Rotom-S (Rain Dance)

So Zebraiken said that I could post this set since Garbodor was in the GP stage and Beheeyem is almost finished with the QC stage. So.....yeah.

If I can make a request, I would like this to NOT be the last set in the analysis when this is uploaded. This has a lot of merit, and I honestly think it is better than the rest of the sets on the analysis, minus the Choice set. Seriously, try it out. It's pretty good.

(On a side note, Hurricane would have been the perfect move on this Pokemon instead of Air Slash. Not only would it have fit the bill as a powerful, less-than-perfect-accuracy move, but it would have gone so well with Rain Dance......Oh well.)

name: Rain Dance
move 1: Rain Dance
move 2: Thunder
move 3: Air Slash
move 4: Volt Switch / Hidden Power Grass
item: Damp Rock
ability: Levitate
nature: Modest / Timid
evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

-Makes a great Rain Dance setter due to its typing, both offensively and defensively
-Checks Pokemon such as Amoonguss, Alomomola, Ludicolo, all of which would otherwise cause problems for Rain teams
-Defensively, it can switch into Grass-type moves due to its natural bulk and Flying-typing
-Thunder is Rotom-S's main STAB move, hitting hard with 100% accuracy and nailing Water-types not named Seismitoad
-Additionally, Thunder's 30% paralysis chance makes it easier for teammates to beat opponents
-Air Slash is a good secondary move, hitting Grass-types for SE damage, allowing it to eliminate Pokemon such as Amoonguss, Tangela, and other problems to Rain teams
-In a pinch, Rotom can use Thunder and Air Slash to paraflinch the opponent, but this is usually not needed
-Volt Switch can be used if sweeping with another Pokemon is preferred, allowing a teammate to switch in without fear
-HP Grass can be used over Volt Switch to eliminate Seismitoad and Golem, since Rotom-S makes a great lure for them

-EVs maximize power and Speed; Modest Nature is preferred to hit harder against opponents, but Timid can be used to outspeed more Pokemon such as Pinsir and Braviary
-HP Ice an option to hit Altaria and Golem while also hurting Seismitoad
-252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA spread with 0 Spe IVs and Quiet nature can be used to guarantee slow Volt Switch to bring in Rain Sweepers
-Pain Split can be used in the last slot in order to have a reliable form of recovery
-Makes a great partner to Seismitoad, since Rotom-S eliminates most of Seismitoad's checks fairly easily
-Ludicolo is another great partner, as it can eliminate Pokemon that Rotom-S has trouble dealing with, such as opposing Seismitoads, Altarias (with Ice Beam), and Ground-types
-Beartic is an odd choice, but it benefits from Rain Dance and can eliminate many special walls such as Lickilicky, Altaria, and Probopass with its great coverage
-Armaldo can set up Stealth Rock and benefits from Rain Dance with Swift Swim
-Gorebyss and Huntail can set up Shell Smash and proceed to wash out most of NU with powerful attacks
-Wish Support from Lickilicky allows Rotom-S to set up Rain Dance more often
-Rain Dance Mantine loves the removal of Water-types as well as the weakening of Amoonguss

(QC 3/3: MMF, Keiran, Django)


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-Mention HP Ice somewhere as well since it hits Altaria and Golem whle still hitting Seismitoad neutrally.

-Also make a mention that Wish Support from something like Lickilicky would be cool so Rotom-S can keep setting up Rain Dances throughout the match

Thats all I can think of for now but I'm gonna test this set a bit tonight and get back to you on anything.

But for now

QC Approved 1/3
Mention that a bulky set with a quiet nature and 0 speed ivs allows Rotom to volt switch out and safely bring in a rain sweeper such as ludicolo or seismitoed.
  • Mention Armaldo as a teammate. Not only does it remove Stealth Rock from the field, but it also benefits from Rain Dance due to Swift Swim. Not to mention a rain boosted Aqua Tail will easily remove Golurk.
  • Mention more rain sweepers to accompany Rotom-S, such as Gorebyss.
  • Mention that Timid is useful for outspeeding things like Sawk, Pinsir and Braviary. (Providing +Speed nature) Letting you set up rain more reliably

That's all I've got for now. Good set. When this is uploaded, this sentence should be removed from Rotom-S's OO section "A Rain Dance support set with Thunder is also a curious option, making Rotom-S one of the more effective Rain Dance users."

Will add those changes once my computer stops freaking glitching on me whenever I try to edit. In the meantime, any more input would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Computer fixed, and added the QC checks. One more to go!
since this doesn't have leftovers, i'd mention pain split for recovery, as it goes well with rotom's low HP. might also help you pull off another rain dance


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since this doesn't have leftovers, i'd mention pain split for recovery, as it goes well with rotom's low HP. might also help you pull off another rain dance
should be ac, yup.

i'd also like to see modest be the primary nature - you're only missing out on +spe 80-85s, which are reasonably rare.

i'll play with this set a little bit tonight / tomorrow and give my thoughts on it afterwards
I agree with Modest being the primary nature, good Sawk run Adamant nowadays anyway.

I'd also Mention offensive Mantine as a partner, since it likes having Water types removed and Amoonguss weakened.