[on site] EV Training Hotspots List/Guide: 4th Generation

Def EVs
(Pokemon) - Geodude / Hippopotas [Ruin Maniac Cave] - 1 Def: The Ruin Maniac Cave is full of Geodude and Hippopotas, both of which give 1 Def EV each. Watch out though, Geodude knows Selfdestruct. If your Pokemon is KOed by it, you won't get any EVs! Both Geodude and Hippopotas are found at Levels 22-24.

It's there, you must have missed it Rawr :P.

Good luck getting everything together Erodent ^^).
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Just plant lots of tamato berries and spam battles against the Magikarp trainer with different power items attached. Use the other trainers on the bridge to finish off (one has a Goldeen, the other has 2 Magikarps and a Goldeen). Use a kelpsy berry if you must. This is noticeably more efficient than other methods.
Hey Erodent, nice guide, it's something I like to keep referring back to :D

Anywho, thought I'd help you out with this a little as I noticed this, this morning.

In Platinum, you have this listed under Special Defence trainer:

(Trainer) - Beauty Devon [Route 214] - Wormadam x3 (6 SpD): Beauty Devon has 3 Wormadam at Levels 24 each. Each give out 2 SpD EVs.
Can I just point out that this trainer also gives you 6 Defence EVs too.

Hope it helps :) And apologies if it has already been mentioned


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Chiming in with one last tidbit:

Attack EVs: Route 222, Rich Boy Trey with a L61 Luxray (3 Attk) and Fisherman Alec with two ~L50 Gyarados (2 Attk each). Both can be snagged on the same screen with the VS Seeker. More importantly, Trey gives TONS of cash, cash that can be used on expensive vitamins.

This is for Platinum. You get the same arrangement in DP as well, but Trey has a L60 Luxio (2 Attk) instead.
Not sure what evs they give though i would assume HP, the clafairy trainers in the mansion on route 212, are nice for hp, you can just change time... not very practical i know, but just thought id point it out


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Just popping in to say I'd suggest changing one small thing. Where you say "to avoid being paralysed by Pichu's Static, use special attacks". I think it'd be more correct to say "use non-contact moves".
Erodent, I need extra information --

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1. Need a good location description for Tuber Jared -- where is he on route 213.

2. "PI Carlos" - Having a brain fart -- what is "PI"?

4. Need a good location description for collector Jamal.

5. Trainer (Rich Boy Liam / Lady Celeste) -- DO you fight one of these? Both in a double battle? If you only get to fight one, is it random?

6. Trainer (Cheryl) - What is she? PKMN Trainer?

more to come ...
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Regarding EV Training with An Exp. Share...

For example, I let my level 1 houndour hold an Exp. share, then, I let my Slowking fight starly which yield 1 EV each.

Will my houndoom earn one EV as well? Or will all the EV points go to my Slowking?

What does the Exp. Share do to the EV distribution anyway?
Both the Pokemon holding an EXP Share and the actual Pokemon in battle will earn x EVs upon defeating an opponent. For example, say you send out a Starmie into battle and have another team member, Absol, hold an EXP Share. Starmie kills 1 Haunter, which gives 2 SpA EVs. Both Starmie and Absol will earn 2 SpA EVs.

EDIT: You are welcome!
Thank you very much Erodent.

I was really having second thoughts regarding using the Exp. Share to EV train my Pokemon before. But now I know. :>