RB Randomizer

Wouldn't a general randomizer thread be better? I mean, it seems silly to have a Gens 1-5 randomizer threads when could have one.

Edit: I thought we couldn't talk about ROMs, hacks, and emus here?


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OK I just read the read.me and this sounds absolutely awesome. I need to try this at some point but first I have other things that need doing. But eventually, I want to do a Let's Play of this randomizer! I just need to finish the 3 OTHER Let's Play's I'm doing first XD.
I'm doing a Nuzlocke of this, and it's been a blast so far. Gengar is an absolute boss, at least in the earlyvgame where lots of stuff only knows Normal moves because of low levels. Also I got an Omastar from the Magikarp guy, and it's pretty much been a boss so far.
Try the typing randomizer, it's crazy. I started with a Flying-type Staryu who knew Blizzard and Defense Curl, and my rival started with an Electric-type Magmar who knew Spike Cannon and Supersonic. My MVP so far is the Gloom I bought off the Magikarp guy, which happened to be a Ghost/Rock-type which knew Waterfall, Karate Chop and Swords Dance.
Played this a while ago and it was so much fun. Put pretty much everything on random and I think that's the best way to do it. Started with normal type Kanghaskan (-_-) but then caught an Electric special based gyarados a bit later on and with tm thunderbolt from brock it owned. It's final moveset was Spore, Recover, Thunderbolt and Hi Jump Kick or Earthquake.

THe only weird thing was that I got an oddish from the game corner that was level 190 which was surprising but what'd you expect from 1st gen. Great stuff, had a lot of fun :)
Streamed me playing this on NeoGAF not too long ago.
MVP was a Pidgeot that was Poison/Ghost, that had Sonic Boom (seriously this move is broken so early on), Ember, Aurora Beam, and Confusion.
You had Charmander and Vine Whip!? Was it fire/grass or something like that? Or just pure fire? Then again, this is the randomizer we're talking about. Speaking of which, I'd flip if someone LP'ed the randomizer and ended up with everything with their actual movepools, types, and stats.

Oh, what about that Mew glitch for the RB randomizer? Are the special-stat identifiers randomized? For example, Mew normally appears after a special of 21. If this was randomized, then Mew could appear after a special of 8, let's say. If this was the case, you could theoretically be the original owner of a Level 100 Mew that knew Psychic prior to facing Brock!