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Last Activity:
Oct 28, 2014 at 2:34 AM
Dec 19, 2005
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May 24
Puerto Rico


from Puerto Rico

Mizuno was last seen:
Oct 28, 2014 at 2:34 AM
    1. Del Rio
      Del Rio
      Are keepers still editable since the draft got delayed? Would like to get rid of Oladipo as a keeper after needed surgery...
      1. Mizuno
        They are not editable by you, but I can still change it. Oladipo is the only change?
        Oct 25, 2014 at 3:53 PM
      2. Del Rio
        Del Rio
        Yeah, I'll keep Harden and T-Jones.
        Oct 25, 2014 at 3:56 PM
      3. Del Rio
        Del Rio
        And actually, I'll keep Dieng as well. So that should be Harden for a 1st rounder, and Jones and Dieng as my last two rounders.
        Oct 25, 2014 at 4:01 PM
    2. Stallion
      If you decide to make the draft times slightly later as you mentioned in your op, that would be awesome for me cause Sunday morning is a struggle for an Aussie who djs Saturday nights lol
    3. Navy
      Mizuno ! comeback tipo :(
    4. Stallion
      "As for keepers Love is the only one I'm certain I want now, Rondo depends on what everyone else is deciding to keep", I didn't want Rondo -_-.
    5. Fabbles
      Mizuno! This is random but I was checking my old threads and saw you were the only one that posted on my UU BP RMT haha. My old rival in 2008... good times man.
    6. reyscarface
      mizuno are you playing in world cup or not?

      also belated happy birthday!
    7. badabing
      Happy birthday dude ;o
    8. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    9. DracoMalfoy
      ok so I think I'll be on at the times you told me you would be today so try to find me on irc I guess
    10. DracoMalfoy
      I think I can make it(around 12:30 am gmt -4) but I'm not sure if I can be around any time after that so please try to hit me a vm when you're ready or try to find me on irc. if we are lame and cant get that done,it can be done on friday,but I would like soooo fuckin much to get this done today.... xD
    11. DracoMalfoy
      ok man so judging by your 'last activity' that I've been checking for a while now we keep missing each other; what about playing tomorrow 8 pm GMT -4? I'd really really like to do this match before the weekend so I'd appreciate a lot if we could just play, and also would like you to answer this the moment you read it.;

      PS.: I'm always on nbs and irc, in channels like #pokemon and #spl.
    12. DracoMalfoy
      just vm me one more time when I'm online, or lets try to schedule something...I can play anyday if you want to do it at night.
    13. DracoMalfoy
      hey man we gotta play for spl; I can play any evening and am GMT -3, tell me when you can do it cause I'd rather do this asap !
    14. kael
      i on in nbs and PO
    15. kael
      hey man
    16. The_Chaser
      Because kael replied to himself...

    17. kael
      hi man when do you avaible for battle with me ?

      What your timezone?
    18. ENZ0
      yo vm me asap so we can battle
    19. ENZ0
      ok cool no problem.
    20. ENZ0
      yo want to battle for SPL now?
    21. ]V[ajinTupacZ
    22. Mekkah
      just VM me when you get on i guess?
    23. Mekkah
      oh well,,,
    24. Mekkah
      Waited till like 3am and no Mizuno..,,,are you gonna be on today? I'd rather not wait 'till Sunday.
    25. Mekkah
      I'll be on during all of these nights so if you see me on the forums or IRC just hit me up and I'll do the same. Do you use IRC?
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    "These days, I see nothing but tiny men made of straw..."
    Brawl FC: 4596-9156-1285
    Steam: Kidyermou


    May 24
    Puerto Rico
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