Sawsbuck (Uber Analysis) [QC 0/2]

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QC Approvals: 0/2
GP Approvals: 0/2

<p>When one first lays eyes on Sawsbuck, one may find that it is outclassed by other Chlorophyll sweepers such as Shiftry and Venusaur due to its inability to learn Growth; however, Sawsbuck possesses certain advantages over said Chlorophyll sweepers, such as a higher base Speed stat of 95, allowing it to outspeed certain threats, which Shiftry and Venusaur cannot, such as Choice Scarf Darkrai, Shaymin-S and Mewtwo. This Speed stat also grants Sawsbuck the ability to naturally outspeed non-Scarf Kyogre and tie with Rayquaza, a feat which other Sun sweepers cannot boast; this is important since Kyogre and Rayquaza are huge threats to sun. In addition, Sawsbuck gets a way of healing itself through a STAB Horn Leech, as well as Nature Power (which is always Earthquake on Wi-Fi) and Jump Kick, moves that give Sawsbuck a way to deal with Steel-types without having to resort to Hidden Power. Underestimate this deer at your own risk.</p>

name: Swords Dance
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Return
move 3: Horn Leech
move 4: Jump Kick / Nature Power
item: Life Orb
ability: Chlorophyll
nature: Jolly / Adamant
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


<p>This is probably Sawsbuck's best chance of getting a sweep. Swords Dance escalates Sawsbuck's already decent Attack stat to 598 if using Jolly, or 656 if using Adamant. Return is a powerful Normal-type STAB move, and is Sawsbuck's best bet against Lugia and most Dragon-type Pokemon seen in the Uber tier. Return also OHKOs Ho-Oh, a Pokemon that Chlorophyll sweepers have trouble dealing with, after one Swords Dance. Horn Leech is Sawsbuck's second STAB move, scoring super-effective hits on weather inducers commonly seen in the Uber tier, while regaining HP. The fourth move is for coverage, and allows Sawsbuck to defeat Steel-types that would otherwise wall it: Jump Kick hits Ferrothorn, Skarmory and Bronzong; Nature Power hits Jirachi, Metagross, but also prevents the new powerhouses Reshiram and Zekrom from wreaking havoc.</p>


<p>The above EV spread takes advantage of Sawsbuck's ability to outspeed weather inducers and tie with Rayquaza. If one is not worried about Kyogre or Rayquaza, an EV spread of 80 HP / 252 Atk / 176 Spe can be used. This spread allows Sawsbuck to outspeed Choice Scarfed Shaymin-S and Mewtwo in strong sunlight. One can also opt for an EV spread of 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe with an Adamant nature: Sawsbuck gains extra power but is prone to being revenge killed by Choice Scarfed Shaymin-S. Double-edge can be used over Return, which secures a KO on 252 HP / 24 Def Lugia after Stealth Rock damage and one Swords Dance, but the recoil added to Life Orb recoil is unappealing. If Steel-type Pokemon are of no concern, one can use Megahorn in the fourth slot. An unboosted Megahorn will KO Mewtwo after Stealth Rock damage, as well as Darkrai, and OHKO Grass Arceus and the rare Psychic Arceus and Deoxys-D after a Swords Dance.</p>

<p>Sunlight is a necessity for Sawsbuck to function. Therefore, the first Pokemon that you team Sawsbuck with should be Groudon, who provides infinite sunlight. Sawsbuck also appreciates entry hazards. Again, Groudon is a good option, since it can lay down Stealth Rock. Other options are Ferrothorn, Forretress and Deoxys-S who are able to set up Stealth Rock and Spikes. Forretress can also set up Toxic Spikes.</p>

[Optional Changes]

<p>Sawsbuck has been gifted with a wide support movepool, but unfortunately for Sawsbuck it can't really use any of them effectively in Ubers. It gets Baton Pass, and while it seems like a good option with Swords Dance, Work Up and Agility, Mew outclasses Sawsbuck with better bulk and Taunt. Sawsbuck gets Thunder Wave, which is a good move to have on a Grass-type Pokemon since Ground-type Pokemon will not switch in, but Grass Arceus and Ferrothorn are more effective users of Thunder Wave. Aromatherapy allows Sawsbuck to alleviate his team of status, but it is generally too frail and will usually only get a one time use out of it. The same can be said for Synthesis, which, in sun, heals 2/3 of Sawsbuck's full HP. Sawsbuck could use Safeguard to prevent status from crippling Sawsbuck and ending a sweep, but it is rare that the opponent will status Sawsbuck instead of going for the KO.</p>

<p>While Sawsbuck gets a lot of support options, it also gets a couple of other attacking moves, the most notable being Wild Charge and Faint Attack. Neither of those attacks are of much use though: Wild Charge has unappealing recoil and only hits Flying-types, who are, for the most part, OHKO'd by +2 Return, for extra damage; whereas Faint Attack is the only physical move in Sawsbuck's arsenal that can hit Giratina super-effectively, but it still fails to OHKO either Giratina forme even after a Swords Dance and one round of Stealth Rock damage.</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>Sawsbuck's biggest counters are both Giratina formes: Giratina-O is immune to Return, Jump Kick and Nature Power and is resistant to Horn Leech. Giratina-O will also OHKO Sawsbuck with Hidden Power Fire. Giratina doesn't have the immunity to Nature Power, but it is more than bulky enough to survive anything Sawsbuck throws and cripple it with Will-o-Wisp. Ghost Arceus survives a +2 Horn Leech and OHKOs Sawsbuck with Focus Blast. Skarmory can easily take a +2 Jump Kick and OHKO Sawsbuck with Brave Bird.</p>

<p>If you are running an Adamant Sawsbuck, Choice Scarf Shaymin-S and Mewtwo can revenge kill it with Air Slash and Flamethrower respectively. Using Adamant also leaves you open to max Speed Kyogre, who will easily KO Sawsbuck with Ice Beam. Rayquaza can come in thanks to its ability, Air Lock, which negates sun and, by extension, Chlorophyll, and will therefore tie or outspeed Sawsbuck, depending on the EV spread chosen. Finally, strong priority users such as Normal Arceus and Scizor can pick off a weakened Sawsbuck with Extremespeed in Arceus' case, or Bullet Punch in Scizor's case.</p>

[Dream World]

<p>Dream World is a mixed blessing for Sawsbuck. Sawsbuck gains Serene Grace through Dream World, which doubles the chance of a move's secondary effect occurring, but is completely useless compared to Chlorophyll and should not be used. On the positive side, Sawsbuck received a new partner in Shadow Tag Chandelure. Chandelure resists the Fire-, Ice-, Poison-, Bug-, and Fighting-type attacks that Sawsbuck is weak to, while Sawsbuck resists Water-, Ground- and Ghost-type attacks. Chandelure can check Normal Arceus, who is KO'd by Overheat after a little bit of prior damage. Chandelure also beats all of the common Spikers that plague the Uber tier; this reduces the need to run Jump Kick on Sawsbuck, who normally uses it to tackle Steel-types. However Chandelure becomes a counter to any Sawsbuck that still runs Jump Kick.</p>
I dont see much use for this in ubers. The chlorophyll SD physical sweeper can work but in very specific condition. With kyogres and rayquaza's around every corner sawsbuck will have to switch almost every 1-2 moves. And even if it can outspeed what can it kill ?? Also almost everything in the uber tier can OHKO sawsbuck. Overall a rather lacklustre pokemon. It may have a niche in OU but probably not in ubers.
Using your logic, that means every single chlorophyl user of ubers is useless seeing as that is the same case for almost every chlorophyl user.
Using your logic, that means every single chlorophyl user of ubers is useless seeing as that is the same case for almost every chlorophyl user.
In the uber's tier yes that is true. Unless that particular chlorophyll user has stellar offenses or defenses which sawsbuck lacks.
In the uber's tier yes that is true. Unless that particular chlorophyll user has stellar offenses or defenses which sawsbuck lacks.
I kinda forgot to put it on the skeleton but if need be Sawsbuck can outspeed other weather inducers (and tie with Rayquaza) and subsequently KO them. So I'll add other spreads later. Also, barry, none of the Chlorophyll users have stellar offenses or defenses.
That doesn't mean chlorophyl users are useless, though. Examples such as jumpluff (in gen 4), shiftry, exeggutor and venusaur have all been viable although with somewhat less success than swift swimmers.
I can't approve this yet because Sawsbuck never had an Uber analysis before and whether it has potential in Ubers is still unknown. I have to wait for the rest of the QC team and Jibaku to decide on it.

STAB Return is something nice though. Jump Kick is a decent advantage it has over Venusaur. The 252 / 64 Lugia spread is outdated in this gen. Lugia will usually be using 252 / 24 or all out defensive with a Bold nature.

I think Sawsbuck needs more testing. Some people have used it successfully though and I am sure you are having some success with it. Faint Attack while weak can actually KO min HP Giratina-O after Stealth Rock damage at +2.

If you can provide battle logs of Sawsbuck sweeping some decent Ubers teams then it can convince the Uber QC team to approve it. Megahorn can almost OHKO Mewtwo and OHKO Darkrai so I guess that is something useful.

It's always better to wait for the Skeleton to be approved first before writing the analysis in full, unless you are confident about it.


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At least you're not -Charmander- and already have your approvals.

Some of our researchers have tested and proven Nature Power is always EQ on WiFi.

Not sure on this yet, I need to test it, but with Swords Dance, outspeeding Kyogre and Ho-Oh naturally, and STAB Return/Jump Kick to blow past a lot of Pokemon that otherwise wall Sun sweepers make this deer actually pretty promising.
No, Growth increases attack and special attack by two levels in the sun, whereas Work Up only increases them by one level.
It still doesn't matter. When would Sawsbuck ever use Special Attacks anyways? Hidden Powers and Shadow Ball are too weak in Ubers, especially coming from a base-60 Special Attack. His physical attacks outclass anything he has specially and provide him with already good coverage. You've got Swords Dance to boost your Attack +2 anyways. I say remove any mention of Growth, because it truly is irrelevant for Sawsbuck.


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So after extensively testing this thing...I'm going to reject it. It doesn't have enough bulk to consistently set up, and even then its walled by a lot of common things (Ghost Arceus, Giratina, Giratina, etc.) and any priority move not named Shadow Sneak owns it. It used to be able to set up on Forretress, but Payback usage is dwindling in favor of Gyro Ball so it can't even do that anymore. It's not strong enough initially to force anything out to force anything out and it takes hits like a wet paper bag.

Outspeeding Kyogre is nice but overall other offensive Chlorophyllers such as Venusaur and Shiftry outclass it.

Sawsbuck didn't do well. It sweeps in UU but Ubers is a different thing. Giratina-O is one of the most common beasts around and you don't want to get walled by it. Skarmory, Lugia(Bold), and many Arceus formes such as Grass Arceus, Ghost Arceus.

Toxic Forretress is becoming much more common too. Speed Tie with Rayquaza is awesome but that's not enough of a reason to use in Ubers effectively. Setting up on Ferrothorn without Gyro Ball is cool but so can any other Chlorophyll user such as Venusaur who is bulkier, absorbs Toxic Spikes and has Sleep Powder to buy time for it to setup.

Sorry bro

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