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Rotom-S (Analysis) [QC 0/3]

Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by Don Honchkrorleone, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    Rotom-S is hard to use in OU, but it does well against Virizion and other stuff. Done.
    Rotom (it includes the Rotom-S too)

    • In the fourth Generation, the haunted fan already had few reasons to be used over his comrades Rotom-H, Rotom-W, Rotom-C and even Rotom-F, due his weak and not-so useful signature move Air Slash, but was still the best Spinblocker around, along with the other Rotom formes.
    • However, in the transition to B/W, all Rotom formes lost their Ghost-typing in favor of the type of their signature move. Since its signature move was a Flying-type one, Rotom-S is now a Electric / Flying Pokemon. That is very, very strange considering that Rotom-S has Levitate, making it the only Pokemon that is immune to ground that is immune to Ground.
    • Although Electric / Flying is a good typing, two other Pok√©mon are also of this typing: Zapdos and Thundurus, and they offer a severe competition (there is also Emolga, but it's hard to tell that Emolga is worth to an OU teamslot).
    • However, Rotom-S has its selling points; Unlike Zapdos and Thundurus, Rotom-S has a usable Flying-type move in Air Slash, which is very useful against Conkeldurr, Breloom and Virizion. Rotom-S has also some tools that differs him from the bird and the genie, mostly Will-O-Wisp and Trick.
    • Overall, even though he is still outclassed by the other Rotom appliances, do not feel discouraged of using Rotom-S, as it definitively has its merits and is more than worth of a teamslot.
    name: Status Platform
    move 1: Discharge
    move 2: Will-O-Wisp / Toxic
    move 3: Air Slash
    move 4: Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Ground
    Item: Leftovers
    Nature: Modest
    Evs: 128 HP / 252 SpA / 128 Spe

    Set comments
    • At first you may ask: Why use Rotom-S instead of all other Rotom formes and Zapdos? Because Rotom-S can deal very well with the most popular Guts abuser: Conkeldurr.
    • Discharge has a nifty 30% paralysis chance, and is also a strong STAB move that deals with Gyarados and Jellicent.
    • Will-O-Wisp cripples most of the physical sweepers such as Excadrill, Haxorus and Landorus.
    • Air Slash makes Conkeldurr and Heracross shuffle in fear.
    • Hidden Power Ice is Rotom-S's best weapon against Hydreigon, Latios and Latias, who have enough special bulk to take an Air Slash and can retaliate back with a powerful Dragon STAB. Neither of them wants to switch into Discharge due its high paralysis chance, though. It also catches Gliscor and Landorus.
    Additional comments
    • Toxic is an option over Will-O-Wisp, but then Rotom-S will be outclassed by Toxic Zapdos.
    • Hidden Power Ground is an option over Hidden Power Ice mainly for Jolteon, that doesn't fear burn from Will-O-Wisp so much, but most of other things that are hit super effectively by Hidden Power Ground such as Electivire and Excadrill hate Will-O-Wisp.
    • Thunder Wave can replace Discharge, but then Rotom-S would be very vulnerable against Taunt.
    • 128 Speed Evs let Rotom-S outspeed 252 Spe Adamant Breloom and a lot of Impish Gliscor that doesn't invest in their Speed. 252 Special Attack with a Modest nature for sheer power. Remaining Evs go in HP.
    Teammates and counters
    • Fire Pokemon with high Attack or Special Attack and a powerful STAB move are the best counters to this set, especially those that have Flash Fire to absorb Will-O-Wisp such as Heatran and Chandelure, unless Rotom-S is packing Hidden Power Ground.
    • Blissey and Evolution Stone Chansey are a pain to take down. Not even the burn from Will-O-Wisp nor the poison from Toxic an beat they because of Heal Bell and Natural Cure.
    • Terrakion is an excellent teammate to Rotom-S, as he can send Blissey and Evolution Stone Chansey to the Paradise, while also can take out Excadrill and Mamoswine if holding a Balloon. In return, Rotom-S paralyzes stuff to Terrakion, and also takes out most Fighting, Water and Grass-types that scares Terrakion.
    name: Choice
    move 1: Thunderbolt / Volt Change
    move 2: Air Slash
    move 3: Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Ground
    move 4: Trick
    Item: Choice Specs / Choice Scarf
    Nature: Timid / Modest
    Evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

    Set comments
    • Rotom-S, just like its fellows Zapdos and Thundurus, can be an effective user of either Choice Specs or Choice Scarf.
    • However, Rotom-S has two things that Zapdos and Thundurus doesn't have: Trick and Air Slash.
    • Thunderbolt is a strong STAB move that dents with Water and Flying Pokemon. Volt Change, although weaker than Thunderbolt, turns Rotom-S into a potent scouter provided that the foe isn't immune to Electric by some way.
    • Air Slash murders Conkeldurr, Virizion, Breloom, Heracross and other stuff.
    • Hidden Power Ice gives Rotom-S the legendary BoltBeam combo, while also destroys Gliscor and Landorus. Hidden Power Ground is mostly for Electivire and Jolteon because they can freely switch into both of Rotom-S's STAB moves, as well for non-Balloon Excadrill and other Steel-types that don't take much from Thunderbolt or Volt Change.
    • Trick disables Blissey and destroys Evolution Stone Chansey in an indirect way removing her valuable Evolution Stone. It's also a good way of dealing with physical attacking Pokemon (if Rotom-S has Choice Specs) and walls (Choice Scarf).
    Additional comments
    • Simple Evs spread for a specially-based Choice user.
    • The choice between Choice Specs and Choice Scarf are a matter of power or outspeeding Timid Scarf Heatran and killing it with Hidden Power Ground. The choice of nature also runs this way.
    Teammates and counters
    • Blissey and Evolution Stone Chansey walls this set, but Trick ruins them, especially Chansey that will lose her precious Evolution Stone.
    • Terrakion destroys both Blissey and Chansey, and also enjoys Water, Grass and Fighting-types being beaten by Rotom-S.
    • Rotom-S got a Stealth Rock weakness with his STAB Air Slash, and with a Choice item, especially if Rotom-S opted for Volt Change instead of Thunderbolt. Excadrill can Rapid Spin away those pesky Stealth Rock while it can destroy most things that Rotom-S is unable to KO.

    [Team Options]
    • Since Rotom-S is now weak to Stealth Rock, Rapid Spin is highly recommended. Rapid Spin Excadrill works well with Rotom-S because while the metallic mole Spins away those nasty floating rocks (and other entry hazards), Rotom-S counters many Fighting- and Water-type that commonly switch into Excadrill.
    • Magic Mirror Espeon also works if Rapid Spin bothers you.
    • Terrakion for already discussed reasons.
    • Ferrothorn can take out most Ground Pokemon that are immune to Rotom-S' Electric STAB moves and set up hazards to help Rotom-S.
    • Things that can take out Ground Pokemon are welcome.

    [Optional Changes]
    • An annoyer set with Confuse Ray, Discharge, Air Slash and a filler move; Rotom-S' trademark set in generation IV, can be used. However, Togekiss and Jirachi do this better because of Serene Grace.
    • Pain Split is an option for unreliable healing.
    • A Substitute + Charge Beam could work, but Rotom-W is better because of Hydro Pump to deal with Ground Pokemon.
    • Rotom-S can run Dual Screen alongside Volt Change, but it weakness to Stealth Rock limits how long Rotom-S can switch.
    • Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse are stronger hits in Reuniclus hard, but have little use outside that.
    • Hidden Power Fighting can be used if Mamoswine and Excadrill are big troubles to Rotom-S.
    • Bulkier spreads for defensive sets.

    • Bulky Grounds, especially those with decent Special Defense to take Air Slash and Hidden Power Ice and that doesn't fear Will-O-Wisp to much are excellent counters. Notable examples include special Nidoking and the extremely rare in OU Claydol and Camerupt (Camerupt is immune to Will-O-Wisp)
    • Mamoswine and Excadrill are neutral to Hidden Power Ice and can hurt Rotom-S hard with Ice Shard and Rock Slide respectively, but they must be careful of Will-O-Wisp or if Rotom-S is carrying Hidden Power Fighting.
    • Tyranitar and Terrakion have great Special Defense due Sandstorm boost, and also has STAB Stone Edge to destroy Rotom-S, but cannot switch in Will-O-Wisp (and in Terrakion's case, Thunder Wave too).
    • Blissey and Evolution Stone Chansey walls Rotom-S coldly, but both are utterly crippled by Trick, especially Chansey.
    • In general things that aren't completely destroyed by paralysis, burn, Thunderbolt or Air Slash, and have a good super effective or STAB move to dent Rotom-S can be called a counter.

    [Dream World]
    • Yeah, Rotom-S will get something from Dream World, not an Ability but more competition since Zapdos will get the upgraded Lightning Rod.
    • However, Rotom-S also got more reasons to be used because of the dangerous Technician Breloom and Iron Fist Conkeldurr.
  2. Calm Pokemaster

    Calm Pokemaster
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 18, 2009
    Minor nitpick-

    Thats teamslot.

    Major slashitis for Hidden Powers on the first set. Maybe you should explain each Hidden Power's purpose.
  3. A Man In Black

    A Man In Black

    Sep 9, 2005
    The annoyer set seems to be outclassed by similar sets on Togekiss or Jirachi, who can offer (arguably) better typing and better coverage. If you want a stally, bulky Pokemon in that typing, subroost Zapdos can also do the job and has reliable recovery. What does Rotom-S bring to the table that these don't?

    Make sure you mention Rotom-S's stealth rock weakness, particularly if you're planning to include a choice set.
  4. CTNC


    Jul 29, 2010
    Only 2 other Flying/Electrics? You forgot the Flying Squirrel
  5. Server_Crash


    Apr 1, 2010
    You forgot that this is an OU analysis,

    but the qualifier 'viable' should probably be used in there.
  6. Rhys DeAnno

    Rhys DeAnno Slacking Off

    Dec 1, 2009
    The Choice set wants Volt change somewhere methinks, at least slashed.
  7. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    This thing will become BL...

    Anyway, ready for QC checks!
  8. Bloo

    Bloo Banned deucer.

    Jan 20, 2009
    Rotom-S just isn't that great in BW OU. As an Electric / Flying-type, I would much rather use Zapdos, who can be just as annoying as Rotom-S. It's bulkier, faster, stronger, and has access to a reliable recovery move in Roost, which is a pretty big advantage. There's also the newly introduced Thundurus, who has the same typing, but much better offenses and Mischievous Heart. I don't see any reason to use Rotom-S over the aforementioned 'mons.

    Rotom-S also faces competition from its brethren Rotom-W, who is significantly more useful in the OU metagame right now. With the exception of the annoyer set, Rotom-W can also pull off sets like Choice Scarf / Choice Specs more effectively due to 1) better typing, 2) lack of Stealth Rock weakness and 3) Hydro Pump. Speaking of Rotom-S's annoyer set, Jirachi and Togekiss arguably do it better, as AccidentalGreed mentioned.

    Anyway, Rotom-S is also on the uncompetitive list here; just thought I'd provide you with a reasoning above. Moving this to L&O.
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