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Jan 14, 2013
Mar 14, 2012
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from Anywhere I Am Unwanted

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Jan 14, 2013
    1. Madotsuki
      Yo, it's your turn~
    2. Ray Jay
      Ray Jay
      did you die or something?
    3. Garud
      That's cool with me. And you can do as many games as you like :)
    4. Espeon65
      where are you? I'm at #orangeislands

      Look, I don't wanna be a jerk, but I also don't wanna wait forever. I'll give you like 20 mins to get on synIRC so we can continue this rival challenge, or we'll reschedule.
    5. Espeon65
      Okay, 7:30 it is. I'll see you then!
    6. Espeon65
      Already too late for that XD. How about later tonight at like 7:30? Or maybe 8?
    7. Espeon65
      I can do like 4-9 pm tomorrow.
    8. Espeon65
      When are you available to continue our Rival Challenge? I can do it like 3-9 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and my weekends are weird. Sometimes i can be on, sometimes I can't. I can do it all day today. Only like 3-4 PM Wednesday and Thursday, and more likely 3 than 4.
    9. Garud
      Well we have a full team, and I don't think we can enter more than one person per game. I know one person can do multiple games, but I don't think that multiple people can be placed on one game. You could ask in the thread of course, and if you are just looking for the challenge, you could try it yourself unofficially.
    10. Garud
      Wait, what do you mean more than one player per competition?
    11. Garud
      Sorry, just signed up someone for that.
    12. Garud
      Yes I do, would you like to join my team?
    13. Espeon65
      i don't know when i can continue our Rival Challenge... I'm away for the weekend but I will be back either Sunday or monday. i will do my best to VM you as soon as I get back. Sorry
    14. Espeon65
      Okay, gimme a few mins... i gotta eat dinner lol. and what's mibbit?
    15. Espeon65
      That's fine. Okay, I'll use Emerald and you'll use Sapphire, and we'll both start with a Mudkip. No speedup button (though it'll be tempting for me). Is like 10-15 mins from now okay?
    16. Espeon65
      I only have Emerald Randomizer and just regular emerald. i can't be on tonight at 6:30... I have to be somewhere. Can you be on at 5:45 PM or at the latest 6:00? Either way, i think it should be just the regular 30 minute challenge. I think we should decide a starter that we both use, and we can use it.
    17. Espeon65
      Okay, you have until 6:30 PM EST tomorrow (sorry if you live somewhere far away, you'll have to convert) to respond to this, or I'm doing the Rival Challenge with Ziposaki. I told her that you asked first, but I'm only gonna give you a day. I don't wanna be mean, I just wanna be fair to her.
    18. Espeon65
      Umm, no. I currently have a Nuzlocke on my Diamond and own no others. I was thinking R/S/E. Is that okay?
    19. AOPSUser
      I do not understand your substitution.
    20. The Royal Guard
      The Royal Guard
      Your Avatar is awesome
      That is all.
    21. Matezoide
      Not sure if you saw it,but Orcinus just accepted to reff our match.
    22. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Hey do you battle much? I am trying to start a battling game in Team Rocket - Top Grunt.
      You could be the first winner.
    23. AOPSUser
      You're up against me.
    24. Romeert
      Hi, I tried to make your Triceratops Trainer request, I posted it in the Smeargle's Studio General Thread, please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!
    25. Iminyourcloset
      The PS! league thing*
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