CAP 2 Smogon "Create a Pokemon" Part Deux: Poll 2

What should the type of our new Pokemon be?

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Okay, I concede defeat. Ghost is wanted. Which leads us to this poll.

Here we are deciding the second type of our new Pokemon. This is really straight forward. I don't feel like listing all the pros and cons of each type, it's real obvious if you've been playing for a while you should be able to tell, if not use a type chart.


Yah, too many Ghosts with it, and it eliminates a lot of balance problems that might arise. Just face it, not everything needs Levitate.
Sorry, it took me so long to post the poll. Multitasking.

Anyways, I vote Ghost/Normal.

And I hope I made it more than clear that there is no Levitate on this thing.


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Ghost/Fire would be more of a true 'will-o'-the-wisp', so I can see that working. Other unexplored combinations that I can see working would be Ghost/Water and Ghost/Grass

I voted for Ghost/Fire btw
Normal, would be cool.

Personally I don't see why people on this board try and make a pokemon have no weakness and try and be the best pokemon all the time...

Personally I feel this pokemon shouldn't have an ability in what any way gives it more immunities than it already has.

Personally I'd like to see a Ghost/Normal, It's a typing that makes sense, and Normal needs more combined typings.

That been said, I'd still love to see Tentaghoul. So Ghost/water anyone?

I'd also like to state if Ghost/Steel win, I don't think Magnet Rise should be apart of it's movepool either :D
I suppose you want us to bold our answers????

Psychic or Fighting (lol...can I vote for two haha!)

Maybe just Fighting...but psychic would be awesome...I just dont want steel!

The Ghost/Psychic proffered in previous poll was cool, but I think we could try and just make the same poke twice, with splitevos along the lines of Gardevoir/Gallade. Switch the defenses and the attacks, keep the speed, and one of them can go Shadow Sneak/Claw/Zen Headbut/Psycho Cut while the other goes Shadow Ball/Psychic.

It could be cool, and if we do make it Psychic or Fighting, either of which I love, we have got to make it sweeper/tankish...
I'm still going more towards ghost/grass. It is the most "Creative" out of them all. And shut up about ghost normal being creative. Look at giraferag. Despite its average stats its great. I know from experience.


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I <3 Girafarig. I always get it ingame.

On another note, Ghost / Fire is the surprise leader? I really hope it doesn't, because I can see it just end up being some little firey see-through thing. Although I definatly give the artists here more creative credit than that!
Oh hey sorry about my bolded post...but I am too lazy to edit it.

FYI ye who attempted to ridicule me for it...the poll was nto posted when I had started on my post. So stfu...


Come on yall lets see some support our there for Fighting! We really dont need another SR weak...
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