CAP 2 Smogon "Create A Pokemon" Part Deux: Poll 9

What should the name of our new Pokemon be?

  • Revenakh

    Votes: 86 44.1%
  • Peramer

    Votes: 4 2.1%
  • Houtaijin

    Votes: 12 6.2%
  • Fistalos (Phistalos)

    Votes: 22 11.3%
  • Mumrath

    Votes: 38 19.5%
  • Miitousen

    Votes: 8 4.1%
  • Miirasen

    Votes: 3 1.5%
  • Sansorgan

    Votes: 4 2.1%
  • Mumiyah

    Votes: 18 9.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Name Explanations:
- Revenant (spirit returned from the dead) + Ankh (egyptian symbol for life)
Peramer - "pera'a" is ancient egyptian for Pharaoh, and "mer" is ancient egyptian for pyramid. The phrase "pera'e mer" means Pharaoh of the Pyramid (note that the e indicates ownership, compared to pera'a). This can be corrupted to PERAMER.
Houtaijin - Japanese for "Bandage Person"
Fistalos - A fusion of fist, and talos, ancient egyptian for fist.
Mumrath - None given.
Miitousen - The reason I wanted to make this post, quite frankly. Miitousen is a combination of the Japanese words "miira" for mummy and "ikkitousen" for matchless (warrior) or mighty (fighter).
Miirasen - The reason I wanted to make this post, quite frankly. Miitousen is a combination of the Japanese words "miira" for mummy and "ikkitousen" for matchless (warrior) or mighty (fighter).
Sansorgan - Sans organs i.e. mummies have their organs removed, and ghosts just don't really seems to have organs anyway...
Mumiyah - Arabic origin of mummy

On a side note, please sound off on whether you want this to learn ThunderPunch or not. Bold Text voting please.
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Typing: Ghost/Fighting
90 HP / 105 Attack / 90 Defense / 65 Sp. Attack / 110 Sp. Defense / 65 Speed
Total = 525 BST
Will not evolve from an already existing Pokemon
Looks like [URL=""]this[/URL]:

Primary Ability:
Shed Skin
 This Pokémon has a 30% chance of removing Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Poison, and Sleep at the end of each turn.

Secondary Ability:
Air Lock
 While Pokémon with Air Lock are out, the effects of weather are temporarily disabled. Fire and Water moves are at normal power in sun and rain, Rocks have normal Special Defense in sandstorm, SolarBeam has 120 power and takes 2 turns, and Blizzard and Thunder have normal accuracy. The game will report that the weather is still going, however. The weather's effects will return when the Pokémon with Air Lock switches out.[/quote]

[SIZE=3]Level Up Moves:
[/SIZE]1. Ice Punch
1. Wrap
1. Bide
3. Sand Tomb
7. Rock Tomb
10. Imprison
14. Arm Thrust
18. Mean Look
21. Glare
24. AncientPower (possible evolution method)
28. Shadow Punch
32. Revenge
36. Power Whip
 45. Hammer Arm
 52. Grudge
52. Curse
 60. Moonlight

[SIZE=3]Egg Moves:[/SIZE]
Shadow Sneak
Mach Punch
Destiny Bond
Ominous Wind
Knock Off
Night Shade
Nasty Plot
Force Palm
1. Focus Punch
6. Toxic
8. Bulk Up
10. Hidden Power
11. Sunny Day
12. Taunt
15. Hyper Beam
17. Protect
20. Safeguard
21. Frustration
26. Earthquake
27. Return
30. Shadow Ball
31. Brick Break
32. Double Team
37. Sandstorm
39. Rock Tomb
41. Torment
43. Secret Power
44. Rest
48. Skill Swap
52. Focus Blast
56. Fling
58. Endure
60. Drain Punch
63. Embargo
66. Payback
68. Giga Impact
79. Dark Pulse
80. Rock Slide
82. Sleep Talk
87. Swagger
90. Substitute
HM04. Strength
HM06. Rock Smash
For the two names I have on the poll, Miitousen and Miirasen are combinations of the Japanese words for "mummy" and "matchless (warrior)" / "mighty (fighter)".

I don't care either way about ThunderPunch at the moment. I'll probably just bandwagon my vote.
YES Tpunch

This could be just me being picky, but shouldn't Ice Punch be a move learned at level "-"

SO it would be

- Ice Punch
1 Wrap

I think that is how it should be portrayed, but again, It could also be me being a nitpicky smartass.


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Anyone else thinks none of those names actually looks like a pokemon name?!
I have no idea what to vote as I don't like any of those.

yes thunder punch although i don't care it it doesn't get it

also have you deciced on what this things egg grouping is?
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