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regularly active 2009 - 2011(ish) (am i back now tho idk yet)

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»Ambipom is some sort of serial rapist
»Alakazam spoon eyes
»Alakazam and Heracross drunk and pushing off
»Bidoof hates your soul
»Blastoise Dad
»Blaziken peeing
»Blissey is a fuckin cunt
»Breloom makes spore useful
»Breloom Party1
»Celebi buttholes
»Chikorita ugh please kill me
»Cubone, "I dream to heal your wounds but I bleed myself" (HOPT)
»Cyclohm for The Smog
»Dragonite is a chubby belly with legs
»Drifloon poof
»Diglett Road Warrior
»Doduo Pchat
»Dunsparce is my heart
»Dunsparce is so cool I wish he were good
»Ekans and his Youngster will rip your shit apart
»Ekans is about to get owned by Rhyhorn
»Erika & Oddish nugs
»Espeon train doodle
»Farfetch'd why do you exist
»Forretress is my bomb buddy
»Forretress doodle
»Furret fuhzuh
»Furret sock
»Furret suicide
»Girafarig fart
»Golbat RBY
»GS Player 1
»Grotle Curse
»Groudon & Azumarril The Smog
»Growlithe Whippet
»Gyarados Party1
»Hamburger the Crobat & RG
»Hamburger the Crobat FFFF
»Hamburger the Crobat attack
»Haunter confuzzled
»Heroes of Pallet Town (HOPT)
»Heatran is sort of dumb
»Hitmonchan punchout
»Houndour MS Paint doodle
»Houndoom pee train doodle
»Houndoom doodle
»Hypno sleepy
»Hypno Sharpie and ballpoint pen
»Hypno meditate
»Hypno & Raticate train doodle
»Infernape poop
»Kakuna & Bayleef pchat
»Kakuna and Metapod / Ken and Macks (HOPT)
»Kakuna not borrowed but completely stolen
»Kitsunoh for The Smog
»Koffing coffee comic
»Koffing grin
»Koffing is a burnout
»Latias Party1
»Ledian will punch you
»Lickitung fear
»Machoke skag
»Machop slave
»Magcargo attack
»Magmortar more like FAGmortar
»Magikarp evolve
»Magnemite pchat bzzt
»Mamoswine spears
»Mareep is a fucking poomf
»Marowak train doodle mommy
»Meditite is neurotic
»Meganium doodle
»Metagross Party1
»Minun is a pussy destroyer
»Mr. Mime someone kill me
»Nidoking raaah
»Nidoking doodle
»Oddish blunt
»Oddish sad
»Omanyte extinct
»Onix alcoholic
»Parasect heart
»Parasect heart 2: This Time It's Personal
»Parasect braaiins
»Pikachu wat
»Piloswine tag
»Pokedoodles gboard
»Pokepuns Electric
»Pokepuns Ice
»Pokepuns Rock
»Poliwag plays Katamari
»Poliwag got no arms :c
»Primeape raeg comic
»Quagsire pchat (colored by Toxi)
»Quagire and Rattata awkward
»Raichu is fat
»Rapidash VS Rampardos WYT
»Rattata miss you
»Rattata will Hyper Fang your taint
»Rattata run away
»Rhydon is my final forme
»Riolu fightan
»Rocket Grunt Lost at Sea
»Rocket Grunt dicks
»Rocket Grunt plays Cave Story sometimes
»Rocket Grunt eats baby pussy
»Rocket Grunt word son
»Rocket Grunt Waluigi
»Rocket Grunt i dunno lol
»Rotom Snorlax fridge
»Rotom-H Party1
»Salamence with a trackpad
»Scizor pchat doodle
»Shellder Slugma and Mankey are buddies
»Snorlax is a chub
»Sunkern has great base stats
»Shuckle heart
»Slugma is a molten booger
»Tauros anal probe
»Togetic is pretty beast
»Togekiss is Tangerine
»Torterra & Captain Planet
»Totodile wtf
»Tropius Quasire okay sweet deal
»Typhlosion vs Ursaring
»Typhlosion says raaaahhhhhhh
»Tyranitar Party1
»Tyrogue fightan
»Ursaring doodle
»Venusaur more like PENISaur
»Vileplume stun spore
»Wigglytuff yoom-tah
»Whismur in a lil cap
»Wobbuffet fleehhhhh
»Wooper LOVE ME
»Wyoming Tourney logo
»Yanmega is a plane
»Zangoose J-Off
»Zubat goes kee! kee!

love always,

Stole this idea.

He's using confuse ray or something, I dunno.

That wacky bastard.

He always looked more like a Digimon to me.

Parasect is one of my favorites.

Erika is my favorite.

Alternate Parasect where the mushroom has taken over its mind.

Whippet and Growlithe mix breed.

Shuck you.
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Rocket Grunt

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Thanks a lot dudes :D

Here are some more cute(?) ones:

Oddish is weed~

It must suck to realize that you're billions of years away from home.

Sometimes I feel bad for these dudes.

Thanks again, guise.

I'll also do requests because I have no life and whatnot, if you guys need an avatar, etc. I'll have to lurk the request boards or something later.
infernape peeing please, but make sure to illustrate that he does it better than blaziken.

I want for user lee to see that there isn't anything that blaziken can do that infernape can't do better (baton pass doesn't count)

machop is wicked by the way.
This stuff is awesome, you seem to put a lot of effort into this!
Haha, your sense of humor is amazing. I won't pick out certain things because everything's been said already D:

Why can't I draw this well? SHUCK YOU.
Then I need to go out and buy some oddish...

Omastar/nyte is hilarious and this thread is win

If you could draw a brightly coloured picture of a totodile gnoshing on a magikarps innards, that'd be sweet :U


The very best...
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I enjoy your style. It's a bit of a darker twist mixed with some wit.

I would love you long time if I could see what you can do with Mamoswine. ;)

Rocket Grunt

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Yeah, anybody can definitely use whatever they want as an avatar or whatever. Thank youuu ;u;

I'll get crackin' on a pissing Monferno, a voracious Totodile, and a Mamoswine as soon as the PC in my house is vacant :0 !