Round XIX: Coconut vs Banana, Exeggutor vs Tropius!

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Normally Hitmonlee is way better, but it is just a blob with legs, so qua sprite, about every Pokemon would win from it. I know this will get a lot of competition, but i vote Hitmonchan!
Hitmonlee: Hitmonlee is a pretty funky guy. The fact that its face is inside its body is kinda offputting, but he looks the part with those legs of his (although I'd argue that Hitmonlee looks like a good puncher as well as a kicker, which is not what its concept is about). The sorta leg-warmers somehow enhance the design even if they do look quite eccentric. Stat-wise, its attack stat is immense, and whilst it has average speed, Unburden makes sure that Hitmonlee can become a potent sweeper. Its defense is godawful but I guess it can take a hit on the special side.

Hitmonchan: Hitmonchan is wearing a skirt yet only vaguely resembles a female...The head and boxing gloves are cool, but I can't get past the skirt... (don't take that out of context). The shoulder blades are also cool-lookin'. Competitively though, Hitmonchan really struggles and Hitmonlee completely outclasses it. Ima go give the win to:



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Hitmonlee kick your face. It doesn't need a head to do that. Used to like Chan more, but Hitmonlee is my preference.
I prefer Hitmonchan from the design and I also prefer it competitively because I like the coverage his punching moves give. Too bad it sucked before gen4.

Hitmonchan for me :).
I choose Hitmonlee. This guy was simply awesome when I first used him in Pokemon Red. Hitmonchan is cool too, but I feel that Hitmonlee just kicks ass (no pun intended).
Except I can't. Dammit. Um Hitmonlee because nice special bulk, no girly skirt, and because fucking ROCK LEE!
I like Hitmonchan better, but that has more to do with memories and less to do with 'badassery'. Hitmonlee seems to fit this description much more than Hitmonchan; he looks more devious and the fact that he destroys things with only his legs only adds to his resume.

Thus, I vote Hitmonlee. And for the record, I probably would have gone Zapdos last round; the only thing Raikou had going for him was that he was the first of the legendary dogs I ever saw and that he was never as hyped as Suicune or Entei back in the day (which actually makes him less badass anyways)
hitmonchan is wearing a dress, and i picked it when i first went to saffron.

that said, hitmonlee is a much better battler...

meh. go for the dress. hitmonchan.

&& use hitmonlee on showdown. it has the weirdest ass ever.


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hitmonchan at least has the decency to wear clothing, therefore it is more evolved than the primitive hitmonlee

hitmonchan wins
Hitmonchan is wearing a slight variation of boxing shorts. Youngster Joey likes shorts. Hitmonchan also is named after Jackie Chan, who rocks hardcore. Hitmonchan's design is much cooler and less lazy than Hitmonlee's. Given Hitmonchan's high special defense and high attack he is quite obviously an out fighter, like Muhammed Ali, who was "the greatest of all time".

That gives Hitmonchan Joey, Jackie Chan, coolness and not laziness, and Muhammed Ali. That's a winner. Hitmonchan.

And sorry to comment on you in two threads D R A G O N, but Hitmonchan is feared for Iron Fist-ed punches to the face.
Hitmonlee since Hitmonchan's design can look a bit awkward. Also sprite-wise I always loved Hitmonlee's poses more and it really fits, Hitmonchan doesn't always get the best treatment (pink boxing gloves in GSC?)

Also flexible legs really make it stand out from other Fighting types
Eh I don't particularly like or hate any of these guys entirely because Hitmontop trumps them both anyway.

So a gay-ish boxer with a frilly skirt (seriously, even featherweight boxers are more buff than this pussy) or a mean-eyed potato with sproingy legs? I say go with the potato. Potatoes are awesome.

I'm sure he's already winning, but I'm a hitmonlee person myself. I like the overall shape, and eye style more. Also his attacking limbs look significantly cooler.

Spike Foot>Boxing Glove

cant say

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Hitmonlee looks like how I used to draw people as a young lad, a head with arms and legs coming out of it, no body. He also fights like Dhalsim from the old street fighters. So overall a winner for me.

I'd also like to point out he has opposable thumbs in comparison to the perma-glove wielding Hitmonchan, which puts him one-up again on the primitive Hitmonchan
I choose hitmolee because it wears a bag over its head and its generally more useful than hitmonchan. Hitmonlee makes bruce lee proud, but hitmonchan makes jackie chan dissapointed.
For all those people who chose Hitmonchan, do you really want this?

Look at him, he's hiding behind his gloves like a little wimp.

Yeah, that's what I thought. No, you want this badass.

See this guy? He knows you can't take him on, so he may as well pretend to suck before he kicks your ass(quite literally).

So vote Hitmonlee.
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