Point Buy Tournament - Round 7

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Loser's Bracket

Mizuno vs Gormenghast
JabbaTheGriffin vs Twist of Fate
Frosty vs Justinawe

Here is a list of the current point totals as of the beginning of this round:

Winner's Bracket

Gouki 1418
Loser's Bracket

Twist of Fate 200
Frosty 100
Justinawe 100
Mizuno 68
Gormenghast 50
JabbaTheGriffin 50
In addition to the original Pokemon that were available for purchase, the following Pokemon will be purchaseable from now on with the same per round costs as the other Pokemon (ie. 1 Round is 50% of the price, 2 Rounds is 80% of the price and 3 Rounds is full price):

Latias 750
Latios 750
Ho-oh 900
Darkrai 1000
Mew 1000
Manaphy 1100
Wobbuffet 1100

Soul Dew is banned on Latias and Latios.

Do not use any Platinum Pokemon or moves. Hypnosis will not be counted as a Platinum move and will have 60 accuracy for the remainder of the Tournament.

Battle now, deadline is the 13th of October.

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Gouki vs Gouki - Gouki is his own worst enemy.

Mizuno vs Gorgmenghast - *:D*
JabbaTheGriffin vs Twist of Fate - Jabba is so large ToF won't even be able to fit into the battle window.
Frosty vs Justinawe - Just because I said so.
I PMed Justinawe. Hopefully we will get it done ASAP.

EDIT: Got the reply. We should get this done either tommorow or saturday morning.
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