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Veteran In Love
Dec 20, 2004
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Veteran In Love

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sunday is perfect. 1 EST? Jan 24, 2014

    1. Golden Gyarados
      Golden Gyarados
      What score did you win by in RBY Cup?
    2. Level 56
      Level 56
      When can u play for gsc cup?
    3. Mr.E
      EST, free all week except possibly Thu-Fri. Suddenly might be jobless (again) and be free then too!

      I very much suggest we play sometime over the weekend while I work this shit out, serious IRL matters are more important than mons.
      1. Mr.E
        Bro I can't even reply to your PM for some reason, but scheduling should be done in public here anyway.

        Weekend, please. Anytime Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Maybe Thursday... prob not though. I am not mentally fit to play sooner.
        Feb 13, 2017
      2. Mr.E
        Although that didn't stop me from bopping New Breed after he insisted I play on one of my two whole work days instead of my other five days off.
        Feb 13, 2017
      3. Mr.E
        "If anytime Friday will work, lets say noon-1 EST on Friday? or the morning will do as well."

        Noon(ish) Friday it is then.
        Feb 15, 2017
    4. Mizuhime
      When play homie, I'm est and work midnights so most early nights work for me answer on vm pls
    5. qwily
      hy we're opps for the gsc cup. i'm gmt +2 and pretty flexible, so just tell me a time and i'll see if i can make it
    6. k3nan
      dpp cup when ? gmt +2
    7. Alexander.
      hey man we gotta play for adv cup, i'd like to have some time to prepare and stuff so how bout sometimes next week? i'm gmt +2 btw
    8. Valentine
      hey vil! i'll be in touch with you this week to help fakes schedule. when are you available to play this week?
    9. Triangles
      Hi, when do u want to play for spl. I can play thurs fri sat at most times of day and im GMT 0.
    10. dekzeh
      Sunday is indeed perfect but 13h EST is a bit too early for me. What about 15h EST?
    11. undisputed
      when do u want to play for spl
    12. PDC
      when do you want to play for rby classic? i'm EST
    13. 1996ITO
      sunday is perfect. 1 EST?
      jk, add me on skype and i will tell you when im ready.
      skype: i1996ito
    14. Prankster.
      Hey VIL! We're paired up for Round 4 of RBY Classic. Really looking forward to playing you as it's been years. I prefer to play on the weekend or mid-week at the earliest(like Thursday). I'm GMT -5 EST. Let me know what works for you buddy.
    15. Maestro Arena
      Maestro Arena
      Hi. I'm your next RBY tournament rival. I'm GMT+2. When can you play?
    16. Asuya
      hey champion, when can you play for rby cup? i am aviable whenever you want
    17. xray
      hey, when can you play for dpp cup?
    18. Slimmer
      hey, when do u want to play for adv cup? im gmt+2
    19. sulcata
      ayyy gurl when u wan fite? I should be open around 4-11 PM EST for most of the week (I can try earlier if need be). Weekends I'd probably have a little more time, but I'd rather not schedule Sunday.

      Do you want to play on PO, or PS? A minor note, but I'm not sure if showdown has the status+stat drop glitches implemented yet and I know PO does.

      edit: according to isa, PS doesn't
    20. Epic M
      Epic M
      Hi :)
      We are paired for R2 of DPP Cup, I'm GMT +2 and I'm mainly available on late afternoon and my evenings.
    21. Ununhexium
      Fuck I have to fight you
    22. The.Lost.Hylian
      VIL it has been too long :O
    23. bugzinator
      when do u wanna play for bw cup? im available rn and evenings gmt+1
    24. Snobalt
      Hey you have your 2nd trophy
    25. Eminegg
      omg vil is back :D
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