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RMT Archive [OU Nominations]

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by haunter, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. haunter

    haunter Banned deucer.

    Aug 6, 2007
    Hello, welcome to the 5th Generation RMT Archive nomination thread! The Black and White metagame has been developing for quite a while now, so we decided it was time to set up a dedicated archive to host the new teams.

    Here, you're free to nominate OU RMTs you feel deserves a spot in the RMT Archive. Keep the following in mind, though: We're looking for teams that bring something new to the table. Teams that perfect a certain strategy or combination. Teams that popularize a new set or obscure way of playing a certain Pokémon. Those are the kind of teams that we want to see here. DO NOT automatically nominate a team just because it has pretty pictures, lengthy descriptions, or a colorful threat list. Remember, we are trying to tell a story of the development of the metagame of a generation through RMTs, so make sure to nominate teams that meet the aforementioned criteria!

    With that said, I'd like to lay down a few ground rules:

      • Only let one person nominate a team.
      • There's no need to post here saying "I agree with this nomination". If I see any of this, your post will be deleted and possibly infracted.
      • This is self-explanatory. Explain why you nominated a team in a few brief sentences.
      • Please refrain from posting your own teams, if it deserves a spot it'll be nominated.
      • Rejected teams can only be renominated once, and only when provided with a solid reason. Nominating rejected teams multiple times will be infracted.

    Here's the format for nominating teams. Failure to follow this format will result in your post being ignored:

    [BOX]Title of the team: Make sure to hyper-link to the actual thread.

    Justification: Brief summary of why you think the team should be added.[/BOX]


    (°ᴥ°) by Harsha
    5 Minute Excadrill Sand Team by yee
    Apocalypse by mostwanted
    Aromaticity by Meru
    Christmas by Delko
    Enter The Dragon by PK Gaming and JabbaTheGriffin
    Eriatarka by Iconic
    French Orgy with Belzebuth by Grimm70
    Friend's Prophecy by Remedy
    Highway to Hell by dragonuser
    IR: The Art of Rain Stall by M Dragon
    Is Deoxys-S yet another Uber? by Eggbert
    I used to hate Rain Dance by shrang
    Layla by Iconic
    Liberation Transmission by Fiction.
    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! by Princess Bri
    Lysergic Acid Diethylamide by Stone_Cold and Alice
    no Rain, no Gain by McMeghan
    Optical Overload by Trinitrotoluene
    Rain Man by undisputed
    Reflections by Stone_Cold
    Sand Enduring Territory by Taylor
    Sexual Showers by Valentine and TFL
    Simulation of a Drought by Lavos Spawn
    Sloop John B by Snunch
    Solum's Core by Kevin Garrett
    Swimmin Pools by CTC
    Tabloo by tab and Bloo
    Team WOLF GANG by franky
    The Great Southern Trendkill by Funkasaurus and BKC
    The PDC Show by PDC
    The Schwein by Blue_Blur
    The Way It Was by Yee
    Toxic Invasion by Ojama
    Volt Turning My Way To The Top by Sir Azelf
    White Fang's Revolution by H-C


    A Blast from the Past by Zephyr
    A Year of Rainstall by Porii Sames
    Arcana Force XXI -The World- by ShakeItUp
    Art of Ruin by BKC
    Benelux Stall by Delko
    Brokenfly Dance by Stunt
    Carcharodon Megalodon by Agammemnon
    Celestial Beings-- Full Trick Room by Absolete
    Dragons and Zoroark by LucaroarkZ
    Dual Screens Double Dragon Hyper Offense! by Trinitrotoluene
    Eruption by Harsha
    Euthanasia by Gamester
    Excellence of Execution by afterburn
    Fable by IronBullet93
    Far Beyond Driven by BKC
    Frosty's Revenge by Wolfey
    Hate Crew Deathroll by BKC
    Hawaiian Air by Twash
    Hydroelectric Blackout by LampShade0wns
    I cannot think of a snappy title o.k? by ginganinja
    Life in Technicolor by PenguinX
    MarineFord HQ- Absolute Justice by SOMALIA
    Nuclear Warfare by ginganinja
    Public Enemies by MetaGross66
    Publicus Cornelius Tacitus by Nelson-X
    Rain by Dezza Laa
    Rain in the Desert by TEzeon
    Red Spray on the Snow by bubbly
    Scrafty: Dragon Warrior by New World Order
    Shaking Up The OU Metagame by ShakeItUp
    Solar Vengeance by Gamester
    So...You can't check every threat in 5th Gen OU? by New World Order
    Stunt Stall by Stunt
    Sun + Dragons by BTzz
    Team Squirrel by Squirrel
    The Brave VI by Eggbert
    The Skies Are Clear by Lamppost
    The Twin Terrors of the Rain by Trinitrotoluene
    Thunderstorms by Blue_Star
    Trick Room or Treat by Ben Gay
    TriNitroToluene by Dezza Laa
    T.R1492 by maniaclyrasist
    Une Taupe Dans Le Cul by Ojama and franky
    Vortex of Decimation by D4RR3N
    Welcome to the Ice Age by Delko
    When in Doubt, U-Turn Out! by ToF
    X5Dragon Dances All D-Nite by X5Dragon
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  2. dragonuser

    dragonuser The only thing I look up to is the sky
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    Jun 7, 2011
    Thank you for all the submissions! We, the RMT team, have decided on the newest additions to the RMT archive:
    - Friend's Prophecy by Remedy
    - The PDC Show by PDC
    - The Way it Was by Yee

    Congratulations to all whose teams were admitted, and feel free to nominate new teams for the archive.
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  3. asterat


    Jul 20, 2011
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