Professor Smeargle: Digital Art Tutorial / Tutoring Thread

i tend to alternate between long and short strokes for my lines, but to draw out general shapes for the former and to do adjustments or additions for the latter. it's really hard to do longer strokes unless you have a steady hand though so it's a matter of preference.

swift strokes are best of course, and starting off with a slightly thicker brush is easier to do. erase stuff when necessary, etc. aside from fixing mistakes, the eraser is also pretty neat for fixing up corners and ends.

also, if it helps, i like using a canvas at around 2000x2000 and my lines go anywhere from 6-12px depending on how simple the piece is going to be

p.s. i thought volmise already explained this......


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Cretacerus, mind throwing your tutorial in here rq? :)
Sure, here's a link with a short description following the format of the OP. I tried to keep it to one sentence to be in line with the other tutorials.^^
Not sure whether the original poster is still active, so perhaps a moderator could add the link to the OP?

Cretacerus: Digital Drawing on Paint.NET
This tutorial is meant as an introduction to the basic art program Paint.NET, and will go through the process of creating simple Pokemon illustrations on a step-by-step basis while covering the most important tools and functions of the program.
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A process tutorial on how to make a simple sketch
uh, i haven't really made a tutorial before so expect the worst ;v;

hope you don't mind it's not at all pokemon related
Made with paint tool sai, small wacom bamboo tablet, and too much spare time
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