Playing with the kids.


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This thread will be a bit different but I think it has the potential for some really awesome and funny stories. As we all know Pokemon is a game that children play, and sometimes we happen to be playing with them or help them out with the game, or when watching the show. So how about we share some of these awesome, positive and funny (read: not a 6-0 Garchomp sweep) story about how we helped someone younger than us.

I’ll start this off with this one kid I knew named George. He had a younger sister and a single mom and was probably the most out of control kid. He loved the Pokemon show and he owned a Wii, so the number of Pokemon related games he could play was substantially low. During the holidays a few years back in gen 4 I brought some Wii games over including Pokemon Battle Revolution. For many of us PBR wasn’t that great and I had gotten my mileage out of it. But for this kid seeing them up there and being able to play was great. I brought along my Pearl version and at the time I had boxes upon boxes of Pokemon, just about the complete National Dex at that point. He spent probably half an hour running through my boxes just looking at the Pokemon. I don’t remember much about what he picked but he did choose a decent Machoke, sure it’s not the best but he enjoyed Brick Breaking everything in the first stadium. I ended up letting him keep the game since I lost interest.

So what stories do you have?


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First I have a story of me being the little kid needing help:

One fine day near the beginning of my Pokemon career, I was playing the first game I ever got, Pokemon Emerald for my lovely cobalt Gameboy Advance SP. I was sitting in the park with some of my friends, but we had basically stopped playing on the huge toy to go sit around and play Pokemon together. At this time, I was having some serious trouble catching the three legendaries, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. This is when one of my friends at the time traded Gameboys with me, so he could catch those three legendaries and I could catch Latias for him. After about 45 minutes, we had both completed our missions and we traded back. This was part of what kindled my love for Pokemon, the fact that if you’re stuck, you can always rely on your friends.

Another time I was playing, I had Pokemon Diamond and was visiting my cousin in Maine. He has ADHD, and he loves Pokemon more than anything else. Of course, I didn’t expect him to be much good, because Pokemon takes patience and diligence. But the kid had all of his Pokemon leveled to 95, because he always wanted them to have potential, and he never wanted them to reach level 100. I was so excited, that I RNGed 6 perfect mons and made him a great team of level 95 mons. Then we had a huge battle before I left, and that is still the only loss I have on my Pokemon Diamond game. It was completely worth it.

I hope everyone has some Pokemon memories to share.
I have a great memory, from back in 2009. I had just come back from a trip to America, where I'd picked up a copy of Pokémon Platinum, which wasn't out in the UK yet. I went for lunch in a local café, and started to play while I was waiting for my food. These two kids at the next table over noticed, and were curious. I mentioned how this was the new game that wasn't here yet, and they got so adorably excited that my heart almost melted.
Let's see...hmm...well, one time I was playing with my cousin a few years back when the GTS on Pokémon Diamond and Pearl was still the poop. I remember seeing some of those shocking trades, where someone offered you a shiny Porygon for any Porygon (obviously hacked). My cousin was always upset that he could never get a Shiny, and constantly just ran around the game without the Pokéradar just looking for wild Shinies. I remember my first Pokéchain I got a shiny Zigzagoon, which I was very proud of. However, I already had two more Shinies (both Zigzagoons, surprisingly), and decided to trade him my third one for a Bidoof or something.

He still plays Pokémon occassionally. Turns out he trained the Zigzagoon into a level 100 Linoone, and is still pretty proud of it (I think he's 11 or 12 now). Last time I battled him, I gave him another Shiny that I had stumbled upon, an Adamant Porygon. I loved seeing the expression on his face when he realized it was shiny and he immediately set off to training that one, too.
layell i can comment in your threads now aren't you excited

once i was on a disney related cruise from LA to vancouver and when i was walking around in the atrium i stopped for a moment to take some pictures. then this kid maybe 7 or 8 runs up beside me and shows me his DS because he just caught terrakion. his mom wasn't far behind the hyper little child and she started to apologize when i stopped her and said it was no problem, i love pokemon. her son got super excited that i liked it as well, and he started going through his boxes showing me all his pokemon, and he was asking me what moves are the best to teach his ninetales, his infernape etc. i think i was talking to him for around 45 minutes to an hour, and his mom told me she was just happy that i could "speak his language". she told me he spent a lot of time playing so i may or may not have advertised VGC a little bit teehee

he wanted to battle me but i did not have my DS, but i told him i would carry it around from the rest of the cruise in case he saw me so we could battle. i did end up battling him later while he was waiting in line to see mickey mouse, where again his mom was thankful that i kept him occupied in a stupid long line.

now if only my sister would pick up pokemon



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Not exactly game-related, but my piano school was once having a mini-concert in the hall of the local cinema/theatre/"culture house". I hadn't paid much attention to the kids next to our crowd, but later learned they were busy playing the Pokémon card game, arranged by the library next door. I raised a fair amount of attention when I played my piece for the concert, the Brawl arrangement of "Battle! Spear Pillar", AKA "Versus Dialga/Palkia". I ended up spending half an hour with those after the concert. One of them had a rather decent team on his DS.

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I raised a fair amount of attention when I played my piece for the concert, the Brawl arrangement of "Battle! Spear Pillar", AKA "Versus Dialga/Palkia".
Of course, I'm 20 and now I think you must be the coolest kid in town. Imagine those kids.

And I'm afraid I have no stories to share, except for a friends' where a kid almost wanted to kiss him for giving them his "star Kyogre" (shiny... also hacked, but the kid didn't know).


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I was battling my sister. I had leafgreen, she had sapphire. She looked away for a few moments, and then said: "He used to have a hula skirt, but now he has a big nose and looks like a fox!" (I switched Hitmonchan for Hypno)
Back about 10 years or so, when Toys 'R' Us would have the Pokemon League events for the TCG, I used to go with a buddy of mine and his wife. Mostly there for collecting all the promo cards and other stuff they'd give away. Since there were a lot of younger kids there too, I'd always try and get them involved, especially if they were kind of shy about participating with everyone else. Sometimes offering to play a round with them (using a not-really-competition-level deck) or by at least trading with them (I used to buy *boxes* of the cards for each set).

Of course, with a lot of the kids being younger, they wouldn't have a lot of good cards, so trying to trade for something I was looking for was pretty difficult. Given that my favorite Pokemon is Sandslash (still is), what I eventually did was offer to trade any kid for any Sandslash (usually an uncommon rarity) or Sandshrew (usually a common rarity) they had, for any other card of the same rarity (noting that since I had *tons* of the cards, if it was an uncommon/common I had them in spades). I think by the time I left for college, I had a stack of Sandslash/Sandshrew that was a good 4 inches thick or more.


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Gen 4 was probably my biggest involvement in the Pokemon community pre-release, and I’d argue it had some of the biggest changes and was at a point in the community where we got tons of information that we hadn’t been used to before. So even before getting a copy of Pearl version I had a good idea of what I was using, and if I’m correct I knew most of the English names.

So I was at a Toys-R-Us and was waiting in line for the game on release day. I think it was mostly because of some lame pre-order bonus but there were some kids in line with me. They picked up one of the new guides for the game and got very excited at seeing Glaceon and Leafeon within as new Pokemon. So I entertained them a bit and gave them a little advice on how to get these Eevee to evolve via the mossy and cold rock. I told them a few of the other old Pokemon that could evolve as well and they were excited that some of their oldies could evolve and that they could transfer over their GBA mons once they beat the game.

With gen 6 on the horizon I’m reminded how lucky we have been to get Japan pre-information but we may know as little of the new games as those kids did back then. Depending on how soon things get leaked. It’ll be an exciting time for everybody.
I remember being in my local GP/Doctors in early 2004, just after Ruby and Sapphire got released in Europe. I was 10 back then. Saw a kid playing on his GBA, he was younger than me, and he couldn't for the life of him finish better than 4th when blending Berries in Lilycove.

So I sort of just showed him how to time the spins right. And in the end he managed 2nd or so and was pretty pleased.

Guess that counts :P
Sadly... I don't have anything to share at all, but I wanted to say all your stories are so wonderful!

Maybe the main reason why I don't have stories with kids is because I always being timid, and I was the little sister of the family, too, so, it was more likely my brother (5 years older than me) helping me with Pokémon all the time, but I rebember one time when I did get a Shiny Rattata (mi first shiny!) on the Silver Version, and I gived him as a gift because I knew he always liked Raticate, I was fascinated how he trained him and did a wonderful job with him for the Pokémon Stadium 2's Gyms and stuff. I almost always losed my link battles with him, too... but he helped me always to improve my team in a way or other, and I was so happy when I get better results in-game and stuff! We at the end wanted to complete the Pokédex of the Gen. I, and we almost completed it! (If I rebember correctly, we just needed Porygon and some rare Pokémon of the Safari Zone to complete it at the end).

Other thing I rebember when I was 7 years old was a discussion with a kid on the school about the "new" generation of Pokémon (the second one), Gold/Silver version was already announced, but where we lived, nobody knew about it yet (I knew about it thanks to my brother), so, one time I heared a kid saying there're only 151 Pokémon, and that will always be in that way, forever, (being the 151 the "Rainbow Bird" from the anime, because nobody knew about Mew yet), and I corrected him saying there're gonna be 251 because I new game will show up, and nobody trusted me! Sadly, I was changed to other school when the game was finally released, otherwise I could have said "told ya" to him.
Those stories really make me smile, thank you, everyone!
I have a few stories to tell you too ^^
A few months before, when I was in London, I visited Harrod's - one of the biggest malls in London. My older brother immediately got stuck in Apple departament and I went to video games. I already had White 2 then, and I just wanted to "feed my eyes" and look at other games. Near the DS stand, I spotted a 8-year old boy, holding Black 2 and White 2 and arguing with another, older person, seemingly his relative. After they stopped talking, the boy burst in tears. I tried to calm him down, and he told me that his older brother thought that Pokemon is a bad game. I introduced myself, told him that I'm also a Pokemon player and explained that his brother could think what he wanted about Pokemon, but if he won't understand that it's a nice game, he'll never be able to see and catch cool Pokemon, like Haxorus and Terrakion. The boy wiped his tear and told me that his name was Tim. He asked me to help him to choose one version, and I explained the differences between B2 and W2. As a farewell gift, I gave him one of my TCG cards - I had a few with me. A week later, Tim chased me down the street and challenged me to a battle. The sheer excitement on his face when he KOd my first Pokemin... I can't describe it.