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Smeargle's Studio Directory [Links Inside]

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Studio' started by Alchemator, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Alchemator

    Alchemator my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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    Feb 7, 2009
    Welcome to the directory of Smeargle's Studio! If you're new to this part of Smogon and wants to learn what this forum has to offer, then check out the links below! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Zracknel, elcheeso, RitterCat or Bummer who moderate this forum.

    General Info
    Smeargle's Studio Rules - Everyone who's planning on participating in this forum would do well to read these rules, can save you a lot of early trouble.

    How do I get an Art badge? - A substantial contribution of artwork to various projects around the forums and on-site are rewarded with an Art Badge and other forum privilegies. Questions on how and where to contribute are answered in this thread!

    Smeargle's Studio General Thread - Are you an aspiring pixel artist? Can you make the coolest banners around? This is the place for you! It's also the place where you can request sprite fusions and banners, and talk about pretty much anything art-related. Note that threads containing sprites and banners will be locked: post them here!

    Smeargle's Studio Writing Thread - A legacy left behind by user: Alchemator, the Studio's writing thread is suitable for all forms of fiction, nonfiction, prose, and poetry. Share your written works and give feedback to others!

    Monthly Art Contest (MAC) - An art contest held each month (give or take one month), where anyone is free to participate. Think you've got what it takes to rise above the other submissions and put your own spin on the current theme? Then go on right ahead!

    Battle, Free For All! - Draw a Pokemon of your choice 'defeating' the former entry in any manner you see fit. No artistic talent or superb wit required, just have fun and be creative!

    Artwork for Tournaments - People hosting various tournaments around the forum come here to ask the community for banners. They describe what the tournament is about and what they'd like to see in the banner or logo, and it's up to anyone else to realise their ideas.

    Professor Smeargle - How does that artist choose her colours? How does that guy get his lines so smooth? Professor Smeargle is a collection of tutorials by Smogon's leading artists, who have graciously decided to share their techniques. Feel free to add your own tips and tricks.

    Rate My Art (RMA) - Even though any artist is free to open up their own thread here in the studio, some may still feel that could use some extra critique. In this thread, artists who submit some of their work to the thread leader can then have their work evaluated more closely by the community, as well as some of our more seasoned artists.
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  2. Bummer

    Bummer Brush hour
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    Art Co-Leader

    Jan 5, 2011
    As of this year, I've introduced something relatively new to the artist community: to be an approved artist. This does not refer to artists that are already badged, but instead artists that have shown that they understand the basics and are well prepared to make adequate illustrations and images for various purposes around the site. This has technically already been around for some time, as the people we approved to illustrate for The Smog first needed to go through a quality check before they could enter the hidden workshop forum. But seeing how Smogon now has several outlets to distribute articles and information, it's a given that the images that goes along with them must be of good shape in order to make a good impression. Granted, we don't expect professional masterpieces here. As long as you can make decent images that well illustrates the point you were trying to make without containing too many distracting flaws, we're good for the most part.

    If you're interested to contribute with your art to Smogon and would you like to see if your art is of good enough quality to warrant becoming approved, make a new thread in this subforum titled with your username, and Bummer or Zracknel will have a look at your application and offer any advice if necessary. But if you have an art thread of your own and it's clear that your art is of good quality, the above two people can choose to approve you directly!

    But wait! I'm an approved artist! Does this mean you expect me to start making images on a regular basis?

    Nope! Being an approved artist is a position, and not a commitent. If you want to contribute art to some of our more demanding areas of the site, you're now free to do so, but as we're all doing this for free, we simply cannot expect anyone to do this against their will. But we appreciate any help we can get, as we're pretty much always running short on artists.

    So what are some of these new areas that open up for me?

    The Smog - This is a community project that's spanning several years, where users from this very forum join together to write, check, code, and illustrate articles of various subjects. The artists obviously help out with the latter, so if you're interested, just contact Bummer or any of the Smog Staff, and we'll work on granting you access to the workshop that's hidden from public eyes.

    Art for Articles - This thread is the Studio's portal to the magical world of Contributions and Corrections (C&C). This project is pretty self-explanatory: there are a multitude of articles that are already on-site, but plenty of them sure could use some improvement by having an illustration to go alongside them! If you want to contribute, just placehold an article in the thread, although do read the OP first to make sure you get a good idea of the project.

    The Player - Much like The Smog, this is a webzine that has articles of various topics, except they're more oriented towards Smogon's #1 battle simulator Pokemon Showdown. If you're an approved artist, just contact either Vacate or Scene and they'll help you get started, as stated in this post.

    Facebook - Plenty of various site updates and analyses are featured on Smogon's Facebook page, and sometimes tose updates could use some art to spice things up! If you would like to volunteer for such tasks, contact tennisace or Krauersaut, or check out the currently open requests that's posted in this thread!

    If you're an artist that's been directed to this post to get a better idea of what being an approved artist means, then we thank you for becoming more involved with our community, and we hope that we'll see more of both you and your work around the place! If you choose to help, we'll greatly appreciate it, and we'll definitely seek for opportunities to reward you with an artist or community contributor badge whenever possible. Have fun! :)

    List of Approved Artists (open)
    nada somos

    If approved artists receive an art badge, they're removed from this list, as the badge itself is proof of their skill.
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