and I hope you keep me updated about it because your experience will be far different from mine due to the randomness. But technically I beat you to it because I invented the current concept. I don't know if the Roulette name has been used in a Nuzlocke context before, but I'm pretty sure this will be the first of its kind.

Are you by any chance on the GameFaqs board?
The Roulette name has been used for Nuzlockes before (Check it out on YouTube. There's plenty of Nuzlocke Roulettes there, using pretty much the same didn't invent this, sorry to say). I wasn't really planning on posting my progress (I already have two other Nuzlockes going here), but I guess I could if you wanted me to. It's not like it takes me two hours to type this (Only for my fanfic, but not that long). I'm assuming, since you posted that you'll be doing a Nuzlocke, you'll be recording your progress here? If not, just keep me posted, since you mention it, it might be cool to see what amazing things you find.
And I am not on the GameFaqs board, but I visit the site from time to time searching for codes.
So here goes...
I'm currently preparing to leave for Cianwood to challenge Chuck. Here's my current team:
Blaster (Quilava) Lv. 27
Landslide (Golem) Lv. 27
Edward (Golbat) Lv. 27
Egg 'em! (Exeggcute) Lv. 27
Verminator (Heracross) Lv. 26
Sting Ops (Beedrill) Lv. 12
Whitney was surprisingly easy. Miltank was 2HKOed by Verminator's Brick Break and it would've OHKOed if it didn't have a -Atk nature. Morty was a bit more challenging, but I emerged virtually unscathed. I found it surprising that a level 25 Golbat could survive a Shadow Ball from Morty's Gengar.
Actually, right now I'm in the Pokeathlon building playing that crap since the Leaf Stone finally appeared at the exchange-counter thing.

White Roulette (Here you go, Garud):
I just beat Cilan. Pretty easy. Here's my team:
Riptide (Oshawott) Lv. 15
Albert (Lickilicky) Lv. 12
Shocking! (Electrike) Lv. 13
Nothing special, really. 'cept I'm glad I found Electrike, since Manectric is one of my favorite Pokemon. So far, I've found like 20 random Pokemon I would've loved to catch (Mostly Sceptile, Charmander, and Zorua). But oh, well. That's Nuzlocke. Also, training a Lickilicky early on is nigh on impossible (You try grinding something with Lick as your only attacking option until Level 13, when you learn Knock much better. THEN you have to wait until Level 21 when you get Stomp).
Also, Garud, I'm wondering if I should just PM you this stuff so the thread has that much less clutter (Also, I'm pretty sure you're the only one here who's interested in my progress, so it wouldn't make much difference).
Well, I went online and looked up Roulette Nuzlocke and I found them all over the place. I was actually quite disheartened because I thought I had invented something original. But I guess those are the breaks. That's why I asked if you were from Gamefaqs, because I mentioned it there first and didn't realize this type of Nuzlocke was already established. I will be updating both places, so you don't have to worry about having to go look for it if you are interested.

Regardless, I think I'll still go ahead with it. Your team looks quite interesting, have you found any difficulty training due to the randomness? You know, Lickylicky's shortcomings aside? I think it's fine just to post here, it's where I'll look anyway.
LOL. My AR just broke, so I'll have to say goodbye to the White Roulette. But to answer your question, Garud, training has been...fairly difficult. For example, when I was training Electrike, its only attack was Tackle...and then I found three Ghost-types in a row. I've gotten really lucky sometimes, though, like finding a Rhydon when I was training Oshawott. But you can't get much more unlucky than having your Action Replay die just as you start a run. It just isn't fair (I've had bad luck with ARs anyway, though. I've had to trade them in for a new one twice already and I haven't even had them for a year)! WHY?
But to make up for it here's a Platinum update.
Just beat Byron. Both Byron and Wake were incredibly easy. It was like taking Leftovers from a Happiny.
Lame simile aside, it was really easy, thanks to some new additions. Here's my team:
Maelstrom (Empoleon) Lv. 48
Bloon (Drifblim) Lv. 43
Livewire (Jolteon) Lv. 43
Troy (Porygon2) Lv. 43
Grimm (Houndoom) Lv. 42
Bane (Riolu) Lv. 2
Grimm is really disappointing me so far. Its lack of a Special move annoys me, because it misses out on several KOs it could've otherwise gotten with Flamethrower, say, instead of Fire Fang. Troy is really good so far. I'm just waiting for it to learn Tri Attack and BAM! everything dies. And I'm not looking forward to training Bane. Anyone know any good training spots for something like a Riolu or Lucario in Platinum (That I would have access to at this stage in the game)? Help appreciated.
Also, in SS, I finally got a Leaf Stone. SUCCESS!
Sorry to anyone who was anticipating my White Roulette (The few there are). I couldn't really control what happened. My AR froze as it loaded, so I shut it off, and voila. One unusable Action Replay. While we're at it, does anyone know if there's a way to fix it (Other than buying a new one)? 'cause I really would've liked to do my Nuzlocke Roulette.
Okay, so for the past few weeks I have been Nuzlocking Green.

That's right, not Leaf Green, ポケットモンスター グリーン (Pocket Monsters, Green), the Japanese version of Pokemon Blue.

I actually really like Green because of all the quirky sprites you're not used to as an American (and Cloyster still looks like a pussy, lol). One sad aspect about playing all the Japanese Pokemon games before Black / White is that there is no Kanji 漢字, or Chinese characters, so it gets kind of tiring on the eyes just reading Hiragana / Katakana. Besides, after playing through a few Japanese games you realize that GF's translators are amazing, and the lines are almost exactly the same in both languages-- a few quirks, usually from speech forms; Professor Oak talking like an old man (makes sense), Bill and many other characters from Johto speaking various forms of Kansai-ben (Johto is based on Kansai, so makes sense), etc.

Oddly enough, it seems like most programmers are from Johto, as they tend to speak like Bill.

Anyway, back to my Nuzlocke; I name myself チョウ "Chou" and the adventure begins! (I named my ドゥーシュ "Douche")

A few things I'm thinking about as I Nuzlocke:

-Be wary of the 1st gen's Critical Hit functions-- they're pretty stupid. In fact, my Nuzlocke ended pre-maturely once when Gary critical hit me in that first battle and I died even using the Potion... gay...

-I'm playing on a Rom so I can't trade; this means I'm missing out on 3 of RBY's very best Pokemon, Golem, Alakazam, and Gengar.

-Golem is like impossible to get anyway as you have a 100% chance of running into a Zubat first. Abra, likewise, is generally like impossible to get in Nuzlocke for obvious reasons (except buying one in Celadon), but missing out on Gengar is sad (as you'll like 100% run into Ghastly > Cubone)... eh, Gengar is a hose for TMs anyway so whatever.

-I'm playing on a Rom, so I can boost the speed to x600%, so grinding was no big issue :D

-Psychic attacks... fuck... >_>

So I started my adventure (for the second time... rest in peace Sakamoto the 1st...) with my Bulbasaur, Sakamoto.

No, he ain't named for the cat in Nichijou (really! I mean it!), but instead for one of my absolute hero's... Sakamoto Ryoma

In fact, I decided to name every Pokemon I caught after someone in Ryoma's life, or was a big part of the Bakamatsu.

So Sakamoto and I went out, doing the typical start-of-the-game stuff, grabbing potions, getting Oak his package, etc.\

Finally we got some Pokeballs, and began to gather up teammates! I went back to route 1, and ran into a Ratata Lvl 2 (Izo, named for Okada Izo, one of Ryoma's childhood friends and a famous hitokiri, assassin of the Bakamatsu). If you're wondering why, Izo gets killed off pretty early in the Bakamatsu, and so I gave him this name knowing he'd probably end up as death fodder; lol Moving on, I headed back to Viridian City, and then went West on route 22, and crossed my fingers that I would run into ANYTHING besides a ratata...

...nyan! out popped a Nidoran female! (Ryou, level 4) I named her Ryou after Ryoma's wife. I decided it was time to go raise Ryo and Sakamoto, so I headed up to Viridian forest, where there'd be lots of harmless Metapod's to rack up experience without any risk of taking on attacks. Plus, both of my Pokemon were immune to Poison, so I figured I'd have no problems.

On the way up, before entering the forest, I ran into a Caterpie! (Toranosuke, Level 3) I named him Toranosuke for one of the more forgettable members of the radical group Tosa Kinnoto (and later, Ryoma's trading company/Revolutionaries, Kameyama Shachu).

Then I entered Viridian forest... amongst the dark foliage, I took my first step when a flash of light streamed into my field of vision... out popped...!

Pikachu Level 4


carefully! Carefully! I tackled it once, Tail-whipped it twice with Izo, and String shotted it twice with Toranosuke before switching back to Sakamoto to take the thundershock and spam Pokeballs!

...ding! (Yataro, level 4) :3

I named it Yataro for Iwasaki Yataro, founder of Mitsubishi and one of Ryoma's most important childhood friends.

After 1 hour of x600 speed grinding against ONLY metapod/kakuna (no risking anything against Caterpie/Weedle/Pikachu...btw, I ran into 5 consecutive Pikachus...O.o) my team looked like this:

Sakamoto (Bulbasaur) Level 12
Ryou (Nidoran Female) Level 11
Yataro (Pikachu) Level 9
Izo (Ratata) Level 3
Toranosuke (Caterpie) Level 3

I figured I was ready to take on Gary on route 22.

More later! :3
I really like the background behind your nicknames, Chou. I know it sounds cheesy, but one of the pillars of Nuzlocking is forming an attachment to the Pokemon and you definitely did that. I can't wait to read more.
I really like the background behind your nicknames, Chou. I know it sounds cheesy, but one of the pillars of Nuzlocking is forming an attachment to the Pokemon and you definitely did that. I can't wait to read more.
Pass through a Town too coolly

Thanks Stellar! As expected, knowing someone is reading it makes it feel worthwhile to post about it :D

So following up, I crushed Douche pretty handily (Pikachu destroyed pidgey, than I t-waved Charmander and switched to Nidoran to scratch it to death).

With 2 Poison type in Sakamoto (Bulbasaur) and Ryou (Nidoran Female) it was pretty easy to bulldoze through Viridian forest with no problems. I let Yataro take the lead against wild pokemon, and destroyed every metapod/kakuna I saw (and started attacking caterpies/weedles once I could one-shot them with thundershock). I left Viridian with the following team:

Sakamoto (Bulbasaur) Level 14
Ryou (Nidoran Female) Level 13
Yataro (Pikachu) Level 14
Izo (Ratata) Level 3
Toranosuke (Caterpie) Level 3

Of course Sakamoto destroyed Brock, no problem, and we passed through Pewter with little event.

Grey Badge Get!

I made my way through Route 3 and 4 taking down as few trainers as possible, but picked up a new teammate:

Konno (Spearow, Level 5)

I named it for Kondo Isami, head of the Shinsegumi. I've always thought of Spearow as real dick (I love Pidgey <3), and while he was a man of principles, he was also a real dick. And a mass murderer. Anyway, I found myself a fly slave.

String of Evolutions

I snuck my way to the Pokemon Center on Route 4 and bought me a Magikarp :D

Takasugi (Magikarp Level 5)

Named for Takasugi Shinsaku, the creator of the Kiheitai, Japan's first modern militia, using western armaments and men from the farmer and trader classes in addition to Samurai. Takasugi was one of the rogue Choshu domain's most fearsome, renown fighters, and inspiring leaders-- and a close ally of Sakamoto Ryoma's; the American pistol Sakamoto was known to carry was a gift from Takasugi, who wanted the "savior of Choshu" to protect himself from those enemies Ryoma had made by smuggling weapons bought by Satsuma into Choshu. This courageous and iconic warrior was the perfect namesake for the vicious monster that rose from my x600% speed training. After destroying all the trainers on Route 3/4, the first level of Mount Moon, and grabbing the first moon stone:

Sakamoto (Ivysaur) Level 19
Ryou (Nidoqueen) Level 18 +Water Gun
Yataro (Pikachu) Level 16
Takasugi (Gyarados) Level 20
Kondo (Spearow) Level 5
Izo (Ratata) Level 3

Smashed my way through the rockets and trainers of Mount Moon, and made my way into Cerulean City :)
I made some progress on my SS nuzlocke today! I defeated the first two gyms, and I'm getting ready to face Whitney. My team is looking pretty nice right now, and I've grown fond of many Pokemon I thought I would hate training. Here's my current info:


Roarke Lv. 18 | Jiodude Lv. 19 | Milt Lv. 16 | Shii Lv. 12 | Biosci Lv. 6

Pam the Pidgey, Lv. 2
Rocky the Onix, Lv. 3
Gina the Rattata, Lv. 6
Jessie the Kakuna, Lv. 4
Link the Hoothoot, Lv. 3
Hozu the Togepi, Lv. 1


My Geodude was intended to be a Spearow, but he popped up first instead. I didn't really want to use him at first, but then I realized he would be a great partner for my Chikorita, being able to take on the first three gyms easily. Rock and Ground STABs are amazing to have in HGSS early game. I kept moving forward, catching a few things and boxing most of them. Once I got to Sprout Tower, I was happy to come across a Gastly. I named him Milt, because I have a classmate named Milton who loves pulling pranks and just being mischievous in general. Sadly, Gastly's level up movepool is pretty terrible. I plan to buy Focus Blast from the Department store and use the Shadow Ball TM from Morty, so that should help.

After I beat Elder Li, I was ready for Falkner. I wanted to train Milt, but he had no way of dealing damage to normal types so I had to train him the annoying way: sending him out to battle first and then switching to another teammate. Having the battle style turned to set also makes this harder, because after a KO I can't safely switch back to Milt. Anyways, Falkner was a breeze. Jiodude easily OHKOd his first Pidgey with Rock Throw. Pidgeotto was a bit more annoying because it was only 2HKOd and it kept spamming roost. I just Rock Polished so I could outspeed, and then was able to 2HKO with Rock Throw before it could roost off the damage from the first Rock Throw.

Off to Azalea Town! After I took the Togepi egg, I went to get HM06 from the fat guy north of the Ruins of Alph. Then I started south, and I found a Wooper. I caught it, and named him Biosci, after a Smogon user. Idk what the resemblance is, Biosci just reminds me of Wooper! Anyways, I decided that Biosci would be a very important member of the team: the HM learner. I don't like the term "slave." I taught him Rock Smash and got a Shell Bell, which I gave to Jiodude. Oh, I also gave the Miracle Seed I got from the kind old man to Roarke. Then I went into Union Cave. The first thing I saw was an Onix. I already had one, so I KOd it for some Exp. Then Geodude, which I also KOd. Next I saw a Rattata, so I decided to catch her. Named her Gina, after a classmate of mine that reminds me of a rat! After I got to Azalea Town, I went straight for the Well. I found a Zubat, and decided to use her as my Flyer! Crobat is purple which is awesome. I named her Shii, after Smogon user Shii! There is no resemblance at all, though. Shii is beautiful and Crobat is ugly (except for being purple), but I had to name something after Shii because Shii is so awesome c:

After beating Proton, I went to challenge Bugsy. Jiodude was, once again, the MVP, KOing Bugsy's whole team. U-turns from Scyther hurt but the AI is so stupid that Scyther only used U-turn once in the whole match. So I got lucky there. After I win, Togepi hatches and I have to go back to Newbark town. Which was annoying! I could have waited until Fly, but whatever.

Then, I battled my rival, +Jedi (named after Smogon user ReligiousJedi, because he hates Johto!!!). I led with Jiodude because I thought he was going to lead with a flying type (Gary/Blue always led with Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot, so I thought the same thing applied here. I haven't played this game in a while :p). Instead, he leads with Gastly, but that's no problem for Jiodude. Rock Throw OHKOs and he sends out Quilava. Magnitude OHKOs. Finally, he sends out Zubat. Rock Throw OHKOs. At this point, Jiodude is at Lv. 19 and I decide to stop using him so much. Shii needed some training, she was only at Lv. 7!

I went through Ilex Forest. I could have caught an Oddish, but I decided not to because I wasn't going to use it. Next, I proceeded north to Goldenrod which is where I am currently. I'm trying to train Shii but her lack of strong moves makes it really hard. I can't wait till she learns Wing Attack ;-;
Note: The following narrative may contain some profanity. Potential readers beware.

They like to tell you about him. They like to tell you that you can be like him too, and that anything's possible with hard work, determination, etc. They like to tell you about the kid who got his first Pokemon at ten, and proceeded to take down the Mafia and the Pokemon League with just the kindness of his heart and the trust he shared with his Pokemon. It's bullshit. All of it.

See, they don't like to tell you about the people who don't make it. Or about the people who do, but are too mentally scarred to talk about it. They don't like to tell you about the rogue gods, or the terrorist groups, or the vigilantes, or their agenda, or the insanity of all of it. I even heard that they're making a Video Game about my story- of course, they took out the parts that you really need to know about. I hear that Cyrus doesn't even attempt to do anything but knock out your Pokemon, and that no one dies.

Just hearing that made me die a little bit on the inside. See, I never wanted to talk about it. Ever. Arceus knows that she doesn't and that he can't. But I can't sit back and let them tell you about me. I'm the only one who can do that. So, let's start off this little story. It's quite long, and it won't be pleasant. If you don't want to know anything but what they tell you, and you're content hearing stories of ten-year-olds beating the shit out of the most powerful trainers in the world with no effort, stop now. If you want to know the truth, everything that really happened in Sinnoh when Cyrus came to town, by all means keep on reading. Just be forewarned: I'm liable to be a terrible narrator.

You want to know my name?

Not important. What's important is what I did, and what's more even important is what they did.

Forevermore: A Diamond Nuzlocke

Nicknames a must, I'll probably be doing political scientists and philosophers. Makes sense given the story I'll be doing.
Every major event will come with its own update, and I'll try to update fairly frequently to make up for this.
No buying Healing Items
Standard capture rules, repeats count as the first Pokemon seen to add to the "trolled by Bidoof" factor of Diamond.
No legends

Yes, its easy. It's because I don't have time to replay it, and I want to see this story seen to completion. I wanted to actually write something decent after the thread moved to this subforum.

Edit: I actually got to an update six times this long before my comp crashed. I have to study for finals, and its quite depressing to write, so I ended up settling for this. I'll try to get to the first battle tomorrow.
Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Challenge.

Quilava - Level 14
Spearow - Level 14
Sandshrew - Level 8

Rattata - Level 4 (Early Game Critical Hit... ;-;)

Onix - Level 6 (Only obtained as reassurance against the first gym battle)

Caterpie - Forgot I was nuzlocking...)
Rattata (^^^ ;-;)
Hoppip - (Ran out of Pokeballs)

Bellsprout - Level 5 (Traded for Onix)

I'll write something tomorrow
why does everyone think black and white nuzlocke is hard, easier than playing gold nuzlocked. try grinding a slowpoke to evove it into a slowking, only for it to be beaten by THAT ASSHOLE BLUE.


It's all coming back to me now
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Its prolly cause Black and White has a lot of very difficult trainers. Granted, Heart Gold requires a shitload of grinding, however, Lenona or w/e can be a real bitch with those STAB Retaliate which just fucks so much shit up. You almost always need a fighting type to win, which is difficult to get in a Nuzlocke. Elesa is also a bitch with that lame ass Volt Switch tactics so again, you almost need a ground type and even then its tricky sometimes. And then you have fucking Ghetsis with that bitch of a Hydreigon which is very tricky too.

I would say that both a really hard, although personally the hardest games that I have played in a Nuzlocke are PLatinum AND White, although, kanto gets pretty tough in Heart Gold, especially if you do that battle in the trainer house -_-

Anyway, some of you might have noticed that I have ownership of this thread now. Flamestrike has been a little afk so I will try and update the OP with peoples Nuzlocke challenges and stuff. I prolly won't go back and search through all 1000 pages but I might as well start from now. Bear with me and ill try and get you all up!!
Once upon a Midnight Dreary

So, I guess I should start with when I got my Pokemon. I can't really think of anything entirely relevant up to that point, so it only makes sense. I was sixteen then. How old am I now? Doesn't really matter, and you're not likely to find out. Arceus knows what their records say. They probably made me out as another ten year old like him... they do like to play with people like that.

But enough insane conspiracy stuff you won't get. Time for an actual story.

I don't feel like saying much about myself. Not yet. All you need to know is that I was one of two high school students in Twinleaf Town. Yeah, two. You heard that right. If Twinleaf Town was capable of being the middle of anything, it would be the middle of nowhere. Some day a hundred years ago a few people must've decided it was necessary to build a "town" by a random lake. Nowadays, maybe a hundred people live there. And that's after I made a name for it.

Both of the high school students were homeschooled, although out parents traded which lessons they taught. This meant that I, unfortuantely, had to be with the other high school student on a regular bais. I might have an incredibly biased opinion from having to deal with him for sixteen years, but I hated him. He never seemed to notice, which made it even worse. It didn't really matter; he talked enough for an entire high school. I grew into the habit of never really needing to talk, as he never really left a silence. His name? I'm trying to forget it.

It was a dark and stormy night.

No, I'm serious. This story actually does begin on a dark and stormy night. I was trying as hard as possible to actually get a good night of sleep; I'd been up way too late the previous night reading. I tend to do that whenever I pick up a particularly good author. It had been Poe the previous nigh. Someone had loaned me a book full of every one of his short stories, and I was almost halfway through when I called it a night.

He hadn't been reading. He had been doing something far more intellectual: watching the History Channel. Apparently some sort of special on Gyarados had been on. Hearing his voice made me somewhat angry, and between that and sheer exhaustion, I didn't get much out of it.

Of course, he came around bright and early the next morning, banging on the door. My mom came up to my room and told me that he wanted to talk, before groggily walking back to her bedroom to get more rest. That left me to deal with him.

"Hey." Any normal person should've interpreted this as "Please leave now, as I am at risk of killing you otherwise." He didn't quite take it that way.


I will spare you the rest of it and translate: "Hi, I'm really hyperactive and you would never want to see my on any sort of soft drink or stimunlant. I saw a video on a Red Gyarados last night, and want to see if there's one in our lake. Dad said we could take it for extra credit in science for looking."

This is the part where I would've slammed the door if I wasn't two points away from pulling a C in science with no grades left in the quarter. And that's how I ended up getting dragged along to the end of the world on the promise of extra credit.

To say nothing else, at least Twinleaf town has a big lake. How big? I really don't know. It's usually cloaked in fog that prevents how far you can see. It's at least a square mile though. The problem; it barely seems like nothing of note actually lives in the water. At least, I hadn't seen anything but a periodic Magikarp or Psyduck before that day. So in the end, all we really had was a fairly large lake with nothing in it.

He was running around trying to find anything that he could in the fog and water, while he was content to run around and try to find something that he hadn't seen at least ten other times. I set back and regretted that I didn't know anyone I could text continuously about some random topic, or whatever normal girls do. And then I tripped over a briefcase. The ground was fairly muddy from the storm the previous day, and the grass around the lake is pretty long, making it really hard to see what exactly I'd tripped on at first. I swore under my breath and pulled myself off of the ground, barely paying attention to the mud on my sweatpants. Looking down, I saw the case and pulled it up. I think it was black originally, but it was coated in mud so it was rather hard to see. He called over, and asked if I'd found anything. I told him no, and he went back to looking at the lake. Looking over the briefcase, I had to wonder who it belonged to. We didn't have many buisinessmen at all in Twinleaf, and even fewer who ever used a briefcase. The fact that one would show up by the lake was a bit odd. So, I did the only thing any normal girl would do when trapped with the most annoying guy in the world at the most boring lake in the world with nothing else to do- I opened it.

Unfortuantely, a small padlock I hadn't noticed before was sealing it shut, but that barely lasted against a simple hair pin applied properly. Those tend to solve quite a few problems actually, with fire covering the rest.

Inside of the case were three red and white spheres a little smaller than my fist, periodically rocking back and forth as if something inside wanted out. Needless to say, I dropped the case in shock.

That got his attention. He walked over, and spotted the briefcase before asking me a bunch of rapid fire questions. As I tried to answer and keep the case shut, he didn't need to see the inside, we almost missed the Starly cries.

Starly are exceptionally common in Southwest Sinnoh, to the point of being a legal nuisance in some cities. Seriously, look it up. The point is, you learn to tune them out after spending a few years in Twinleaf. So you almost don't notice a few dozen when your in an argument. And you almost don't notice when they start rushing you. And you almost don't notice when they start attacking.

Actually, I did notice the last one. So did he. I'd love to say I handled myself well, but let's be honest: how many people react to a group of small birds trying to kill them with anything other than a scream? And he did it too, before you ask. He was louder, and in hindsight I found it quite funny when he shouted "Ohgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgod" at about that tempo in a fairly high-pitched squeal. My reaction was a bit more profane, but I did try to get a few of them off of me after a moment of shock. But the thing about Starly swarms numbering over 50: however many you swat away, there are plenty more.

Of course, it really started getting interesting when a flurry of leaves shot right around me, narrowly missing me in all directions and scaring the birds off for a moment. Looking up, I saw a boy roughly my age that I'd never seen before, with a small green reptile in front of him that was apparently the source of the leaves. "Well don't just stand there, send out your Pokemon or something!" he shouted at us.


Miraculously, the boy understood, and sighed. "Fine. Look around you for a briefcase. Once you get it," he paused to order his Pokemon to fire more leaves, "open it up and send out a Pokemon to defend yourselves." He paused, "And why on Earth don't you have a Pokemon at sixteen?"

Well, there's a good reason for that. But we'll get to that later. I think we were at a good part.

Surprisingly, I beat Barry to picking up the briefcase and looking through it, randomly tearing out a Pokeball and opening it up, shouting for whatever was going to come out to use tackle. It's a pretty generic command that almost every Pokemon can use. If it couldn't, I'd deal with it later.

It couldn't. As the light began to form, a small red moneky with a mischevous smirk appeared in front of me. It looked back in confusion, both at having a new trainer and what this "tackle" was. "Fine, then scratch!" That's another generic move.

Apparently, the monkey liked scratching things, and it promptly began to leap up and grap Starly, tearing into them with its claws with abandon and only requiring orders periodically when it was about to do something that was probably beyond its abilities. Mostly, it just needed the order to attack and a target for it, and it was perfectly fine doing the rest of the tearing.

After a few minutes of three Pokemon resisting them, the Starly left abruptly, heading back into the trees around the lake. I turned to the boy, who I'd almost forgotten about while trying not to get pecked too frequently and watching a monkey tear its adorable claws into the flesh of killer birds. Yes, it's cute compared to some stuff later on. The boy shook some of the feathers on him off of his coat, giving a small laugh as he nervously scanned the trees. Content that he couldn't see what he was looking for us, he turned towards us and began to speak.
While I pondered weak and weary

"Hey, I'm Diamond."

He didn't actually say that. He said his real name, or at least the name that I believe to be his real name. He requested that his name not be made public if I were to do this, so I'm calling him Diamond. It's quite fitting given later events.

He looked a little bit like him. I mean the first person to go by the name "Him" in this account. The kid they like to tell you about? Yeah, I think you're starting to remember now. He was wearing an official league cap, a Sinnoh one though. Not the usual Kanto one the previous comparison probably made you think of. He was wearing a blue jacket with a white scarf, that seemed quite out of place given the season. Perhaps he was from somewhere considerably warmer? I'm not sure I ever did figure out exactly where he was from...

And I am completely off topic now. Back to relevant information, he had an expression that seemed to be a mix of complete knowledge of everything, and optimism to face it all.

"Um. Hi?"

To clarify, that line was delivered staring down at the ground with a vocal pattern that said "please kill me." I did not, and still don't, react well to guys my age very well at all. I'd really only dealt with one extensively in my years in Twinleaf, and I think I've already said enough about him. It doesn't help at all that I'm a naturally quiet person.

I think that Barry went off on some sort of tangent, but I was trying to focus up and figure out what was going on, how to deal with it, and why I was so hopeless at interpersonal interactions. The monkey was trying to climb up onto me too, which made it even harder to focus. When Diamond saw the little Chimchar fall back to the ground on its second try, he started laughing and held out his hand, which the monkey quickly ran to and jumped on.

"That was some nice work for non-trainers. I know I didn't handle myself as well the first time I got swarmed." Good to know. And is that a common occurance? "Well, not as well as you in particular." He was referencing me. And I think he expected an answer. This was not going well.

See, I may hate just about anything and everything when I narrate. That's because its inner monologue, and there's no one else in the room right now. When other people are added to the equation, its an entirely different scenario. Most of the time, I don't even bother to speak at all. I even know a few people I met later who thought I was mute!

"Um. Thanks?"

"Don't mention it. Well, I'd best be going." He held out his hand, and it took a moment for the reason to settle in. He wanted his Pokemon back. Or, the capsule more specifically. I know that a deep feeling of dissapointment filled me, and I'm fairly sure it showed in my face. Pokemon training certainly is not glorious, I'd already known that when I set out, but it was better than Twinleaf Town. If I had a Pokemon, I could actually get out of that place and do something with my life rather than attempt to keep the most pointless community on Earth going. For just a moment in the battle, I'd somehow tricked myself into thinking that this could be my Pokemon.

He, and I refer here to the Super ADHD kid, thought about the same thing, although his reasoning was a bit different and his reaction was a lot more verbose. Needless to say, Diamond had no idea how to deal with the verbal machine gun he was faced with, and grew very uncomfortable as he fidgeted with his Turtwig's Pokeball and tried to figure out what to do. He has that effect on people, and I felt bad for him. I was about to say something when another man, and one of the more important figures in this story, walked into the clearing.

He was an older man, probably in his mid-60's, dressed entirely in white lab clothing, which seemed odd given the mud of the routes around the lake. Oddly enough, his clothes didn't seem dirty at all. His white clothing was matched by white hair a fairly thick white moustache that seemed to always be above a frown, with a dissaproving look in his eyes. When he walked into the clearing, all talking stopped and both of the Twinleaf residents looked at him, while Diamond clenched up nervously.

The man stopped, looked at the scene in front of him, and briefly looked confused. I honestly can't blame him. When he walked into the clearing, his assistant had two of his Pokemon out and was arguing with a boy that seemed to have more energy than a Raichu in a lightningstorm who happened to have his third Pokemon. Oh, and then a girl coated in mud that seemed the most nervous of the three children was holding up a Pokeball and his briefcase, that had even more mud on it.

I just want to say, I would've turned around and let Diamond deal with it.

He said Diamond's name. "What exactly is going on here?"

"These two got attacked by some Starly, and I, uh, let them borrow your Pokemon so they didn't, er, die." That was the only time that I ever saw Diamond uncertain of what he was saying, and his expression roughly matched that of a person fairly sure that they're about to get struck over the head with a wooden rod.

The two stared at each other for the longest time, before the professor nodded. "I see." He then turned to us. "Do you have any Pokemon of your own?"

I shook my head no, and he went on a rant about how he really wanted one before the old man raised his hand. The look on his face and the power conveyed by the gesture shut even him up. I think I've only seen three people have enough natural power around them that they can do that. Incidentally, all three have tried to kill me. Funny how that works out.

"I see."

An exceptionally long silence.

"Diamond, give the girl her Chimchar."

He walked away, not bothering to look back to see the reactions he left behind. Barry began to jump up and down, assuming that this applied to him to, and Diamond stood in shock as if he had no idea what just happened, and nothing made sense in the world anymore. I'd love to say I retained some dignity, but I'm fairly sure that it didn't play that way. Actually, I'm quite confident that it didn't. But I'll share quite a few humiliating things I've done by the end of this story, so I'd prefer not to dwell on each and every one.


Diamond had no idea what to say. Once again, I'm fairly sure that I only saw that once. "I guess that this guy is yours." He set Chimchar down on the ground carefully, and pointed him over to me. The little guy seemed to get the hint, and ran over. "He's never been trained, so have fun."

As the fiery monkey jumped into my arms, I noticed that I wasn't getting burned. He was just extremely warm. "Who was that man?" I asked quietly. I was afraid it would be too quiet for Diamond to hear, but it was all of the volume I could muster given that I might've been in a state of shock. I mean the medical kind. Don't know what it is? Look it up.

"Oh, he's Professor Rowan. Most people have heard of him, but not a lot of people can recognize him."

That sat him off, and I just continued staring forwards as I scratched Chimchar's head, which seemed appropriate and the fire type liked it. "You're from Sandgem."

I'm not sure if it was a question, a statement, or an extension of my inner monologue, but Diamond once again managed to hear it over the loud clammerings. I swear he has Zubat powers or something. "Yeah, I'm an aide at the lab. You should come visit some time."


Diamond glanced back around, barely seeing the professor in the distance. "Look, I've got to go. If you've got any questions, call me."

He gave us his number, and then quickly ran off, leaving me alone with him. I listened to a rant on how cool and lucky this was, while I tried to collect my own thoughts as to what to actually do with all of this. My mom had a Pokemon, but it was quite old and didn't really do much. I'm not sure how she would handle an intergetic fire type, or how long it would take for Chimchar to burn the house down. Eventually, I found myself walking forwards, back away from the lake and closer to Twinleaf, with the rambling continuing somewhere behind me.

When we both arrived at the gates of Twinleaf, I felt the shock recede and a new feeling, one that I hadn't really felt before take its place. I set Chimchar down.

"Look, I want to stay out for a little bit longer with my Pokemon," that phrase felt so odd coming out of my mouth that I had to pause for a half second. "Tell my mom that I'll be back late."

He readily agreed, and ran back into the town to tell everyone, his penguin trying to keep pace and constantly tripping and getting back up as it waddled far behind. I felt bad for the bird already.

Staring at Twinleaf, I found a new word for the feeling.

I was coated in mud, incredibly tired, and only had a backpack with a moderate amount of money, food and water for a day, my cell phone, and a copy of Edgar Allen Poe's work. But it somehow didn't seem to matter. I had three new things: a capsule, a Pokemon, and conviction. For a moment, the world didn't seem to stand a chance.

I turned around, picked up Chimchar and smiled. It took the rest of the day to get to Sandgem.

That took way too long to write for part three of exposition. All that's really occured so far in the updates is that I got a Level Five, Bold, Male Chimchar at Lake Verity, and began the trip to Sandgem. Next update, the first Pokemon is captured and the actually unique aspects of this run begin. At present, I'm grinding to face Roark (takes a while with Chimchar), but it will be a little while before I reach there in updates. Or I could go faster and just give one update for a lot of major stuff (cue first run). I'm trying to actually have character development and a real plotline this time, so updates will be longer and cover less.

Also, I swear that Bidoof and Geodude are out to troll me for my "repeats count towards first Pokemon" rule.
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