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Official Cross Country/ Distance Running Thread

Discussion in 'Congregation of the Masses' started by JTD783, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. LittleRunnerXC


    Sep 27, 2015
    Sick man! 4:54 is really good for the mile. You know whats crazy, we had a freshman last year, who ran 4:57 in the mile. Its just so funny how crazy talented some people are, and this kid does absolutely nothing in the offseason.

    Speakin of this, does anyone else have that grudge like you are the one who is training and dedicating time towards the sport, and your the one getting injured, while the rest are running fast PR's from doing almost nothing? Haha.
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  2. JTD783


    Jul 12, 2015
    I'm fortunate to be one of those people who almost never gets injured (happened one time two years ago) and can consistently get good workouts and mileage in. I've seen what it's like for people who are injury-prone, and I know it can be tough. I've made things work by wearing shoes with good support and not doing insane mileage. My team also trains in cycles (more or less) to keep us feeling fresh instead of burning out after a few hard weeks. My setbacks usually come when I get sick, which normally is a rare occurrence, but then again I've gotten sick twice in the past month and a half. On the bright side, I'm back to normal now.
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  3. Ununhexium

    Ununhexium dog
    is a Contributor to Smogon

    Jan 7, 2014
    So I was bored and summer training for XC season is coming up, so I decided to check out the results from last year's state meet and stuff

    Here are the results http://lancertiming.com/results/fall15/nh1b.htm

    I noticed that the bigger schools in D1 generally do better than smaller schools but there are a few anomalies and I was wondering if there was this sort of pattern in your states

    For reference, top 8 in D1 is what we sort of classify as "good" because those teams make it to the Meet Of Champions against the D2 and D3 teams

    scores and observations (open)

    1 Pinkerton 35 2 3 8 10 12 14 20 Total Time: 1:20:49.40 Average: 16:09.88 -3100 Students, broken as fuck, will never not win, largest school in state, etc etc etc also their JV team destroys at JV states every year like it would've come in the top 5 if they ran it at the championship level
    2 Londonderry 98 4 11 17 23 43 57 62 Total Time: 1:23:27.60 Average: 16:41.52 -1600 Students, Pinkerton's rival, solid team that always does well
    3 Nashua South 153 13 22 26 33 59 61 82 Total Time: 1:25:32.90 Average: 17:06.58 -1800 Students, basically same as above
    4 Nashua North 156 24 30 32 34 36 55 Total Time: 1:25:56.10 Average: 17:11.22 -1700 Students, rival of South, would have beaten them but their best runner did not finish which is kinda unfortunate
    5 Concord 168 6 15 29 54 64 76 93 Total Time: 1:25:32.70 Average: 17:06.54 -1700 Students, other than the top 2 or 3 runners they don't really have anything special but their top 3 carry the rest. Only senior was their first runner
    6 Alvirne 173 7 18 38 42 68 72 83 Total Time: 1:25:52.80 Average: 17:10.56 -1400 Students, first and last runners are seniors, are more close together than Concord and are only losing their 1st and 7th runner and their 2nd runner has won the 800m in spring track both of the last 2 years iirc
    7 Keene 179 16 25 28 39 71 78 87 Total Time: 1:26:15.10 Average: 17:15.02 -1700 Students, rather consistent in their times, not losing a single senior, also live in sort of a mountainous region which I think helps them especially on this course (all the way up this hill then all the way down)
    8 Timberlane 191 1 35 37 51 67 89 119 Total Time: 1:26:20.10 Average: 17:16.02 -1300 Students, really carried by their top runner and otherwise don't make MOCs, especially since their 2nd and 4th runners are also seniors
    9 Exeter 214 5 48 50 53 58 80 96 Total Time: 1:26:59.60 Average: 17:23.92 -1700 Students, again, carried by one runner and are losing their entire top 4 next year which sucks for them. Also I'm pretty sure blue hawks aren't real
    10 Bishop Guertin 215 21 27 40 52 75 102 114 Total Time: 1:27:32.30 Average: 17:30.46 -800 Students, actually a D2 school but petition up. This would otherwise be an anomaly but they're a private school and I think they recruit for a lot of sports so they end up with some good athletes that run XC. Only losing their 2nd and 6th runners
    11 Merrimack 248 19 31 44 70 84 88 99 Total Time: 1:28:11.80 Average: 17:38.36 -1300 Students, losing 1st 3rd and 6th runners
    12 Manchester Central 257 9 46 56 69 77 97 123 Total Time: 1:28:15.50 Average: 17:39.10 -1900 Students, losing runners 1 2 and 4. I'm pretty sure football is pretty big there though and Manchester in my opinion is the place in NH where you're most likely to get shot but that's just my opinion
    13 Dover 308 45 60 63 66 74 86 107 Total Time: 1:29:47.70 Average: 17:57.54 -1300 Students, losing 2 5 and 6, have actually been beaten by the following team on occasion
    14 Winnacunnet 386 49 73 81 91 92 100 111 Total Time: 1:31:49.80 Average: 18:21.96 -110 Students, actually D2 and petition up, has freshmen with a lot of potential and there are some rumors of this team getting some really strong freshmen this coming year so this team actually has a good amount of potential in the next 2 or 3 years if their captains can keep them in line and working hard. Also, their 7th runner was really sick the day of the meet and otherwise he could have run a lot better and would probably be their 1st or 2nd runner if we ran this race again right now. Losing their runners 1 and 2 but it's not like they were star runners in the way #1 for Timberlane was, though their #1 used to destroy in middle school and was always close with Exeter's #1
    15 Bedford 413 47 79 94 95 98 101 104 Total Time: 1:32:38.30 Average: 18:31.66 -1400 Students, I actually don't know much about their boys team but they're a lot stronger in the track seasons. Also they have really nice facilities. Only losing runner 4
    16 Spaulding 426 41 65 103 108 109 117 122 Total Time: 1:33:46.40 Average: 18:45.28 -1400 Students, same as above. They seem to really do a lot better in team sports because their sprinters / jumpers / throwers aren't really anything special either
    17 Manchester Memorial 524 90 105 106 110 113 121 125 Total Time: 1:36:39.40 Average: 19:19.88 -1700 Students, same as Central really, losing 1 and 3
    18 Salem 546 85 112 115 116 118 120 124 Total Time: 1:38:38.40 Average: 19:43.68 -1400, I literally know nothing about this school I always kinda forget they exist


    I don't know as much about these schools but the 1 and 2 teams are always the top 2 and same with their girls teams (even at the MOCs level). Though they are a lot smaller than a lot of other schools, even within their division, they both have something in common: they don't have football teams. Coe-Brown also does not have a girls field hockey team, which I also think is interesting. I was wondering if any schools around y'all also showed this correlation.

    Anyway I was bored so I did this kbye :)

    Edit: just fyi i didnt run in this race i was #8 lol
  4. JTD783


    Jul 12, 2015
    oh wow forgot this thread existed

    yeah there are always some anomalies with my state (CA), as even a few D5 schools can be monstrous. Generally the D1s and D2s are better though. My school has ~2200 kids and is top-tier D2, but we can't usually beat the best D3 in the state, which is in our league meets. That said, both of our teams have aspirations of making NXN this year so idk.

    CA Boys D1, 5K

    Show Hide

    1 Phillip Rocha 12 Arcadia High School (SS)14:42.90
    2Eduardo Herrera 12 Madera South (CS)14:48.802
    3Spencer Dodds 12 Great Oak High School (SS)15:00.003
    4Jake Ogden 12 Dana Hills High School (SS)15:03.904
    5Cole Spencer 12 Great Oak High School (SS)15:04.505
    6Garrett Reynolds 12 Ventura High School (SS)15:05.006
    7Isaac Cortes 12Great Oak High School (SS)15:05.807
    8Michael Vernau11Davis Senior High School (SJ)15:07.808
    9Paul Luevano12Venice Senior High School (LA)15:09.20--
    10Jack Landgraf10Dana Hills High School (SS)15:12.609
    11Miguel Villar11Madera South (CS)15:15.6010
    12Solomon Fountain11Great Oak High School (SS)15:20.0011
    13Mason Coppi12Dana Hills High School (SS)15:24.1012
    14Luis Grijalva11Armijo High (SJ)15:24.40--
    15Zachary Katzman12Skyline High School (OK)15:25.00--
    16Sean Kurdy12Jesuit (SJ)15:27.4013
    17Ben Holland11Jesuit (SJ)15:28.1014
    18Ethan Comeaux11Redondo Union High School (SS)15:33.80--
    19Colin Stein12Dana Hills High School (SS)15:34.6015
    20Hector Garcia12Marshall (John) Senior High (LA)15:35.80--
    21Cisco Cuellar12California High (SS)15:37.9016
    22Nelson Quintana12Great Oak High School (SS)15:38.3017
    23Colin Fitzgerald10Crescenta Valley (SS)15:39.10--
    24Kellen Browning12Davis Senior High School (SJ)15:39.9018
    25Angel Aguirre11California High (SS)15:40.6019
    26Michael Biedebach12El Toro High School (SS)15:40.70--
    27Timothy Chrisman12Monte Vista High (NC)15:41.2020
    28Nestor Rodriguez12Ventura High School (SS)15:41.7021
    29Nick Borowsky12Davis Senior High School (SJ)15:42.9022
    30Nick Randazzo11Ventura High School (SS)15:42.9023
    31Jagdeep Chahal10Burroughs Burbank (SS)15:44.0024
    32Brandon Hough11Dana Hills High School (SS)15:45.8025
    33Tony Robinson12Great Oak High School (SS)15:46.1026
    34Brendan Jones11Jesuit (SJ)15:46.6027
    35Charlie Pope12Torrey Pines High School (SD)15:46.8028
    36Darius Riley10Rancho Cucamonga (SS)15:47.1029
    37Michael Lackner12Jesuit (SJ)15:49.2030
    38Meikael Beaudoin-rousseau10Bellarmine College Prep (CC)15:50.2031
    39Michael Ochoa11Madera South (CS)15:50.5032
    40Thomas Wilfert11Dana Hills High School (SS)15:50.7033
    41Justin Villagran12Burroughs Burbank (SS)15:51.1034
    42Daniel Pride11Santa Rosa High (NC)15:52.10--
    43Matthew Richardson11Bellarmine College Prep (CC)15:53.0035
    44Mikolaj Krajewski11Lowell High (SF)15:53.6036
    45Marcelo Ramirez12Eagle Rock Junior-Senior High (LA)15:54.30--
    46Tyler Janes12King (Martin Luther Jr.) (SS)15:56.30--
    47Raymond Lopez12Kennedy (John F.) High School (LA)15:56.50--
    48John Turner11Dana Hills High School (SS)15:56.7037
    49Patrick Cummings12Jesuit (SJ)15:57.4038
    50Dylan Doblar11Bellarmine College Prep (CC)15:58.6039
    51Tristan Miller11Monte Vista High (NC)15:59.4040
    52Ben Hamer10Palisades Charter High (LA)16:00.2041
    53Brandon Shields12Great Oak High School (SS)16:00.6042
    54Joey Del-valle Rutherford11Rancho Cucamonga (SS)16:01.1043
    55Thomas Busse12Bellarmine College Prep (CC)16:01.1044
    56Elijah Changco12San Benito (CC)16:03.50--
    57Victor Ochoa9Madera South (CS)16:04.3045
    58Alex Scales10Bellarmine College Prep (CC)16:04.5046
    59Julian Romero12California High (SS)16:04.8047
    60Daniel Graves12Homestead High School (CC)16:05.2048
    61Joseph Vasquez11Arcadia High School (SS)16:05.3049
    62Jordan Olson11Ventura High School (SS)16:07.3050
    63Kent Slaney11Palo Alto High School (CC)16:08.0051
    64Ariel Monsalud12James Logan High (NC)16:08.10--
    65Nicholas Hernandez11Madera South (CS)16:11.6052
    66Timothy Wells11Burroughs Burbank (SS)16:12.1053
    67Neil Braganza11Dougherty Valley High (NC)16:12.60--
    68Nicholas Vomund11Monte Vista High (NC)16:12.9054
    69Justin Hazell10El Camino Real Senior High (LA)16:13.10--
    70Daniel Maneloveg11Monte Vista High (NC)16:13.2055
    71Jorge Suarez11Santa Ana High (SS)16:13.50--
    72Noel Echerverria12California High (SS)16:13.6056
    73Anthony Segura10Arcadia High School (SS)16:14.1057
    74Brent Smith9Palisades Charter High (LA)16:15.5058
    75Williams Robert11Woodcreek High School (SJ)16:16.10--
    76Jorge Estrella10Andrew P. Hill High School (CC)16:16.20--
    77Jakob Pollack11Palisades Charter High (LA)16:17.2059
    78Hayden Hansen10Buchanan High School (CS)16:17.6060
    79Stewart Fernandez11Buchanan High School (CS)16:18.0061
    80Isaiah Labra10Bonita Vista Senior High (SD)16:18.20--
    81Noah Johnson12El Camino HS (SD)16:18.40--
    82Antonio Perezchica11McFarland High School (CS)16:18.5062
    83Luis Aragon12Lowell High (SF)16:18.9063
    84Daniel Dolen12Rancho Cucamonga (SS)16:19.7064
    85Derek Shiu12Bellarmine College Prep (CC)16:20.6065
    86Marcus Mota9Stockdale High School (CS)16:20.60--
    87Jack Frinodig12Torrey Pines High School (SD)16:20.7066
    88Stefan Bradley12San Ramon Valley High (NC)16:20.80--
    89Jesus Cortes12Santee EC (LA)16:21.1067
    90Christopher Reed12Homestead High School (CC)16:21.5068
    91Orlando Cardenas12Modesto High (SJ)16:21.60--
    92Austin Che12Arcadia High School (SS)16:22.1069
    93Chris Kolar12Buchanan High School (CS)16:22.3070
    94Jose Rodriguez9McFarland High School (CS)16:22.8071
    95Sam Craig10Palo Alto High School (CC)16:23.1072
    96Melecio Gonzalez10McFarland High School (CS)16:23.6073
    97Naveen Pai11Palo Alto High School (CC)16:24.5074
    98Chris Weiland11Rancho Cucamonga (SS)16:25.7075
    99Ryan Ma9Homestead High School (CC)16:25.9076
    100Jonathan Ayson11California High (SS)16:27.1077
    101Chris Lee12Arcadia High School (SS)16:27.3078
    102Daniel Chavez12Rancho Cucamonga (SS)16:27.7079
    103Mark Alania12Modesto High (SJ)16:28.00--
    104Brent Mogensen12Monta Vista High (CC)16:28.30--
    105Luca Mazzanti11Santa Rosa High (NC)16:28.30--
    106Carlos Reyes Cortez11Santee EC (LA)16:29.1080
    107Alexander Doyle11Rancho Buena Vista High (SD)16:30.10--
    108Jacob Mawson12Cosumnes Oaks (SJ)16:30.70--
    109Jacob Burch12Rancho Cucamonga (SS)16:31.2081
    110Donald Welsh12Bellarmine College Prep (CC)16:31.4082
    111Nick Kleiber11Oakland Technical Senior High (OK)16:32.1083
    112Joe Blakewell12Davis Senior High School (SJ)16:32.6084
    113Chapin Levin Arbuthnot12Arcadia High School (SS)16:32.9085
    114Zahid Anjum12Wilcox (Adrian) High (CC)16:33.30--
    115Robert Bartsch10Torrey Pines High School (SD)16:34.1086
    116Adrian Alvarez10Madera South (CS)16:34.7087
    117Jarod Dias12Vista High (SD)16:35.4088
    118Jacob Calderon10Burroughs Burbank (SS)16:35.5089
    119Salvador Rodriguez12Santee EC (LA)16:35.5090
    120Andrew Barrondo12Burroughs Burbank (SS)16:35.8091
    121Stefen Rasmusson10Mira Mesa Senior High (SD)16:36.00--
    122Chris Hoxsie10Burroughs Burbank (SS)16:36.7092
    123Matthew Sickman12Jesuit (SJ)16:36.7093
    124Carlos Aviles-sullivan12Sweetwater High (SD)16:36.90--
    125Cody Beeson10Ventura High School (SS)16:37.0094
    126Tyler Yep12Evergreen Valley (CC)16:37.90--
    127Bobby Hodgson12Liberty High (NC)16:38.2095
    128Ravi Sharma12Arcadia High School (SS)16:38.6096
    129Max Sawyer11Homestead High School (CC)16:38.9097
    130Darren Edmonds12Torrey Pines High School (SD)16:39.5098
    131Jacob Hernandez11Ventura High School (SS)16:40.8099
    132Elliott Portillo11Liberty High (NC)16:42.30100
    133Eziquiel Gurule10California High (SS)16:42.40101
    134Willie Hall12Davis Senior High School (SJ)16:43.30102
    135Reed Foster10Palo Alto High School (CC)16:43.50103
    136Jordan Rahe10Jesuit (SJ)16:47.50104
    137Joseph Torres11California High (SS)16:47.60105
    138Ilias Arroyo12Vista High (SD)16:47.60106
    139Ben Smiley11Monte Vista High (NC)16:47.70107
    140Mario Trasvina10Vista High (SD)16:49.50108
    141Spencer Hauxhurst10Clovis North (CS)16:51.50--
    142Jackson Laird11Davis Senior High School (SJ)16:52.60109
    143Christian Gonzalez11Vista High (SD)16:52.80110
    144Spencer Morgenfeld11Palo Alto High School (CC)16:54.70111
    145Adithya Somasundaram12Homestead High School (CC)16:55.90112
    146Matthew Bennett11Homestead High School (CC)16:58.00113
    147Diose Ramirez12Madera South (CS)16:58.80114
    148Travis Hellenkamp10Torrey Pines High School (SD)17:00.30115
    149Cj Sloan11Homestead High School (CC)17:02.60116
    150Max Tiao10Lowell High (SF)17:05.10117
    151Matthew Johnson10Monte Vista High (NC)17:05.10118
    152Alexander Parker10Lowell High (SF)17:06.30119
    153Noah Battaglia9Lowell High (SF)17:06.90120
    154Oscar Ulloa11Santee EC (LA)17:06.90121
    155Brendan Lau11Monte Vista High (NC)17:08.30122
    156Ben Beaudry11Palo Alto High School (CC)17:10.50123
    157Joe Garcia12Vista High (SD)17:12.00124
    158Benito Reyes11Santee EC (LA)17:13.00125
    159Joseph Harmon11Oakland Technical Senior High (OK)17:13.60126
    160Marvin Luong12Lowell High (SF)17:14.50127
    161Jake Greanias10Palisades Charter High (LA)17:15.60128
    162Jack Hockley11Palisades Charter High (LA)17:18.50129
    163Logan Fraser11Buchanan High School (CS)17:19.70130
    164Andrew Hoxsie10Burroughs Burbank (SS)17:22.00131
    165Micah Delgado9Liberty High (NC)17:23.90132
    166Samuel Desre12Palo Alto High School (CC)17:24.00133
    167Marcos Mulato11McFarland High School (CS)17:24.90134
    168Jordan Morris11Clovis High School (CS)17:26.20--
    169William Fuchs11Lowell High (SF)17:28.00135
    170Michael Mcmahon11Torrey Pines High School (SD)17:28.20136
    171Miles Beal10Buchanan High School (CS)17:28.80137
    172Brendan Deas12Davis Senior High School (SJ)17:31.10138
    173Seth Diaz10McFarland High School (CS)17:32.40139
    174Ulloa Usiel12Santee EC (LA)17:34.00140
    175Eric Gutierrez10Santee EC (LA)17:34.50141
    176Miguel Flores12McFarland High School (CS)17:34.70142
    177Josiah Diaz10McFarland High School (CS)17:34.90143
    178Marquise Holcomb12Rancho Cucamonga (SS)17:37.30144
    179Hunter Parker11Palisades Charter High (LA)17:42.90145
    180Chase Oden12Liberty High (NC)17:46.30146
    181Preston Ma12Washington (George) High (SF)17:50.20--
    182Jesse Lopez12Vista High (SD)17:55.00147
    183Hunter Bentancourt12Liberty High (NC)17:59.70148
    184Jonathon Flores11Palisades Charter High (LA)18:02.90149
    185Julian Carrera12Liberty High (NC)18:04.30150
    186Saul Maciel1Skyline High School (OK)18:07.80--
    187Benjamin Smith10Liberty High (NC)18:15.10151
    188Avshalom Berrol10Skyline High School (OK)18:15.30--
    189Ethan Yeh11Torrey Pines High School (SD)18:15.40152
    190Jack Matull11Washington (George) High (SF)18:22.20--
    191Matthew Murphy12Oakland Technical Senior High (OK)18:22.80153
    192Matthew Battaion10Buchanan High School (CS)18:23.30154
    193Ivan Ramirez11Vista High (SD)18:36.10155
    194Jonah Lounds10Oakland Technical Senior High (OK)18:36.50156
    195Rudy Chavira-reyes10Impact Academy (OK)18:42.10--
    196Justin Nichols11Oakland Technical Senior High (OK)19:09.20157
    197Nathan Lee9Oakland Technical Senior High (OK)21:14.60158


    Show Hide

    1Great Oak High School (SS)433+5+7+11+17 (26+42)0:38 1-5 Split | 15:13 Avg
    2Dana Hills High School (SS)654+9+12+15+25 (33+37)0:41 1-5 Split | 15:24 Avg
    3Jesuit (SJ)12213+14+27+30+38 (93+104)0:30 1-5 Split | 15:41 Avg
    4Madera South (CS)1412+10+32+45+52 (87+114)1:22 1-5 Split | 15:38 Avg
    5Ventura High School (SS)1946+21+23+50+94 (99)1:32 1-5 Split | 15:50 Avg
    6Bellarmine College Prep (CC)19531+35+39+44+46 (65+82)0:14 1-5 Split | 15:57 Avg
    7California High (SS)21516+19+47+56+77 (101+105)0:49 1-5 Split | 16:00 Avg
    8Davis Senior High School (SJ)2348+18+22+84+102 (109+138)1:35 1-5 Split | 15:57 Avg
    9Arcadia High School (SS)2541+49+57+69+78 (85+96)1:44 1-5 Split | 15:58 Avg
    10Monte Vista High (NC)27620+40+54+55+107 (118+122)1:06 1-5 Split | 16:10 Avg
    11Rancho Cucamonga (SS)29029+43+64+75+79 (81+144)0:40 1-5 Split | 16:12 Avg
    12Burroughs Burbank (SS)29124+34+53+89+91 (92+131)0:51 1-5 Split | 16:11 Avg
    13Torrey Pines High School (SD)39328+66+86+98+115 (136+152)1:13 1-5 Split | 16:28 Avg
    14Homestead High School (CC)40148+68+76+97+112 (113+116)0:50 1-5 Split | 16:29 Avg
    15Palo Alto High School (CC)41151+72+74+103+111 (123+133)0:46 1-5 Split | 16:30 Avg
    16Palisades Charter High (LA)41541+58+59+128+129 (145+149)1:18 1-5 Split | 16:37 Avg
    17Lowell High (SF)45536+63+117+119+120 (127+135)1:13 1-5 Split | 16:42 Avg
    18Buchanan High School (CS)45860+61+70+130+137 (154)1:11 1-5 Split | 16:45 Avg
    19McFarland High School (CS)47962+71+73+134+139 (142+143)1:13 1-5 Split | 16:48 Avg
    20Santee EC (LA)48367+80+90+121+125 (140+141)0:51 1-5 Split | 16:45 Avg
    21Vista High (SD)53688+106+108+110+124 (147+155)0:36 1-5 Split | 16:51 Avg
    22Liberty High (NC)62195+100+132+146+148 (150+151)1:21 1-5 Split | 17:18 Avg
    23Oakland Technical Senior High (OK)67583+126+153+156+157 (158)2:37 1-5 Split | 17:58 Avg
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  5. Ununhexium

    Ununhexium dog
    is a Contributor to Smogon

    Jan 7, 2014
    New fun team activity on runs: play Pokemon GO and catch Pokemon together
  6. Ununhexium

    Ununhexium dog
    is a Contributor to Smogon

    Jan 7, 2014
    Bumping this thread because I liked it :(

    Not this past Friday but the one before we had a scrimmage meet against a nearby school which we absolutely crushed (had like 1st place then 3rd 4th etc up to like 10th) which was won by one of our freshmen with a time of 19:19. I unfortunately had a bad race there like I do every year and only ran a 20:42 (but everyone runs a bad time because its like one week into preseason and its a hilly course and all of that) but if past years are indicative of what I might do this year I'll cut off 2.5 minutes by the end of the season lol. This season we got 3 really strong freshmen from the middle schools which should help us out at the divisional meet this year, so we're hoping we can crack the top 10 which would be big for us with such a small team and losing our top 2 runners from last year (in which we were 14th). My personal goals for this year are to run below 17:55 for a 5k, which I think I can do because my freshman year PR was 21:14 and last year's was 18:27 and to be on my team's top 7 so I can run at our divisional meet and the Meet of Champions (which is the same course where I've run my aforementioned PRs at the JV state meet).

    Also, I'm really excited for this coming Tuesday, because we're running a race at a local farm, and it will be the first home cross country meet my school has hosted in over 20 years. Our goal is obviously to win, but one of the teams barely beat us out last year, so we're hoping to sneak one in and pull one over on them (the other team is basically a pushover unless they somehow picked up 5 freshmen who can run sub 18 this early in the season).

    Overall, we're going to be a stronger team this year and we're hoping to get a lot of PRs

    EDIT: We should maintain a spreadsheet with people's PRs and stuff I feel like that'd be interesting
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2016
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  7. cuzzie

    cuzzie formerly Cuzzie123

    Apr 23, 2015
    We had our first race yesterday, a medium sized invitational. It's one of the hilliest courses around and it was super hot because my group had the first race. The 2nd mile is composed of one giant hill called the "eliminator." (It sounds so sinister) The course itself is only 2 miles, but it's just the beginning of the season.
  8. Ununhexium

    Ununhexium dog
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    Jan 7, 2014
    We had our first home meet in 20 years yesterday (and season opener) which we unfortunately lost but we are still probably the best team that was there

    The final score was 34 43 47 with us scoring 37 but the other teams have no depth which will hurt them in larger meets like divisionals

    Our average top 5 time was the best out of the three, our top 5 gap was 1:02, the others being like 1:45 and 1:53, but the gap between our first and 11th runner was the gap between the winning teams first and fifth give or take a few seconds

    Unfortunately what really hurt us is that the top team took the top 3 spots and the other team took 4 and 5. Luckily for us, you need 5 people to score, so we may not get all the low scoring people, but our pack is so close (and still decently fast for like 7 of our top 9 being freshman and sophomores [the other two are juniors]) that we are capable of beating them in the larger meets where more runners can get between their front pack and their 4th and 5th

    In summary, we may have lost this battle (barely), but the warrior tribe is out for blood and will definitely win the war
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  9. JTD783


    Jul 12, 2015
    On Saturday night I ran in my first Varsity race!

    I ended up PRing with a 16:12 (3 miles) and was 6th man. The race video is here:

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    taken by a parent from some other team. At ~3:15 there is a Harambe chant going, but you can hardly hear it. At ~3:30, you see my friend fall near the start, which went poorly since it was really crowded and bottlenecked fast. You can see me jumping over him. He still managed to run about 16:20. At ~8:30 I cross the finish line at 94th place. I was happy with my time, although the race was very crowded (~240 guys) and I got boxed in a lot. I'm hoping to break 16 soon at the Woodbridge Invitational.

    My team ran very high mileage (~60 miles) and had little speed work the week before the race, so as a group we didn't do anything incredible, and several guys had pretty bad races. However, we usually get a lot of momentum going into CIF since we choose to hold back on the heavy speed work and such until later in the season. Because of this, I'm optimistic about what we can accomplish. I expect most of our pack to be sub-15:30 with a few close to or under 15:00. I'm aiming for around 15:30 eventually.

    I'm looking forward to this season; it seems like everyone in this thread is off to a great start :)

    Edit cuzzie I'm a senior now
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  10. cuzzie

    cuzzie formerly Cuzzie123

    Apr 23, 2015
    Damn, your team is super good! (Both you and Ununhexium) Our team is in Cali and is D1 but we barely make even 1 person, not even a whole team for state. Also, that's a crazy good time! What grade are you in JTD783? Our team has just filled up in the past years, but we haven't been able to even consider the team event, even in our league. We're now up to like 60 people lol, but it was like 20 my freshman year. Last year, our best guy ran like 16:10 at the end of the season.

    EDIT: Ah, I didn't see that it was a flat course at night, but still, that's crazy impressive
  11. Ununhexium

    Ununhexium dog
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    Jan 7, 2014
    So last Tuesday we had a meet at a god awful course that was only 2.8 miles but everyone ran awful times and we came in second and I don't wanna talk about it

    Just today we had a larger invitational. Course was very tough but it was probably the most fun I've ever had running a race. I ran for my teams JV and I came in second in the race. I started knowing I could be top 10 and in the first 1/3 mile I could tell I would be top 5 because I was in 6th with two other kids from my team ahead of me who I beat every race (I don't start too fast haha). At about 3/4 of a mile I'm ahead of them thinking "top 3 that's my goal" but by the one mile it was myself and this one other kid from another school. From the beginning of the race, nobody passed me the entire time, and from the first mile forward it was me and this one other kid literally running within 2 meters of eachother the entire time. At the end he just had the stronger kick, but it was overall a super fun race. He ended up beating me by about 2 seconds because I can't sprint for shit haha. Either way, it was super fun. I ran a 19:11 (it's early in the season and a tough course gimme a break) which is 44 seconds off my PR of 18:27. So the order was the kid who beat me, myself, a freshman from my school, and 4 kids from a different school. Fortunately, we were able to displace their 5th guy so we won 36-51-56 (I think) and then a bunch more teams.

    Our varsity team (2 freshmen 4 sophomores 1 junior) had a very difficult day, with our best runner (a freshman) getting injured before the race and one of our 2-4 guys got injured on the course which hurt us.

    Overall do our boys team, I ran the second best time (I'm good at hills) so I'm hoping by the end of the season I can sneak into the top 7 because I'm a late season runner
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  12. JTD783


    Jul 12, 2015
    Update time :)

    I ran at the Woodbridge Invitational and broke 16! The usual top 7 ran in the sweeps race, so I ran in the normal varsity race. I got first on squad with 15:51. The next week I got sick, but felt a little better in time for the Dana Hills Invitational on the 24th, and ran slightly slower at 15:52. There were 14 spots available so I ran Varsity again. These were both very flat and fast courses by the way. On Thursday I had another race, this time for league. My team rarely races this much at once but w/e. I was slated to run JV... until 3 of our top 7 guys got sick. Then I got put in Varsity again, which was cool. This course was moderately hilly, and it was about 90 degrees, so the times weren't insanely fast. I was 6th man on my team, and (iirc) 19th in league, with 16:21 (all courses were 3 miles).

    I'm very happy with how my season's been going and am glad to see that you all are doing well too.
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  13. Ununhexium

    Ununhexium dog
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    Jan 7, 2014
    I guess I'll just shoulder the thread again

    Over the past few weeks my team and I have had a few more races, but today we went to the Northeast Brown University high school invite in Goddard Park in Rhode Island. If you haven't been there, it's a super flat course and everyone runs really fast races and PRs there, so it's a ton of fun in the respect that everyone runs well and is in a good mood, there was great weather, and really nothing to complain about. Again, my team is like all freshmen and sophomores so we have a ton of room for improvement in the near future. I personally ran a 17:34 which was a big PR for me (previously 18:15 and before that it was 18:27) so I was really happy about that. I was our 6th runner after 3 sophomores and 2 freshmen, and our 7th was also a freshman which is really awesome. Our freshman superstar broke 17 today and PRed by like 50 seconds which was awesome and huge for him. Our top 5 average was 17:14 if I remember correctly and we came in 10th in the large school race so that was great for us.

    Our JV state meet is next Friday and our divisional varsity meet is in 2 weeks so I might update y'all then
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  14. JTD783


    Jul 12, 2015
    It's cool that Rhode Island has a state meet for JV; California only does Varsity, which kinda sucks since I probably won't get to race after league ends. Nice job on the PR!
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  15. cuzzie

    cuzzie formerly Cuzzie123

    Apr 23, 2015
    Mount SAC Hype!!? We get to miss school Friday! Sadly, our team is now a D2 school which means we run in the afternoon Saturday, and therefore have to go home (nor cal) on Sunday.
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  16. JTD783


    Jul 12, 2015
    I'll be at Mt. Sac on Saturday as well. By some miracle I got thrown into the sweeps race, so look for a short blonde kid way way wayyyy in the back if you watch it. My school is D2 (at least in CIF), so my teammates should be in that race. Good luck :)
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  17. cuzzie

    cuzzie formerly Cuzzie123

    Apr 23, 2015
    Niice! Sweepstakes! We have nobody who is that fast, so we all showed up at 1 for the D2 race :( Our best guy, a sophomore ran 16:34 in the varsity race, placing 6th though, so that was nice. Another girl from our team medaled (though she was our fastest girl and ran in the Freshman race because our coach just put all the seniors/juniors into the Varsity race.) At least our team didn't get last in any of our races :) Simi Valley dominated like crazy though.

    Only 2 weeks until league championships!
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  18. JTD783


    Jul 12, 2015
    I've been procrastinating this post since so much has happened. Rip.

    Quick summary: Raced Mt. Sac sweeps against awesome teams like Great Oak/Dana Hills, got 16:31 and also got wrecked by really fast people. Got second at League finals, led JV to victory. Thrown into CIF Prelims to rest other guys, time equivalent was 15:45 for 3 miles. Boys team didn't make state this year by 3 points, but girls got 2nd in CIF. I drove up to the CA State meet to watch the girls and one of our guys race (he made it individually). The girls got 3rd in state. We also had a girl qualify for NXN after running the 4th fastest time at state; she got 48th at NXN. Now I have the banquet soon and am trying to get back in shape. Getting back in shape is tough... once again, rip.

    I have had a fun season and I'm glad I've been able to run for the past four years. I hope you all have similar experiences once your senior seasons are over and can keep working hard.
  19. Ununhexium

    Ununhexium dog
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    Jan 7, 2014
    I haven't really looked at this thread since XC season so I decided to update a bit.

    At our state XC meet our team came in 11th but we kinda choked and only one kid ran a good race so that was pretty unfortunate. We didn't qualify for the Meet of Champions so my PR was 17:34 so that was better than I wanted at the beginning of the season so next year I'm shooting for 16:45 because I'd love to run at like a D3 college and if I could hit times like that I could run at some of the colleges I want to go to :)

    Also we graduate a whopping 0 seniors from our varsity squad so we want to definitely make MOCs as a team and maybe sneak in to 6th place there and punch ourselves a ticket to New Englands.

    Indoor track season is my least favorite season but it went decently well. I PRed every race in the 3000 to a new PR of 10:15 which is pretty good for me, cutting a nice 55 seconds off last season's PR (I don't like to talk about last season) and next season I want to qualify for the state meet in the 3000

    Unfortunately I can't do spring season this year because I'm doing an internship but I'm gonna continue running to stay in shape for XC season because that's the one that really matters.
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  20. jh3828 (teal) ✔

    jh3828 (teal) ✔

    Jan 9, 2017
    I performed pretty poorly during my XC season last fall. I kept getting a stomach cramp every time I race; I didn't understand. I was drinking enough water throughout the day, I think it might have been because I didn't stretch as much as I do on practices. In general, I haven't been getting much faster. I couldn't break my PR mile time (6:12) or get under the 20's in a 3 mile course. I wasn't improving and felt like I did better in my XC season last year instead of the one I had this year. Another note to add, I used to have more mental strength during the final sprints in my race. Now, I have a hard time trying to sprint when I'm so tired; I couldn't fight through the pain..
  21. Minnow_


    Feb 8, 2015
    Haven't ran in awhile. My best was 10km (6.2ish miles) for a race in around 41 mins, I'd assume it was decent as I got second out of 100 people or so.
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  22. Ununhexium

    Ununhexium dog
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    Jan 7, 2014
    I lied I ran a shitty 11:31 3200 Tuesday
  23. JTD783


    Jul 12, 2015
    I've gone through something similar over the past few months. I got sick and was recovering but then I started experiencing nausea and stomach cramps frequently during runs; it started ruining workouts but eventually that got better. However, I've been experiencing noticeable fatigue, muscle soreness, weakness, and shortness of breath and it's been getting worse in the past few weeks. My times have been trash the whole season and I run slower each race. Today I'm going to see a doctor and get my blood tested, because it's possible I've developed a form of anemia due to depleted ferritin levels. Distance runners tend to blow through ferritin storage quickly and several of my teammates have experienced it within the past few years. Hopefully the bloodwork will show what's wrong with me, since something clearly is. I also might take a lactose intolerance test since many of my more recent abdominal issues are common symptoms of lactose intolerance; apparently it's possible for people to develop the intolerance as the age.

    If your problems aren't going away despite continuing to train and eat well then I would definitely recommend seeking medical advice. I wish I had done so a month ago but it crept up so slowly that I didn't realize it until things got really bad.
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  24. jh3828 (teal) ✔

    jh3828 (teal) ✔

    Jan 9, 2017
    Just comfortably ran a 6:15 mile today, I feel better haha thanks for the response!
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  25. Logic


    Dec 22, 2013
    Goal for the end of the season is to break 2 in the 800! My PR is 2:03 sophomore year, but rn my season PR is 2:05. I'm a senior so it's my last year to break it after countless foot injuries

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