Simisear (Skeleton-WIP)

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Simisear has mediocre stats, outside of speed, being 101. Both its attack stats are an average 98, making it lack power. But, using it in the VGCs can surprise some people, if they don't have Rock Slide of EQ. 63 in both defenses is just horrible, plus the 75 base HP making it worse. But, with the proper team, Simisear can hopefully score a KO (or two, if you're really really good) .

Name: Nasty Plot
move 1: Heat Wave
move 2: HP Rock
move 3: Grass Knot
move 4: Nasty Plot
nature: timid
item: Life Orb/ Focus Sash
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe


<p> Nasty Plot comes in handy with a Pokemon like Simisear, with attack stats that are only useful with a boosting move. With a NP boost, Simisear can do some damage with STAB Heat wave, hitting both opponents. Hidden Power Rock is for coverage, and can do some real damage to any pokemon that is weak to rock and has no defense EVs or boost. Grass Knot is also for coverage, KOing his heavy water-type counters, like Samurott. Timid is the perfered nature, to get maximum speed. Life Orb is to ensure power, but Focus Sash is to get 1 Nasty Plot before dying. </p>

<p> the item you use depends if you want more power right off, or get a boost in. If you go with Life Orb, you will probably die if you survive a EQ or rock slide. With the Focus Sash, you can get a Nasty Plot in and outspend, if your partner Pokemon can KO faster threats. </p>

Name: Physical Attacker
move 1: fire punch
move 2: crunch
move 3: acrobatics
move 4: rock slide
nature: jolly
item: Flying Gem
evs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Spe

The physical attacker is here if you want variety or, if your team has enough Special, the Simisear fits in. His attacking options are pretty straight forward. Fire Punch is th obvious STAB move, plus the chance for a Burn might let him survive an attack. Crunch is a coverage move, plus a slight chance for flinching if you're fast and lucky. Acrobatics is your most powerful move once you consume your Flying Gem (which boosts it a bit). Rock Slide is for hitting pesky flying types and both opponents at the same time. The EVs are straight forward, max out speed and attack. Jolly nature is to out speed certain threats, if they use a neutral nature with no investments.

Air Balloon may be used as an item in both set, to avoid an Earthquake, which would kill Simisear. An attack boosting nature could be used (adamant, modest) if you feel like you can out speed with the 252 EV Speed. Other than those two options, Simisear doesn't have much room for change in the VGCs.

[Checks and counters]
<p> Any Pokemon resistant to Simisear's attacks, can hit it with powerful rock or ground-type moves, OHKO it, and out speeds it is a counter. But, the main counters are Archeops, Terrakion, and Landlos. </P>


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This is VGC 2011 which Garchomp is not allowed in. Perhaps you should become more familiar with the environment before taking on an analysis.
Stat Boosting is useless in VGC. The only reasonable set is the Physical attacking one, and Flight Gem should be over rock. Rock Gem means you have to use Rock Slide before Acrobatics.