Questionable Movesets

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These sets are currently on the OU | BL forum, but some are very old (like dating back in April). I'd like to know if these are still viable:
These require testing and maybe some playlogs to help solidify their success / failure. Thank you for your time.

Now for some UU stuff, where we shall officially "start". Yup, a lot of these need second glances.

- Colonel M
Close the Moltres OU Anti-lead: I've done some more testing, and it fails the criteria for being consistently useful. From my tests, it relies way too much on prediction even when faced with a favorable matchup. Therefore, I don't think its successful enough to keep its spot in the analysis.
I think Moltres is well known as a good lead in UU, but I know next to nothing about UU, so you'd have to ask franky or someone.
I believe one of the most questionable sets that remains in the analysis is 'Offensive DDNite' - which is very much outclassed by Salamence.

However, I suggest instead of arguing, there is a simple poll or something. That, or somebody with authority simply puts their foot down.


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Would you still like this for UU analysis? I can move it there if you'd like.
I have a Lead Moltres already written up merged in Xia's Moltres thread. Its similar to mtr12's but with slightly different description, tweaked EVs, and different items and movesets.
Medicham - Sub Wallbreaker This should be geared to UU, in which case Ice Punch should be removed from the set.

Clefable - Encore + Trick Just write something in the set comments of the normal Trick set. The write-up isn't fantastic anyway.

Uxie - Trick Scarf yeah, you could put this on site imo

Lanturn - OU Parafusion I included this set in the UU revamp so this doesn't really need its own thread

Magmortar - SubSalac This is so much better in UU

Metagross - RestTalk This set works in my testing of it.

Gyarados - Bulky Gyarados (Bounce) imo this edit is justified

Gengar - Double Status I would personally just add Will-o-Wisp to other options since it hits Scizor and Tyranitar. A set dedicated to status isn't Gengar's best use imo

Bibarel - OU Baton Pass Recipient honestly, unless this set is for UU, it isn't very good.

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Okay, then here's what I'm going to do:

- Bibarel seems unnecessary. Clefable and Lanturn too. Soft Delete perhaps?
- Iggeh hasn't been active since October 2nd. I might just close this and send him a PM for an fyi if he wants to do this. I'll move it to UU and keep it padlocked. I'll just throw Clefable in the same vein. The people updating these two Pokemon will be notified at least.
- Magmortar will be moved to UU since enigma is active.
Baton Pass Bibarel isn't entirely meant for OU, you know. It's proven to work and I've been swept by it numerous times. I can edit the comments to make them UU-based, but it deserves a slight mention in OU as it can rip unprepared (aka most) teams apart. The analysis is rather corny, so I can work on making it more formal / concise as well.


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As diinbong said, the OU Parafusion set for Lanturn is in the full revamp thread. However, about the actual set, it still works very very well in OU (hell it's even good in suspect for countering Manaphy), and a lot of good players can attest to this. It's a great paralyzer and just counters a lot of the annoying bulky waters in OU, and when I made the thread which was a couple of months ago, people didn't even ask for logs and just told it was very good, so I can only assume people felt the same way about the set as I did. I actually still use it on a few of my teams.

Though, of course if tabs are needed for it, it can just go up with the rest of the full revamps, or go up once we get tabs.