Showdown! Randbats Tournament! [Round 1]

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Won vs Manu in a fun set (2-1).

I was dominating game 1 until a Sub/Sleep Powder/Giga Drain/HP Fire Eggy killed my entire team under sun (a crit helped vs my Hypno, grrrr).
Game 2 was rather close until Rotom-C Sub Painsplit appeared, only stopped by an Arceus Ground toxik stalled by my Swablu.
Finally, game 3 was a litteral Stoutland Showdown where the CB Dog proceed to kill 5 mon. The team match-up helped tho :

GGz, it was fun !


OBJECTION! What do you mean I have a weakness now?!
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Won versus Orivexes
Game 1 was pretty normal, he won.
I won games 2 and three, but I got some good hax in those two, but he got a good hit or two. I ended up winning the third with Contrary Snivy, which is epic.
GG Orivexes!!
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