Sawk (Bulk Up) [QC 1/3]


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name: Bulk Up
move 1: Bulk Up
move 2: Close Combat
move 3: Stone Edge
move 4: Substitute / Taunt
item: Leftovers
nature: Jolly
ability: Sturdy
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

- Instead of spamming Close Combat, this set aims to attempt a sweep with Bulk Up's Attack boost boosting its Attack, and being able to switch moves so stuff like Drifblim and Altaria doesn't stop you.
- The greatest thing about this set is being able to set up on common switchins, and then go for a sweep after a couple of Bulk Ups. For example, Alomomola can't status and Waterfall can't break Sawk's Substitute after a Bulk Up. Misdreavus' Shadow Ball also doesn't 3HKO, and +2 Stone Edge 2HKOes Misdreavus after Stealth Rock, or at +3 without it.
- Close Combat is Sawk's best STAB move, Stone Edge provides the best coverage.
- Substitute vs Taunt depends on preference, Substitute prevents stuff like Rotom-S from revenge killing you, but Taunt makes sure you won't get statused unlike Substitute which will result in mindgames if the opponent can break the Sub in one hit.

- Simple spread, Jolly nature is necessary for things like other Sawks, Skuntank, and Magmortar. You can invest more bulk but you'll miss the power.
- Leftovers for recovery as that lets it beat Misdreavus easier, also helps recovering from Sub damage. If you have Taunt, you could use Black Belt to bluff a Choice set.
- Quagsire beats this, might wanna use a Grass-type like Leafeon or Torterra.
- Musharna is annoying, Dark-types like Skuntank and Absol help with that.
Fuck why doesn't it get Drain Punch


Otherwise, pretty cool set.

You should probably mention that using Close Combat makes you lose your Defense boosts :/



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I'd like to see some logs before I QC this; it looks like a good idea, but I don't know whether Sawk can reliably beat its common switch-ins like you state it can. It can get a Bulk Up as Misdreavus, Amoonguss, Vileplume, and Tangela switch in, and it can block a status attack with Substitute, but after this point, they'll just likely keep spamming special attacks until they go down, as they can all break Sawk's Substitutes (Alomomola is practically the only Sawk switch-in that uses physical attacks). This ensures that Sawk doesn't get to maintain a Substitute, leaving it to be revenge killed by a plethora of faster special attackers (and if Sawk's at low health, most physical attackers). Relying on Stone Edge's accuracy to beat Misdreavus also isn't ideal.

If Sawk uses Taunt instead, the same thing happens, except Sawk takes slightly more damage. And the set doesn't really help against Psychic types either.

I suppose this could be effective as a double-dragon strategy, where Sawk breaks through another pokemon's checks, and getting a free Bulk Up when the opponent switches to something other than a physical wall can also be helpful if you have Sturdy up, so I'm not going to reject this either.

On an unrelated note: I thought sets weren't being passed through QC until the current ones have been finished and uploaded?
yeah what erisia said, except I'm rejecting this

QC Rejected 1/3

If you can find some tangible logs to show that this works outside of "surprise value", I will consider revoking this, but for the time being I don't think this set works.


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both of the above posts are correct, and for when I do allow new revamps

QC Reject 2/3

giving bulky sets to frail pokemon????

also your teammates are WAY off base so I kind of suspect you haven't actually played NU much at all


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i really don't see what this has over CB sawk, who can just spam +1 attacks, and you'll be switching out of most of your counters like missy and such with this set as well, sooo

i guess this is over and out, then

(note @ everyone else: this does not mean you can post new sets please)