Season 2 (Week 1 [ADV #1]) Won by Giga Punch

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  • There are no subs
  • No stalling allowed (this means you are not allowed to take forever in between turns)
  • If you have won, you must save your log and PM the host of the tournament that you have won
  • You may not watch any other battles in this tournament until you have officially lost, watching other battles in the tournament will result in instant disqualification!
  • Breaking ANY rule is grounds for instant disqualification. Be sure to follow ALL rules. They are here for you to see, there are no excuses.
  • PP Ups should be on by default unless BOTH players want them off.
  • If your battle is taking longer than 15 minutes, a host may choose a winner at his discretion if the battle is lagging the tournament. If you have more pokemon, you will most likely get the win, but if the other person has a clear advantage and you have more pokemon, they will most likely get the win.
Smogon Tour Advance Rules
  • No Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Wobbuffet/Wynaut, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Deoxys (all forms)
  • No illegal movesets
  • No OHKO moves (No Horn Drill, Fissure, Guillotine, or Sheer Cold)
  • No Evasion moves (No Double Team or Minimize)
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • XD moves WILL be allowed
  • Freeze Clause
  • No Self-KO allowed on last pokemon
  1. goofball
  2. Groudon69
  3. cookkirby
  4. M3K
  5. Aeolus
  6. ShinySandslash
  7. Cloud
  8. Omni
  9. 0mastar
  10. Veteran in Love
  11. The communist plant
  12. gotei(13) hyorinmaru
  13. JMC
  14. Devil 13
  15. Giga Punch"
  16. Black Leather Jacket
  17. NNEM
  18. Sanders
  19. natalie
  20. xinsomniacboix
  21. Floppy Disk
  22. tatersalad14
  23. Jackal
  24. Pyrotechnix
  25. Spaceflare
  26. Anyone
  27. Stonerchris
  28. zeroality
  29. skarm
  30. skslobkilla
  31. Internet Duck
  32. The Music Man
Round 1
The Communist Plant vs Colonel Sanders
TheMusicMan vs Anyone
Jackal vs M3K
xinsomniacboix* vs Internet Duck
Skarm vs Giga Punch"
Pyrotechnix vs cloud
Stonerchris** vs Black Leather Jacket
Veteran In Love vs JMC
groudon69 vs omni
Skslobkilla vs zeroality
gotei(13) hyorinmaru vs natalie
cookkirby vs Devil 13
0mastar vs Floppy Disk
SpaceFlare vs tatersalad14
ShinySandslash vs goofball
Aeolus vs NNEM

*-Atlas has subbed in for xinsomniacboix
** Syberia has subbed in for stonerchris

xinsomniacboix will receive -5 points.
stonerchris will receive -5 points.

Round 2
Aeolus vs Giga Punch"
gotei(13) hyori vs tatersalad14
Anyone vs Devil 13
JMC vs goofball
Black Leather jack vs cloud
M3K vs 0mastar
omni vs Internet Duck
Sanders vs Skslobkilla

Round 3
Giga Punch"
vs Black Leather Jack
Sanders vs Goofball
Internet Duck vs tatersalad14
0mastar vs Anyone

Giga Punch"
vs Anyone
Sanders vs Internet Duck

Giga Punch"
vs Internet Duck

Giga Punch" wins Week 1 of the Smogon Tour Season 2!

Congrats !
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