Smogon Flash Game Tournament - Round 1 Results/Round 2 Game Choice

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Before we move on to Round 2, I want to have some kind of concensus on the game we'll be doing in Round 2, and I also want to make sure I didn't miss anything in the Round 1 thread. So here's the results I caught...I just counted anything posted in the thread since I didn't manage to get there at the deadline, which will probably ruin some people's attempts. =(

Round 1 Results

Lord Sunday vs cookie

cookie seemed to do fine except for the fact that there were no screenshots to be found, while Lord Sunday got 909.

rekt vs Jabba

rekt was totally inactive while Jabba wasn't.

Silver610 vs Dan Dan

Wins because of activity.

TheBM vs gsumbreon

TheBuM got off nice with 881, but in the end gsumbreon triumphed with 888.

Steeler vs StrangerDanger

Steeler got there with 685, then even got a glamorous 915 while StrangerDanger just sat on his ass.

mastadi vs darkbolt

mastadi's 906 started it off, but darkbolt came back with 918.

SkarmBlissCounter vs Phiddlesticks

652 for SBC's first playthrough, then Phiddlesticks countered with 878.

Firestorm vs Dak

After one game each, Dak updated his already winning score to 916.

WER vs m0nkfish

WER set a 909 while m0nkfish didn't even realize that at first. And then WER won.

Ae Sakura vs darkie

Poor darkie got paired against Smogon's Staggy Champ.

hp [leaves] vs Sir Spanky

Sorry, I lied, Spanky actually beat Ae Sakura's score: 933. hp [leaves] really didn't have anything on that, but at least he tried!

marillpet vs LordGloom

LordGloom wins according to Gormenghast...and me.

Gormenghast vs husk

Norulz fled in terror of Gormenghast's consistent highscores of 900+, but instead of staying in hide he hired the assassin husk who murdered Gormy.

Mekkah vs leafgreen386


zerowing vs PypeHype

Pypehype came in strong with 924, which zerowing's 916 couldn't beat.

gouki vs Roy

gouki posted scores but not screenies, but Roy just didn't post at all. =/

With that done, now here's the games I am considering for Round 2. Please, only give your input if you're actually going to play Round 2 or you just have no business here. This is why I didn't add a poll: randoms that aren't involved could vote.

- Winterbells
- Boxhead 2
- Curveball
- luminara
- other random Orisinal games, personally I like Daily Cup of Tea, Hydrophobia, Fire Dragon and quite a few others

Use flash games itt to try some stuff out. I'm only taking stuff from there, really, but feel free to nominate more.
fuck, midnight rolled over and i didnt bother checking after that. was it going by pacififc time or something

I guess it's time to hunt for scores, thanks for making that easier mekkah
lord gloom had 924, he edited his 1st post.
I've never played any of them so whatever you guys pick will be cool.

Edit: After checking them out, I have played curveball before. Not enough to remember the name though.

Edit2: Curveball gets my vote!
Hmm I like Winterbells but I dislike how the score increases pretty much exponentially.

Boxhead is really fun but quite time-consuming, and plus it would give something for Mekkah to really whore :x

I like curveball but I'm a bit rubbish compared to some people.

So I'll vote for luminara as I just played it and it seemed fun :x
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