Prismic Pokemon

Prismic Pokemon i the name i gave to my little pictures, basically ther'ye simplified drawlings of pokemon in the shape of a rectangle. Eventually i hope to drawl every prismic pokemon.
Ill also be posting other drawlings of mine as i make them.

Prismic Pokemon
#1 Bulbasaur
#85 Dodrio
#100 Voltorb
#132 Ditto
#297 Hariyama
#374 Beldum
#497 Pokabu
Other Art
None Yet :P
I would be happy to take any requests for prismic pokemon, (Im begging you!) Thank You!
thanks stellar i tried using photobucket to link them, and they seem to be working fine for me, if anyone has a problem with them though, please tell me

As for the requests im working on them now


Man was he hard
i still dont like how the feat turned out but im not very good at them :P

Also i was wondering if people think these pictures are too big, should i shrink them?
Hi, sorry about taking so long but for me, monday throught friday is complete chaos and its almost imposible for me to find time to drawl :P

Anyway here are some new requested Prismic Pokemon, as for Doran Dragon's Request im working on your team right now


i had alot of fun making him thought in the end he doesnt look like much of a prism anymore, except for the head


I never like making voltorb because so much emphasis is put on the eyes and im not very good at eyes :P


I like ditto cause hes nice and simple :D


I really like how he turned out, my favorite one so far

Thanks for all the requests, please keep it up