Nyt Plays: Crystal, Scrambled Gauntlet Edition


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Hm, sue. Up to two votes. Both must be different. And one vote for the starter.

And I'm going to assume everyone already voted for themselves.


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And of course
Though I suppose that vote is assumed already :P

I so want to see you use a kung-fu master Cyndaquil. SO BAD.


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Tallying the votes:

2 SuperEfect
4 Hyper
3 Elephant
3 Optimus
2 Ledyba
1 Kinetka
1 Machop

3 Token

Randomly rolling for the tiebreaker, SuperEfect loses.

Final scramble team:
BURNING FURY the Cyndaquil
Hyper the Zubat
Elephant the Phanpy
Optimus the Geodude
Unnamed Ledyba
DERP Wooper

Part 1 will be up tonight.

Prepare your butts.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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AHEM I mean... yay BURNING FURY got chosen!

Heh, 3 ground types! At least they're a fairly diverse set... good luck with this! Can't wait for the update :P


The professor?
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Is it too late for a gauntlet? My challenge is not buy any potions higher than super throughout your journey.
If you look at my Gauntlet Challenge, this becomes slightly redundant.

Nyttyn, do you reckon you could update the OP with a list of your scrambles and gauntlets? It would make it a lot easier for anyone viewing this thread.


Even ghosts stray from the path of righteousness
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Part 1: Flying high

Ah, Pokemon Crystal. Many people have a "favorite" pokemon game, and if nostalgia came into play, this would probably be mine. Sadly, Crystal is not a game that holds up well to the rigors of time, for several reasons, which we will be getting into as we go along.

Fuck you genwunners, gen 1 and 2 suck compared to later gens. They're still good, but they just can't hold up.

Before we begin, I'd like to point something out. Interestingly, Nintendo decided to not have the professor ask your name off the bat, instead asking your name before he even comes into play. Also interestingly is that Birch, the professor for this game, is not the one to ask your name. Its oak. This is a practice that would not be followed in subsequent pokemon games.

Fuck yeah I am!

Basic trainer card. This is you when you start.

As you can see, Nintendo does not bother hiding the face of the final gym leader this time around. Although its fuggin' obvious now, don't tell me as a kid you didn't shit your pants in surprise that Giovanni was the eighth gym leader. You did, and you know it.

Here's the starting room. Pretty crappy. This is however pretty much the standard layout for all pokemon games - Bed in lower left hand corner, electronics against far wall, exit in NE corner, and sometimes a table or something.

Seriously what the fuck is that table for? And where are my dressers? Am I just wearing the same outfit over and over? Where are the toilets!? THE SHOWERS!? OH GOD WE SHIT IN THE WOODS AAAAAAAAAA

Ahem. Moving on, inspecting the computer reveals that Nintendo, the coy bastards didn't leave a potion in the computer this time around! Although really storing items or even pokemon in computers doesn't make much sense.

This is the radio, a feature that didn't really come back until generation 4 until nintendo scrapped the idea altogehter. Man, fuck you guys, I don't care what you think the radio was bitching and I miss it.

This is the map. Notice how it says Johto in the lower right hand corner. THIS IS IMPORTANT LATER ON.

So we go downstairs, hellspawn mother doesn't shut up, gives up a pokegear, which is this generation's personal assistant. The idea originated in this generation and has been a series mainstay ever since.

Your mother is a goddamn moron in this game. This picture sums it up pretty well. She just randomly launches into a robotic like series of questions about the time then resumes talking to you like your a fucking darling and nothing is wrong and that she isn't a robot.

New Bark Town
Winds of a new beginning

And this is the first town. It is a shithole, as per series tradition. Moving on, lets get us a goddamn pokemon already!

Of note is the guy hiding outside the lab. He is your rival. Talk to him...

...and the motherfucker punches you so hard you get sent flying. I'd like to say that this guy and Gary Oak...fuck, all your rivals have it bad if you think about it. You constantly upstage them, crush their dreams, its really kind of sad. Look up the "hate" series on deviantart, its a pretty somber look at things.

Anyways so you go in, motherfucking doctor birch chews your ear off for a bit then offers you a choice of one of three pokemon.

The Cyndaquil line are really more special attackers then physical attackers, especially with the gen 2 move mechanics, but they can serve as respectable physical attackers in a pinch. Cyndaquil is a fairly safe starter, doing alright for most of the game and having no real pros or cons. The average difficulty starter. We will be using him under the terms of the scramble.

The Totodile line is my personal favorite, as I love the water starters. I'm a water guy, yknow? Anyways, Totodile like most water starters is the "easy" mode starter, as water types typically have the most advantages ingame due to their typing. In addition, he also benifits from having a quite good stat spread.

The grass type starters usually suck ass, especially ingame. Chikorita, I'm sad to say, despite being my favorite starter visually, is no exception to this. She has badish stats, a badish movepool, and a badish typing. First gym is going to be hell on you, and it just gets worse from there. She never really shines, and really is only good at tanking, a role that isn't really that great ingame. Still a cool pokemon, and it's not really THAT harder, but just be advised that Chikorita is this game's hard mode starter wise.

Of note is the fact that the starters in this game start with an item!

Yes, it's a really, really crappy item, but hey! Free berry is a free berry. I kind of like the little touches this game has in that way.

Moving on, we come to route 29!

Route Breakdown
At a glance, this route doesn't really have much worthwhile to catch first time around. Rattatas are fairly ok I guess, but that's about it.

#016: Pidgey
Showing off one of the cool features of Crystal, Pigey is one cool bird, his wings a-flappin as he hustles! Sadly, he's not terribly great, being burdened with a poor normal/flying type, as well as being a overall meh pokemon, but Pidgeotto ingame will do you well.

Plus, its my favorite flying type from gen 2.

#019: Rattata
Rattata is..um, rattata. It's not really top percentage, unlike what Joey said, but it is a pretty decent pokemon for the games. Hyper Fang in particular is a pretty great move for being a level up, and it gets it fairly early. Super fang gives it something to do against steel types. All in all, a pretty ok pokemon.

#161: Sentret
Fodder, don't bother with Sentret. Its pretty crappy. I mean, its alright I guess, but its not great. Its not even good, its not even ok, but it can work at least I suppose. HM salve at best.

#163: Hoothoot
I actually think Hoothoot gets kind of a bad rap. It does a pretty good job of beating things up, although its not really excellent. But it looks pretty cool, and well its a owl! How can you resist owls? But not reccomended if you're looking for a top of the line party.

#187: Hoppip
Don't bother. Hoppip is trash, its not even good as a HM slave. It gets a saving grace in later games, but in this one it is just flat out bad. Plus it starts with fugging SPLASH, making it dead weight for several levels.

There are a few other pokemon you can catch here, but they require a move we do not yet have access to and I highly doubt you will backtrack for them as you can access them elsewhere far easier.​

While we're here, I might as well show off the gen 2 battle screen. The battle screen really hasn't changed much over the years now has it?

Located at the far end of this route is another route...route 49.

Route Breakdown

This route is such a fucking tease.

#074: Geodude
If you're anal retentive about NFEs like me, you won't bother with Geodude if you can't trade. He's still a good pokemon though. Golem is a pretty decent rock/ground FE type, but water types will brutalize the fuck out of him. Having quad weakness is not good ingame! Graveller is worth your time, but not as much if you can't evolve it fully. You cannot evolve Geodude into Golem without a trade at the second stage of evolution.

#021: Spearow
Don't bother, every other flying type (even pidgey) outclasses this reject in every way possible. Flyslave at best. It doesn't even look cool!

#039: Jigglypuff
Poor jiggly has sucked in every game it has been in. Its also absurdly rare for no good reason. Cute, but you're better off trading it to your idiot kid sister for a better mon. Like Golem. Or her starter, if you're cruel enough. But lets face it, you're all horrible human beings and should never be given sisters.

#231: Phanpy
Phanpy is a surprisingly good pokemon. Strong STAB, good stats, its only flaw is that it gets shit for level up moves until it evolves. It is well worth it to spend your EQ TM on Phanpy.

This is why this route is a godamn tease. It has a entire building, you enter expecting a new zone, then five steps in you hit a goddamn wall. So stupid.

I might as well bring up now to reveal one of the worst things about this game: You know how gen 3, 4, and 5 have these wonderful things called "Running Shoes?" I bet you're wondering when you get them! You don't. Generation 1 and 2 do not have running shoes. They only have bike. Have fun walking everywhere!

Anyways, onto the next city!

Cherrygrove City
The City of Fragrant Flowers

Cherrygrove city has jack shit and is basically a tutorial. You get the map here for your pokegear if you let the old man walk you around and humor his old, insane brain. MOVING ON

(i forgot to take a screenshot of route 30 so i'll just do both routes now)
Route Breakdown

#010: Caterpie
Cateripe is shit, Metapod is shit, Butterfree is shit. Don't bother, bad typing, bad stats, no moves of note, moving on. Why is this sprite shiny? Because I fucking found a goddamn shiny caterpie while doing this and accidentally ran from it. Fuck my life.

#013: Weedle
Uh I guess Beedrill is kind of OK and cool but he's really not that great and his pre-evolutions are total dead weight.

#041: Zubat
Zubat is actually pretty good! I know, surprising holy shit but it has some pretty good level up moves, a good typing, and great evolutions. Plus there's this sexy chick in Conquest who likes Zubat and I'm really trying to impress her so if anyone asks I fucking dig Zubat so hard.

#060: Poliwag
Poliwag is a pretty good water type if you didn't pick up Totodile. Good level up moves, good typing, good stats. Also I just realized that the pink thing above its swirl isn't a nose but a mouth. I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIIIEEEE

#165: Ledyba
Ledyba isn't bad. It is horrible. It is offensively bad. This peice of shit bug has no right to exist in this or any world. It is so beyond awful that I lack the words to properly convey just how bad it is. It has bad typing, bad moves, bad stats, bad everything.

So of course you assholes are making me use one.

#167: Spinark
Spinark is...ok, I guess. If you're hurting for a bug type, he can do OK, but really bug types in general kin of suck. Not reccomended, but usable. Plus its a fucking spider. Spiders are creepy yo.

#069: Bellsprout
A rather unfortunately mouthed pokemon with a rather unfortunate pokedex number, Bellsprout is a surprisingly good grass type who brings many resists to the table as well as workable stats and moves. His pre-evo kind of sucks though so you'll have to bear it for a little bit. Good for a grass type if you didn't get chikorita though.

#092: Gastly
Ah, finally actually good pokemon! Gastly is a very respectable special attacker with great evolutions and a fine movepool. A very good choice. However he is frailer then a breadstick so be careful.

In the route ahead, until you do some storyline shit, these two trainers are locked in battle, blocking your path further ahead. Amusingly enough, talking to this trainer here triggers the battle music for the duration of your conversation!

Anyways, this route has only one thing of note -

A MAN WHO HAS A HOUSE WITH A FLOOR MADE OUT OF BACON! Anyways, talk to him, blah blah blah, head back, Birch needs you, blah blah, but first...

A cool new feature implemented in this game were berries! Sure, they all sucked, and had rather...stupid names, but it was a nice effort on gamefreak's part. Hell, in later games people even start actually USING berries!

Anyways, heading back and WOAH JEEZ YOU MEET YOUR RIVAL AGAIN!



Totodile (M)@ No Item
Lv 5
- Scratch
- Leer
Battle Strategy: N/A

So yeah, the first fight against your rival is a total fucking pushover. In fact, after this fight he even tells you his name despite being on the lam, and hilariously enough the game puts it as "My name is ???"


who the fuck is this guy man this is the crappiest capture tutorial ever

Violet City
The City of Nostalgic Scents

So yeah, Violet City. This city holds the first gym pretty much. Usually, its pretty easy...

Standard newb gym layout, no gimmicks, just two trainers and then the gym leader. Flying types really get the shaft until Skyla shows up and then hubba hubba.


Falkner, the Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon

Pidgey (M) @ No Item
Lv 7
- Tackle
- Mud Slap

Pidgeotto (M) @ No Item
Lv 9
- Tackle
- Mud Slap
- Gust
Battle Strategy: It's the first gym, just spam tackle. Grabbing a geodude won't help you terribly as he'll just spam mud slap instead. Your best bet at this point if you went with Chikorita is to use a rattata or something and hope mud slap hax doesn't get to you.

So I got a geodude, this bitch should be easy, right? AHAHAH WRONG. This bastard gave me so much trouble because mud slap kept making me fucking miss many, many times in a goddamn row, but finally...



Level 51

Plasbad, for short!
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Looking good.

Wait 'till Hyper comes and ruins your shit XD

Well, it's probably pretty easy except for all the money you have to spend on its TMs.

Edit: This may help you!
A "helpful" guide
...or it may not.