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Rate My UU Team (exploit the weakness)

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by MSCownage, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. MSCownage


    Jul 23, 2010
    Hello, I have been using Marriland Team Builder and testings for about a week for this team, and I have finally come to a conclusion on the matter. Enjoy and please give me feedback! :D

    *Lanturn Moltres Shaymin*​


    Special TanK

    Volt Absorb


    40 HP / 192 Def / 100 SpA / 176 SpD


    ~ Surf
    ~ Thunderbolt / Discharge
    ~ Ice Beam
    ~ Heal Bell / Thunder Wave
    *Lanturn is one of my favorite pokemon and it is actually a great pokemon. This set walls dangerous pokemon like Zapdos, magmortar, jolteon, and empoleon.(There are tons of others but that would take too long) Lanturn has great synergy with shaymin as well.

    Shaymin: Leech Seed



    252 HP / 76 SpA / 180 Spe


    ~ Leech Seed
    ~ Protect / Substitute
    ~ Seed Flare
    ~ Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ice / Earth Power
    *Like I said above, shaymin has great synergy with lanturn, taking grass and ground hits like a beast aimed at lanturn, then firing back a powerful seed flare, leech seed on the switch, or a hp fire/ice for the likes of other shaymin and steel types. Protect is key for scouting out and recovering leech seed and leftovers an extra turn.

    *Moltres: Sunny day sweeper* Timid nature*
    -Sunny Day -Morning sun -Solarbeam -Fire blast
    Ev's: 252 sp.att. 252 speed 4 def.
    *I love this set, and Moltres so much. This was Moltres' best set in 3rd gen, and it's still dangerous in 5th gen. Moltres checks pokemon like heracross, nidoking, etc. Fire blast is very powerful even without sunny day, and OHKO's almost every pokemon in UU that doesnt resist it, and some that do. Solarbeam is for those nasty rock and grass pokemon that laugh at fire blast, even in the sun. Houndoom is a problem for this set, so if you run it, make sure you got a counter to Houndoom. :P

    Moves: -Stealth Rock -Earthquake -Rock Blast -Megahorn
    Nature: Adamant
    Ev's: 160 hp, 252 attack, 96 Defense
    Rhyperior is my all time favorite pokemon ever, and he works quite well with this team. Rocks are a must and should be used as soon as possible. This defensive tank takes on the likes of Darmanitan, any pokemon choiced into a resisted move, Arcanine, etc. Rock blast> Stone edge to break substitutes and has the chance of doing more than stone edge. I've seen this set live a +3 Adamant 252 attack STAB Dragon Rush from a Hydragon. The 416 attack rips most uu pokemon apart, and has great coverage.

    *Spiritomb* Choice banded
    252 hp 252 attack 4 Defense. Adamant nature
    -Shadow Sneak -Pursuit - Sucker Punch - Trick
    Spiritomb has no weaknesses and great defenses without investment. This set is basically for any psychich type in uu. Although this set takes a ton of prediction, it is a great revenge killer, and owns any psychich type.

    Intimidate 252 hp 252 defense 6 sp. defense
    -Close Combat -Rapid spin -Foresight -Sucker Punch
    -This hitmontop takes physical hits very very well. It can stop a sweep with sucker punch and intimidate, and can rapid spin on ghosts types. This set is the perfect counter to snorlax with intimidate and close combat.

    -I hope you liked my team, give me some feedback! Thanks :)

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