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RU Theorymonning

Discussion in 'BW RU' started by Kenny, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. MicfiJasan


    Nov 15, 2012
    Since XY has started, I figure I'll make one last post with several of my own Theorymons that are interesting in a metagame-sense, but probably don't make sense flavorwise. All of these stem from Balanced Hackmons, so there could be some broken stuff here too, but whatever.

    1. What if Misdreavus had Normalize?
    While at first turning all of Missy's moves to the Normal-type seems like a bad idea, she also has access to Skill Swap. This means that the first switch-in to Missy will be completely unable to do anything to her. The biggest impact, though, is with Kabutops. Since Misdreavus has a higher base speed than Kabutops, Missy can come in and guarantee that Kabutops cannot spin, something other spinblockers tend to have trouble with. Hitmonchan becomes pretty much the only thing that can spin on her, since I believe Foresight still works. Cryogonal can get into a stall war I guess, since his high special defense walls everything Missy can throw at it. She can also wreck Pursuit users with this as well, since the main ones (Absol, Escavalier, Spiritomb) are all slower than her as well.

    2. What if Tangrowth had Prankster?
    Prankster sleep is always great utility, and Prankster recovery makes him a bitch to kill, but something interesting about this that hasn't been utilized by GameFreak is that Prankster can give access to the highest BP priority move in Nature Power. Tangrowth's 100 base attack makes him the strongest user of this priority (tied with Sawsbuck and Shiftry) which makes this quite the interesting option. Fast Fire-types are no longer solid answers for Tangrowth, as he OHKOs all of them bar Entei and Moltres with Nature Power. It makes physical sets more viable by slightly decreasing the amount of Pokemon who can revenge kill him. However, Mesprit with Ice Beam, HP Fire Rotom-C, and Moltres are still solid answers, being immune to his priority, outspeeding, and preying on his weaker defense.

    3. What if Munchlax had Imposter?
    Okay, aside from the fact that this makes no sense, this is the closest RU can get to Imposter Chansey. It can now come in with 135 HP and add Eviolite boosted bulk onto whatever comes in. Anything that sets up has to deal with itself at likely higher HP and boosted Defenses. For example, All-Out Sceptile only 4HKOs itself (HP Rock is a 3HKO), while Munchlax 2HKOs back. Even if it is somewhat situational, I see this being better than what he has now. If he isn't abusing Eviolite for bulk (eg. using a Scarf/Lefties instead), Wailord would be a better Imposter, even though that makes even less sense.

    4. What if Musharna had Magic Bounce?
    This is arguably the most likely to actually happen from a flavor perspective. Obviously, this wouldn't last too long in RU, as it's by far the bulkiest Bouncer available, and even has access to Heal Bell to remove status and a slow Baton Pass to troll Pursuit users. Unfortunately, that slow speed makes it quite difficult to predict if the Pursuiter also carries other Dark STAB, like Absol. Mold Breaker Druddigon becomes the best Stealth Rocker in the tier, being able to lay them down through Magic Bounce. Pinsir could potentially, albeit unlikely, see use for Stealth Rock as well, as it also has Mold Breaker and STAB X-Scissor to scare Mushy out.
  2. colourcodedchaos


    May 28, 2013
    What if Tangrowth had Prankster?

    Then everyone would start sobbing uncontrollably, and Moltres' use would shoot up. Prankster, in combination with Nature Power and sleep, is a horrible thing to deal with, but another effect might be the increase in use of fast Rotom and Sceptile sets - even more than normal, that is. Levitate completely bypasses Nature Power, and under the new XY mechanics, Grass-types are immune to spore effects, so they might get a bit more play. I realise that this is only really the answer to one thing rather than the other, but whatcha gonna do, Prankster makes Tangrowth a very difficult proposition for RU to deal with.

    Now, here's a couple of things that I thought might be worth considering.

    1: What if Escavalier learned Shift Gear?

    2: What if Ember had +1 Priority?
  3. The TurtleLord

    The TurtleLord

    Aug 14, 2013
    What if Escavalier learned Shift Gear?

    while it might sound good at first, a plus 2 escavalier is outsped by like almost everything in the tier, and shift gear only raises your attack by one stat, so you would be better off using sd u:

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