Gen 4 RoA Speed BKCCAT 2 - Step 6: Final Adjustments

electrics shouldn't be that big a deal with roserade (who has toxic spikes that own jolteon/opposing raikou), a relatively bulky heatran (maybe flamethrower'd be better over fire blast/magma storm), and a raikou of our own. still, i suppose a more specially defensive heatran wouldn't be a bad idea...
It looks susceptible to onsalughts of multiple special attackers, especially if faster than Raikou. Yeah, as dumb as it sounds, something like Alakazam, as long as it doesn't come in on Substitute, has a shot at 2HKOing everybody in one set. There would be little this team could do if the opponent brings in a second or third similar Pokemon (so a fast, hyper offensive team is a weakness). Or maybe even Choice or LO Zapdos (which is great in the metagame right now because it hits so hard) can force you into the prediction game. It can forgoe that and U-turn, forcing more switches to get free attacks for its fast teammates. Just a thought. Haven't tested yet, so can't be sure on it.

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LO AgiliGross with thunderpunch can pretty much 6-0 this team (Only Hitmontop can live a MM but close combat doesn't do nearly enough + the def drop). Also the team is weak to LO special attackers such as offensive starmie (team has no safe switch in against IB versions), timid HP electric heatran is also pretty annoying as you're relying on raikou to set up or gengar to KO with focus blast. IMO, a scarf rotom-w > gengar seems to work better as it checks offensive starmie and heatran w/ thunderbolt and hydro pump, and AgiliGross can't touch it (given the other 2 moves are WoW/SB and trick). Also, using a Passho berry on Heatran could alleviate the starmie weakness as well and seems to work better than Shuca for the most part.

Forgot this, but also would like to mention how scarf rotom can help check dd gyara without relying on double intimidate (in case sr is up etc).
Although I don't really like this team at all I don't think we have that many problems against special attackers bar IB LO Starmie. Raikou, Roserade and Heatran wall the majority, Gyarados can take surf and ib/grass lacking STAB. To top it off, Hitmontop is bulkier than you may think on the special side of things.

Starmie cannot switch in on Roserade nor Raikou nor Gengar. If Starmie is that big of a problem and it switches in on Heatran you could just boom, they'll also lose their spinner.

Perhaps we should switch Hitmontop for 252+ SDef Forretress.
i think the team is fine as it is. spdef heatran, bulky roserade, and scarf rotom (over gengar) are good alternatives to what we have now.
Yea sorry about that!! We're pretty much done here! :) BKCCAT lol !_! there are some similar alternatives to what we have right now that also works, same as last time, but we'll just stick to one for the final post! A bit of slashes here and there but that's just some flexibility offered to what the player prefers. So we can conclude this CCAT! :)

I'm back to school atm so I don't really have much time to host another round of RoA CCAT though >_> if anyone wants to host the next round, feel free to do so! Just drop Jelli a message :p feel free to ask me anything regarding CCAT if you have any~