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Hi, very new to the forums, but i believe i'm in the right spot, currently playing white, and looking for help evolving my Gurdurr. I've never traded on wifi before, but my game is online and all that, just not sure what i have to do
Well been awhile since ive logged on these forums and i wanted to get back into RNG after like a year so at the moment i am looking for a good IV'd dream world bagon. I also need to trade evolve 3 pokemon. and lastly i am looking for a timid hp fire 70 shiny latias and latios.

Vm me if you can help with any of these requests please. I can offer stuff from my old trading thread in my signature. If you find something you want out of it just vm me dont post in it.

Edit: Helped with the trade evolution now just need the other 2 requests done
Still need the latias and latios

Edit: No longer need bagon.
Hi, can I get two flawless adamant Hitmontop's with sucker punch please. I'll breed anything I can with just gen 5 in return (can't seem to do shiny though). I also have, that I don't plan on using:
Adamant zekrom 31/31/31/x/30/31
Jolly Terrakion 31/31/31/x/30/31 (I think) 4Hp 252Atk 252Speed (double dance set)
Timid Virizion Near flawless (ill have to check iv's) Hp Ice
Can someone explain the Castelia Gym Season?
According to serebii, if you participate in Castelia Gym Season, you get a T-tar with semisic toss. Is this the in-game gym, or a store tournament?
If I can do this in my game, where is it located? Thanks
Does anyone have a blissey with the moves wish and seismec toss? I can offer a darkrai shiny lvl 100 or a girantina shiny lv 100 or others in black, white, or black 2. im desperate please help.
Delcatty/ Skitty

Any chance that anyone is online right now that has a Delcatty or Skitty they would be able to trade me so I can finish my B2 UnovaDex? Thanks!


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I used Great for my Kyurem, since imo it matches both Kyu-W and its normal forme the best (plus it has the best catch rate).
If I had to choose from those three, I would use the last one. I don't like Great Ball's design that much, and the second one.. Come on, this ball is a gift, Kyurem(-B/-W) deserves a better home D:
I know that If I catch something in a Johto specific ball like a Lure Ball it changes when trading back to DPP because those balls weren't in the programming yet. But since BW came out after HGSS, does it remain a Lure Ball when traded up to BW?
Yes. In HG/SS the balls are stored in a different part of the .pkm file. That part takes priority upon Pokétransfer. Be aware that Lure Ball changes from Green/Red to Blue/Red.
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