Oyster's So-Called Art

Sure... here's some thoughts on your logos.

I think that across the board, you might want to pay more attention to your kerning. The distance between many of your letters feels like whatever the default was for the font you were working with. See especially the letters "E" and "T" in "Get a web" and the letter "A" in "24 frames production." When you have logos that are type-heavy, there's nothing else to look at, so I would say this is a big deal. Fortunately, it's a piece of cake to fix-- just manually mess with the distance between your letters until they look right.

Some of your gradients really work for me-- I dig them in your "art express" and "gata" logos. Others, not so much. "Marketeers" does not benefit much from its many gradients; it would probably look better without them, although some of the artwork would probably have to change if you wanted to keep the details.

For your "oyster" logo, I would suggest expanding the path around your letters "O" and "R" (in illustrator, it's object-> path-> offset path) because it would look a lot cleaner than what you have, and would be a good contrast to the dark shapes (which are organic enough as it is).

Most of this stuff (kerning aside) is minor technical stuff. I often wish we had more logo designs in this forum, although that might just be me. I hope you keep at it!
Thanks a ton! I'll definitely pay more attention to kerning, as I do typically create type-heavy logos. I'd also like to point out that the "Art Express" banner is the only thing I've actually used gradients on. Everything else you see was hand-shaded with the dodge/burn tools, which I find easier to use (but less simple to go back and change unless you create separate shading layers, which I do).

Also, I'll have to see where the "offset path" option is in Photoshop (currently running CS4), as I've yet to acquire a copy of Illustrator, although I DESPERATELY want it.

Thanks again for the constructive critcism-- it's refreshing to get an artistic opinion rather than that of a layperson.